LOS ANGELES (CBS / AP) — Opening day at Dodger Stadium turned violent when authorities say two men in Dodgers clothing severely beat a San Francisco Giants fan after the longtime rival teams’ first game.

The victim was identified as Bryan Stow of Scotts Valley.

The attack left the Stow in critical but stable condition as authorities asked any possible witnesses Friday for help in identifying the assailants. Police released composite sketches of the two suspects late Friday. Investigators also reviewed footage of the Thursday incident to see if any security camera captured it, but Detective Larry Burcher said so far they’d found “nothing of great value.”

A County Supervisor in Los Angeles is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the two suspects.

They are believed to be between 18 and 25 years old.

“We’re very confident there were witnesses, it happened immediately following the game when everybody was coming out,” Burcher said.

Police said the two men began taunting Stow and 2 other men in Giants gear with expletives as thousands of baseball fans left the stadium after Thursday night’s 2-1 Dodger win, Detective T.J. Moore said.

The Giants fans tried to distance themselves from their assailants, and two made it away from them, but Stow was struck with fists on the back of the head and as he fell, his head hit the ground in Parking Lot 2 on the third base side of the ballpark, Moore said.

Both attackers then kicked the victim, who suffered a head injury, and ran, Moore said. The suspects fled in a four-door sedan driven by a woman with a male child passenger in the vehicle, Moore said.

When the Stow’s friends turned around to look for him, they saw him on the ground and made their way back to him.

Police paramedics on bicycles were the first to arrive to help Stow. An ambulance was called and he was taken to a nearby hospital, Moore said.

Stow’s brother-in-law, David Collins, said that he has “swelling of the brain, a fractured skull, and … a frontal lobe that’s bruised pretty badly.”  Because his injuries were so severe, detectives had not yet talked to him, he said.

As of Saturday, Stow remains in a medically-induced coma, in critical condition.

“It’s sad,” Giants manager Bruce Bochy said before Friday’s game against the Dodgers. “It’s a shame somebody’s in critical condition because of a ball game. When they’re out fighting in the parking lot, we’ve lost sight of what this is all about. Sounds like the guy got blindsided, too.”

Stow, a Giants fan, is a father of two who works as a paramedic for American Medical Response in San Mateo, Collins told the Sentinel.

“He’s not doing too well,” he told the Sentinel. “He’s still unconscious and they just decided to put him in a medically induced coma. They are hoping the brain swelling will go down, but it hasn’t and they are talking about removing one of his frontal lobes, Collins said.

Moore said no one in the crowd had come forward with any cellphone or video camera footage, but also noted that there were so many people in the area that 90 per cent of the crowd may not have even known what was going on.

The Dodgers said they were co-operating with investigators and wished the victim a speedy recovery.

“It is extremely unfortunate that this incident took place on what was otherwise a great day at Dodger Stadium for tens of thousands of fans,” the team said in a statement. “We’re committed to having the most fan and family friendly environment in baseball and will continue to make that a top priority.”

The stadium has been plagued by opening day violence in the past.

In April 2009, a man stabbed his friend in the stadium parking lot after the home opener, in which the Dodgers beat the Giants 11-1. Arthur Alvarez was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Alvarez, who contended that he was knocked to the ground and acted in self-defense, was later acquitted by a jury.

The West Coast rivalry began on April 15, 1958, the first game played in California after both teams had moved from New York. The Giants beat the Dodgers 8-0 in a game played at Seals Stadium.

“I was disappointed,” new Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said about the Thursday attack. “You don’t want to see that. Everyone likes rivalries, but to me that’s crossing the line.”

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Comments (62)
  1. Sean Bowers says:

    Tippin & torchin……giants style!!!!

  2. Mulatona says:

    Low class, Dodger trash

  3. Josh says:

    Thats the same way I ( a dodger fan ) am treated every season at ATT park.

    1. johncoltrane says:

      not only are you a loser for being a Dodger fan, you are a LIAR as well.

    2. Matt M Smith says:

      Seriously? At least one story a year out of LA on this…I know of only once in AT&T history up here…I agree with the liar part of the above response…

      1. LA_BEATING_SF _DOWN says:

        Your hairdresser is straight, your plumber is gay, the woman who delivers your mail is straight and your Mary Kay Lady is a guy in drag, you can’t remember If pot is illegal…You have a very strong opinion where your coffee beans are grown and can’t taste the difference between Sumatra and Ethiopian. You assume every company offers domestic partner benefits…AND YOU WONDER WHY THESE GIANTS FANS LOST A TWO ON THREE FIGHT IN LA..

