SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – The new reflective green bike boxes at two busy intersections of Market Street are the first to use thermoplastic materials that shine at night.

“Bike boxes are becoming more and more common across the country. Portland is really leading the way in adding bike boxes,” said Leah Shahum, executive director of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.

KCBS’ Margie Shafer Reports:

San Francisco’s first—and for some years only—bicycle box on Scott Street at the intersection of Oak Street was painted green only recently because of a court injunction requiring further environmental review before the city could expand its network of bike lanes.

The traffic calming measure’s main advantage is making cyclists more visible in intersections where lane changes are common, she said.

Another box is scheduled be added westbound where Market Street hits Gough Street during the week of April 4.

Data gathered there and from the intersections at 9th Street and Van Ness Avenue will be included in a federal study to determine the best designs, materials and surface treatments to make bike boxes effective.

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Comments (8)
  1. Larry says:

    I read this five times. I still can’t figure out what is a bike box?

    1. WC says:

      Me neither, but I did find this: How they glow isn’t covered?!

  2. param says:

    another fad draining the tax dollar into the greedy palms of a favoured contractor shame.. you cant keep buses running on regular routes but go for the fad of the day .bike box glowing …will be fr the skateboarders and rollercoasters!!! and pray you expect rhe seniors,sicklies, weakers,those carrying groceries ,all to go biking! put buses hybrids if you pl. on the roads.put bread in the mouths of those who were axed … conserve, care fr the public not fr the contractors and fads

    1. walkerSF says:

      great comment. totally agree. the bike nuts have way too much power and City Hall is really afraid of them. bikers are a tiny percentage of the city and we give them way too much money for lanes and other bike centric things. we tolerate the insane and childish Critical Mass every friday which costs the city $10k each time.

  3. alan baer says:

    San Franvcisco can’t even pave the streets and fix the potholes….a basic part of everyday life……the city get’s money from the state tp do this ….but…oh…guess what…..they borrow the money from this fund and blow it elsewhere…who knows where.
    And ,now, the ultimate insult to the people of this beautiful city…. A BOND ISSUE TO FIX THE STREETS !!
    Are they kidding…..that will go down to defeat….
    Oh, I guess I forgot we have to redo the whole city for the young people who like to ride bikes !!!
    What a city…..some supervisors….anything important to this city….they do nothing
    but bikers…..well that’s o.k.
    Alan Baer

  4. nobikesf says:

    Bicycles are so popular in China. Now, Americans are prompting to ride bicycles in San Francisco in the 21st century. The major problems are poor of public transportation and lack of city structural road conditions such as parking, potholes and so on. Many people have to give up to drive / buses instead of ride bicycles. We are going to backward while China promotes cars instead of bicycles. Many supervisors should focus to improve the public transportation, but they are incompetent supervisors in the world…

    1. sam liu says:

      cn promoting cars is backward too. in beijing 15 years ago it was very dirty with a lack of automobiles. now there reflects a modern metropolis with a clog automobiles. fortunately the bicycle lanes are large and well paved.

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