Coyote With Cat In Jaws Spotted In San Anselmo

SAN ANSELMO (CBS SF) – A homeowner reported seeing a large coyote with the family cat in its mouth in San Anselmo Tuesday morning, police said.

The sighting was reported at 8:45 a.m. in the area of Madera Avenue and Sequoia Drive, Cpl. Julie Gorwood said.

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The homeowner tried to scare away the coyote by clapping loudly, Gorwood said.

Police responded and also spotted the animal, and informed the California Department of Fish and Game and the Marin Humane Society about the sighting, Gorwood said.

Police were told to try to get the coyote to leave the area by making loud noises, and it did eventually wander away.

The family cat has not been found.

Officers distributed some pamphlets in the immediate neighborhood about preventing conflicts with coyotes.

Police are reminding residents that it is illegal to feed deer, and that deer attract coyotes.

Residents also are advised not to allow pets outside at dawn, dusk and at night when coyotes are most active, and to bring pet food inside to avoid attracting raccoons, opossums and other potential coyote prey, Gorwood said.

Coyotes tend to stay away from humans, Gorwood said.

Residents should not run if they encounter a coyote, but should face the animal, make noise and try to look bigger by waving their arms, throwing rocks or other objects and fighting back if attacked, Gorwood said.

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  • Wile E. Coyote

    Cats are tasty little morsels.

    • W

      You are a punk as$

    • mildred pierce

      moron! ignorant mental midget!

  • mildred pierce

    what a ignorant article! leave your cats inside! coyotes will not bother you! that is so stupid! and being aggressive will only bring confrontation! people need a class on wild animals, or should live where there is alot of cement! I hope the cat got away!

  • JaneQPublic

    Good thing the coyote was in San Anselmo and NOT Redwood City – where it would have been killed instead of scared away.

  • XX

    Coyotes gotta eat too!

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