    3. Stephanie says:

      Oh, on your death bed???

  4. John says:

    Nobody beats you half to death at Giants games Josh, and if you think being heckled and being physically assaulted are the same thing maybe you should be beaten to prove the point.

  5. Eric Daniel Johnson says:

    josh, i doubt you’re beat down at AT&T. i assure that you are hassled though. i think it’s healthy rivalry to feel uncomfortable in an opposing stadium.

  6. christian says:

    giants fans are smart, good, high class fans, even though we hate dodgers and the fans, we never beat you physically. dodger fans are the lowest of all low class fans in CA, you really really still suck.

    1. Heidi says:

      Yeah, it’s true. dodger fans are ghetto and there’s no reasoning with ignorant people. they resort back to their ape-like ancestry and use violence to prove…well, nothing really. There’s a reason why I only go to Kings games!

      1. Mark Sinderson says:

        Those dodger fans are from the trailer park.
        I believe in God and my ancestors were not apes.
        If man evolved from apes ad you hinted, why do we still have apes? Why didn’t those apes evolve?
        If apes were the first animals on earth, who gave birth to the original ape?

  7. Bored, bored, bored says:

    If that’s what a Dodger fan does when they WIN, I can’t imagine what they might do if they LOSE.

    They must be the same idiots that loot stores and tear up their towns after major sports events, even if they win. Sometimes ESPECIALLY if they win. It’s beyond ridiculous.

    And baseball isn’t even interesting.

    1. Mike says:

      Hey Eric, are you also stupid enough to believe the attack was “unprovoked?” You petty giants fans and self-righteous bay area kids are just as guilty as the gang bangers doing the beating. You constantly complain (generalizing dodger fans) that we are all so violent yet you continue to come back, be disrespectful and yes, antagonistic and violent. The gang bangers aren’t going to put up with that and you are well aware of this fact. Those guys represent only a small part of dedicated Dodger fans. On top of all of this you fly a banner over Dodger Stadium on opening day (which no one noticed, what a stupid idea). You are the most unintelligent fans lucky enough to visit the historic Chavez Ravine (thugs included).

      1. jc says:

        the giant fan who is in ICU is a paramedic, Not many paramedics are really self-righteous bay area kids. get your facts straight bro.

  8. Purple Unicorn says:

    The main problem is all the alcohol that gets consumed at sports events. Afterward, hordes of intoxicated morons come spilling out of the stadium, all stoked up on alcohol, testosterone, and stupidity.

  9. True Blie says:

    These low lifes are not Dodger fans thay are south of the boarder trash who some how got across the rio grande!

    1. Mark Sinderson says:

      You’re either a dummy or you don’t have control of your facilities.
      Learn to use spell check …
      What is “thay” ?
      “Boarder” is someone that occupies a rental space.
      “Border” is a boundary.
      “True Blie” … what is this?
      Did you mean to spell true blue?
      Use your real name, you moron.

      1. Mike says:

        “Moron?” You are the idiot going around correcting grammatical errors on a comment post. I’m sure “thay” most likely means “they.” It’s not to hard to figure out. There are are more corrections to be make on other comments. You better get busy. Re-read your post on precious your ape ancestry. Make sure you didn’t make any errors.

      2. Mike says:

        Have you noticed the ones I’ve given you yet? Just a gift from me to help you prove your self worth.

      3. pot:kettleisblack says:

        Hey Mark Sinderson, you are just as much a dummy as True Blie. “control of your FACILITIES”? Thanks for the great laugh. Try “faculties” next time dummy.

    2. princess says:

      True Blie, you are an idiot!! Let’s blame everything on the blacks and mexicans!! Really?

  10. GAY_BAY_giants says:

    I love Castro_and the gay bay!

  11. Randy Fleming says:

    Not surprised. Further evidence of ‘societal rot’…I mean hey , we’re talking ‘sports fans’ here , not Harvard’s debate team…

    1. Mike says:

      If you sit so high in the upper precinct of intelligence, why are you posting a comment about something you know nothing about? You just felt the need to flaunt your intellectual excellence?

  12. Dave......... says:

    They in no way provoked this beating………….period!!!!!

    1. Mike says:

      Oh. Thank you clarifying that. So these guys were walking to their car completely minding their own business? Why didn’t you help them? I’m a dodger fan, even I would have helped them. You just looked the other way and let it happen?

  13. Bmccurdy says:

    It’s Dodger Fans. I have worked at Angel Stadium for 8 yrs. The only time we have fights, and tons of extra police, are when we play the Dodgers. But then what do you expect when they say they are DOYERS FANS!

