San Francisco Police Share City’s Budget Woes

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee said the San Francisco Police Department will have to share the pain of this year’s budget cuts, just as some within the department have complained about the loss of police academy classes.

The department was forced to eliminate the classes as part of the new budget and projected $350 million deficit for San Francisco.

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports:

Lee said he’d love to have new classes, but the money just isn’t there.

“The police department is going to be no different than fire, than social services, than the health department. We’re all going to have to face our budgets in a responsible way,” said Lee. “And they all have to do their proportionate share.”

Several police officials have shared their concerns, wondering what will happen if new cadets aren’t available to fill the shoes of officers who leave or retire, a concern that Lee is readily aware of.

“Everyone is going to have to step up. The officers on the street are going to have to know that while they may not have a class, they’re going to have to do just as good of a job as they have been doing,” Lee said.

The department could lose as many as 100 officers in the coming year, although new officers are expected to be recruited as lateral transfers from other police departments.

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  • Vincent Chew

    Close the jails and put deputies on the street.

  • Michael

    how about losin so of those benys……..would not have to let anyone go????!!!!!

  • genomega1

    San Francisco home to the richest left wing Democrats in the country that think that Joe six pack should pay their bills. It’s time for them to man up and pay their “fair share”.

  • William Patrick Mosely

    How about legalizing grass??

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    […] San Francisco Police Share City's Budget Woes « CBS San Francisco […]

  • Charles

    Between the Police and Firemen, etc, they are slowly killing many city budgets. I mean, with their salaries and benefits, including pensions, why do they feel they deserve this and their Unions should earn this much? well over $150K + in larger cities, counties!

    Do not get me wrong, I never met a person that said they do not deserve this money including me, but the Unions really have to stop! Really!

  • VeriPic Marketing

    A VeriPic system would help. Customers save money because of high speed retrieval of crime scene and auto accident photos that can cut overtime costs. Given that the SFPD has over 2,200 officers, potential savings of many man days per year per police photographer could add up to a lot of money saved for the SFPD over slower methods. Additionally a VeriPic MugShot system can produce 6 pack lineups in about 5 minutes vs 1 to 2 days doing it manually. VeriPic system can save a lot of money over slower methods.

  • David

    That is good so they don’t go to coffe shops and donut shops any more

  • Kelly

    You should borrow Mayor Chuck Reed or Wisc Gov . Walker

  • robert

    There should be plenty of potential recruits from massive layoffs in Vallejo and Oakland.
    SF would not have budget woes if it reformed its absurd pensions and ridiculous health benefit packages which are lifetime for even minimal duration part time employees.

  • g sanchez

    Uh, hire laterals…they come pre-trained so you dont have to have them go through the academy (cost saving).

  • Fran

    If public safety isn’t the number one funding priority for San Francisco, or any city, then good Mexico-like luck to them.

  • RT

    Maybe it is time to have the PD focus on hard crime instead of running sting operations on the internet to find customers for the prostitution diversion programs?

  • Scott

    Hmmm, there are some recent retired admin folks who could have thier HUGE and SPIKED retirement checks cut down to what they were/are really worth!
    I am NOT SFPD but whenever I have visited that city, the officers working the street have been there for me!! However, it is time to make cuts because of not only union greed but from the top as well!!!

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