  14. Horrified says:

    What a sad event, when people in the world are going to die for a reason…and these fools are beating someone because of a baseball game….where is the Shame of it all

  15. J says:

    Typical Los Angeles trash

    1. GAY_BAY_giants says:

      J = Frisco Coward! Get a life and go back to your smelly ass sewers in Castro!

  16. FRISCO_SUCKS says:

    Your hairdresser is straight, your plumber is gay, the woman who delivers your mail is straight and your Mary Kay Lady is a guy in drag, you can’t remember If pot is illegal…You have a very strong opinion where your coffee beans are grown and can’t taste the difference between Sumatra and Ethiopian. You assume every company offers domestic partner benefits…AND YOU WONDER WHY THESE GIANTS FANS LOST A TWO ON THREE FIGHT IN LA..

  17. SF Giants fan for 50+ years says:

    Your statements just PROVED what pinheads you Dodger fans really are! Focus on the fact that this happens every single year at YOUR stadium, EVERY SINGLE YEAR !!! NOT at our stadium, AT YOUR STADIUM. If you tolerate it, you are part of it, and if you do NOT tolerate it, THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. I f you are not part of the solution, you are part of the PROBLEM, are you listening MIKE????? Read the police reports, the witnesses said the Dodger fans were NOT provoked, PERIOD. The three Giants fans tried to walk away. GET over it. The ghetto dodger fans that did this, even though they are not the majority of the Dodger fans, still made the headlines and perpetuate the hatred. The only time anything like this has happened in SF, another Dodger fan attacked an 18 year old young man and caused another severe head injury, just outside the park after a game. The reason glass bottles have been banned from ball parks and the reason alcohol is no longer served after the 7th inning, is all due to a huge riot at Candlestick about 20 years ago between Giant and Dodger fans. THIS IS A BALL GAME, not a war, put the game in perspective and GROW UP !!!!!

    1. Mike says:

      Does every giants fan have a hard time understanding concepts outside of their own preconceived assumptions? Or were you just half reading my post between watching your stories on the TV? It’s very lazy of you to say, “If you tolerate it, you are part of it, and if you do NOT tolerate it, THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT..” And very easy to rant on and on when you don’t have the courage to use your name. What I was saying is that if you know there is a problem, don’t come to the stadium and antagonize the cholos. Many giants fans are guilty of this. Not all, not most but many. I didn’t that the giants fan who ended up in the hospital went looking for trouble. Let’s say the three giants fans did not in any way antagonize the thugs (if they did it still doesn’t make the beating right). Okay, now what about all of the other fans in giants gear who constantly test this type of Dodger fan? What about all of the warnings that went out to giants fans from this type of Dodger fan regarding the banner months before opening day? All of the warnings were there. Giants fans responded, combatively. Something like this was going to happen. Did you really think the thugs would let the banner slide? The expression of blatant disrespect and distain for Los Angeles at our home? Are you ignorant as to how territorial they are? What happened to your fellow giants fan is wrong and unacceptable on all levels. I really hate that those guys are on our side sometimes. It’s not like Dodger fans are safe either. But you idiots come down here, fully aware of the problem, and still disrespect the fans, stadium and city then cry out in shock when something like this happens. And you want me to fix it? Really? Then you act like you behave so respectfully and non-violently? Completely denying your own contributions? I would never go into East Los and act a fool. Nor would I do it in Oakland. It’s common sense. Giants fans are truly the least desirable visiting fans between here and San Diego. But you are always welcome at Dodger Stadium. Just stop blaming LA for everything. Take some responsibility for your own actions at this point. I am open to listening to your many great ideas to correct this problem. Raise prices? Discriminate? I look forward to this great rivalry for many years to come. I just hope that fans on both sides can “grow up.”

  18. Trini says:

    I hope they catch the ones who did it. I hope they do major prison time. I hope they get beat down themselves, and then murdered in the pen. That to me would be poetic justice. And it may not even be on this charge. Secondly, If the big leagues and sport parks dont do more to beef up security ? They are not going to have a kingdom because over time there won’t be a fan bsse to support the high rent of attendng games. I sure hope Mr. Stow chooses to stay and gets back to his family soon. My prayers are with him and his family.

  19. Ron greene says:

    This could be a Hate Crime, but you don’t read anything about that in the bay are news”….Giants should have refused to play last night tell LA to shove it….

  20. Joel Raes says:

    Not a good thing for any sport and the fans alike. Not good.

    Joel Raes

  21. Mark Sinderson says:

    If you read the posts from Mike, you can tell he’s some short little guy with a tiny wee-wee that would never in a million years have an open discussion with real men in a bar or the street.
    As I write this, Mike’s probably sitting on his mother’s couch which doubles as his bed. His mother is singing him Happy Birthday as he blows out a cupcake with a single candle that represents his 42nd birthday. His birthday wish was “I hope to get my own place one day and lose my virginity.”

  22. SF_DAVE says:

    All you Dodger fans are really well balanced….a chip on both shoulders. The bottom line is this type of physical violence should not be tolerated! This man has a wife and kids and now he may not fully recover. I keep seeing idiots like LA_BEATING posts comments about the Gay community in SF when this has absolutely zero connection. I seriously doubt these 3 Giants fans would be starting something at Dodger stadium with thousands (Not two) of Dodger fans surrounding them in the parking lot. Rivalry is great for the sport but this is clearly crossing the line no matter which side you are on. I would say the same if this happened at AT&T park to a Dodger fan. The fact of the matter is, IT DIDN’T!!!

  23. Yeahright says:

    He had it coming, he shouldn’t come to Los Angeles and spew his San Francisco hate speech. Lesson learned, we keep the trash out.

  24. James says:

    First of all. Hope the injured fan recovers from all of his injuries! Such an attack is uncalled for and there is no reason for such an act. Unfortunately this type of behaivor is nothing new at Dodger Stadium. In the past I enjoyed Dodger Stadium and the team but I refuse to attend games anymore. It’s safer watching on TV. Twice I took my wife to games, she is not from LA, she cheers for her team. And Dodger fan (not all of them) threw food at her, made inappropriate comments and generally were rude. Not a good time for us, we left early from both games. It’s unfortunate, because I grew up going to Dodger games with my father and I don’t remember this type of behaivor from the fans.
    Let’s hope the environment at Dodger Stadium changes for the better! And that our Giants fan recovers quickly so he can enjoy his team regardless of venue!!!

  25. Lupe says:

    To Bryans’ Family: May God give you peace in this terrible moment of your lives, may God be by Bryan’s side. I apologize to you on behalf of the city I grew up in. No one has the right to behave the way those 2 “boys” did. I also apologize for the behavior and comments made on this blog by the “testosterone” flying back and forth by these other “boys” in the above comments. This blog is about What happened to Bryan and I pray that this never happen to another person ever. I will keep your family in my prayers and I will pray for the “boys” that can’t seem to control their anger and feel the need to defend what these other boys did to Bryan. May God protect Brian’s family

  26. Maria says:

    Why is it that men think with their Testrosterone? Where is the compassion? Who cares who did what to whom first?
    The fact remains that there is a person in critical condition and the 2 men and the woman driver need to be caught. Wrong is Wrong people! What is this world coming to that we try to defend a a person who has done someone else harm? Bryan has 2 kids and a wife and a family that loves him, I feel for those 2 guys that beat him too because the intent may not have been to put him in the situation he is in. The fact remains that they have to suffer the consequences of their actions. May you all search your hearts and reach out to this family with a prayer and a word of kindness.

    1. Lupe says:

      Well Said Maria

  27. John says:

    People pay tons of money to go to these athletic events and the owners are too cheap to install good cameras everywhere and have adequate security. It does not matter whether the chollos were Dodgers or Giants fans. They just used the venue as an excuse to be racist. Last time the Lakers had a victory parade, the majority of the thugs running around were not white or black. I’ll let you guess how they looked like. Some innocent guy had his taxi destroyed because the LAPD did not want to use force until the last minute. By then, it was too late. Police arrest people for protesting. Why not for unlawful assembly?

  28. John says:

    When chollos shave their heads, guys who are balding do a comb over. Those who have money use Hair Club for Men or Bosley. I look forward to the day when chollos give up on the shaved head look. They need to leave that look to us guys who lose our hair, but not want to be labeled as chollo look alikes. Next time you get asked where are you from, just say aren’t you goiing to ask my name first. They need to have a Chech and Chong movie,”Chollos eating Churros.

  29. lupe says:

    I agree with John! That’s true why don’t they pay for an adequate security cameras and security to deal with helping to catch this kind of violence or even prevent it? Lets not even get started with all the Beer they sell. I hope they sue the stadium for not having proper security messures in place. This is a man’s life we are talking about! We got smoking from happening in several areas because of second hand smoke. I see a good reason for there not to be liquor at sporting events with this awful incidents. A petition needs to be started.

  30. Stone Langer says:

    Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic post.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

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