Man With Anti-Obama Sign Attacked In San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF/ BCN) — A man who set up a table with political literature and a sign opposing President Barack Obama was attacked in San Francisco’s North Panhandle neighborhood, police and witnesses said Tuesday.

Initial police accounts had indicated that the man had a sign supporting Obama, but witnesses later said it was an anti-Obama sign with a Hitler mustache drawn over the president’s face.

The attack happened around 11:30 a.m. Monday in the 1200 block of Fell Street, where the victim, a 29-year-old Daly City man, had set up his table, said Capt. Denis O’Leary of the SFPD’s Park Station.

A man and woman approached the victim, tore the sign and shook the table, causing the political literature to fall to the ground.

The attackers also kicked the man in the hand, O’Leary said.

The SFPD captain said he did not know whether the victim was a supporter or opponent of Obama, but a witness who was in the area Monday said the victim was a supporter of Lyndon LaRouche, a left-wing political activist who opposes the president.

The witness, Wayne Friday, a former San Francisco police commissioner and local journalist, said he was stopping by the Bank of America at Fell and Broderick streets and saw a sign that read “Impeach Obama” with a picture of the president with a Hitler mustache.

Friday said he did not see the attack happen.

The two attackers, who had dogs with them, fled south on Broderick Street before officers arrived, and hadn’t been located, O’Leary said.

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The victim said the pair made “no mention of a political affiliation,” O’Leary said. “It’s just unusual that they took offense to him and his sign.”

The first attacker was described as an Asian man with long black hair who was wearing a gray baseball cap, gray sweatshirt and dark jeans, O’Leary said.

The other was a white woman who is about 5 feet 6 inches tall with long, curly brown hair, he said.

Anyone with information about the case was asked by investigators to call the Police Department’s anonymous tip line at (415) 575-4444 or send a tip by text message to TIP411.

(Copyright 2011 by CBS San Francisco. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Wire services may have contributed to this report.)

  • Coley G

    Someone has sense in the Bay Area.
    NoBama 2012!
    Hope For Change!

    • bob

      “President Obama’s approval ratings are so low now, Kenyans are accusing him of being born in the United States.”

      • daniel

        That is funny.

      • Bob fan

        That’s so good. LOL Thanks for that, it gave me a good laugh.

      • Fact

        That was funney

      • So

        That is awesome!!!!!

      • Domino

        That;s funny…

      • Big Birther


      • Oh Grover

        3 words: “MWHA HA HA!”

      • BoDeeDoe

        I’m steelin’ that one. hahahahaha

      • cindinator

        ba da bump… Great comment, could even bring back vaudeville.

      • rcheeky

        Too funny! Thanks for the laugh! God bless!

      • Michelle


      • Scott

        That comment made my day! Thanks, bob!!!

      • Vince

        I don’t care who you are, now dat’s funny!

      • Red Burton

        OMG, Bob! That is a classic. Belly laughs!

      • John B

        Very Funny

      • Red5

        I’m stealing this line Bob. Can you start a website so to give us all some good comebscks?

    • asdf

      sense to do what? attack someone for their political beliefs?? that isn’t right and you should know it…

      • daniel

        That is not what they were saying. They were saying that they disagree with Obama and were pleased that another one too (in San Francisco) felt the same way. Why are you twisting around their words? Do you have an agenda?

    • David

      The Dem Union leaders diid tell people they need to get “Bloody”, looks like someone was listening!

    • Waiting

      I can’t wait for “the big one” to come and wash San Francisco into the sea…

      I hope this guy with the sign gets out first, as he is probably the only person there worth saving…

      • Fred

        If you are being sincere, then you are callous and evil.

      • mike

        I saw those “LaRouchies” in Costa Mesa with their card table and both Bush and Obama pictures with Hitler mustaches. I told them that I was voting for Ron Paul and they both went off like a couple of idiots. Good for whoever it was who messed with them. They deserve that and more.

      • James

        It would be nice if San Francisco would be a subduction zone and end up under the Pacific plate with all the perverts and other leftist critters.

  • Doug

    I would bet money this is a staged attack on an Obama supporter. Nearly every time something like this happens it’s always an attempt to blame someone conservative or a tea party member. Smells like BS to me.

    • Cheryl

      Yes! That was my first thought also!

    • Bob

      Doug, my feelings exactly…!

      • Phil M.

        Complete B.S. Trying to create a “hate crime” story. Most of these stories of supposed violence against liberals turn out to be staged.

      • dlotise

        not in our fair city…please don’t visit..promise?

    • Pete Buckman

      Absolutely right on the money. Conservatives are too busy making money, raising families, and helping their communities and others out to pull stupid pranks like that. When is America going to admit to itself it has a liberal problem?

      • Steven Senior

        You are correct Sir!

      • beasthil

        you people are crazy. Conservatives are too busy spreading untruths and hate.

      • yoyoloverxc

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      • Ðusŧiŋ Ħoaġ

        At least liberals know how to read, which you guys apparently do not!

      • EvoDiva


      • Bobby C

        Yeah because there wasn’t a girl you carved a B on to her face and said an Obama supporter did it to her because she was a McCain sticker on her car back in 2008

      • Barbara Elizabeth Brown Johnson

        Most of the commenters on here can’t read. The article says that the person who was attacked was a far left-wing Lyndon LaRouche supporter who was ANTI-Obama… He had a sign with a hitler mustache painted onto Obama’s face, but he was not a conservative and they have no idea what political affiliation the people were who tore his sign and kicked over his table because they ran away and haven’t been found. This “victim” was neither conservative nor Liberal. He’s one of the LaRouche cult followers. And, being a LaRouche follower, the “attackers” could have been from either side. Of course, the fact that they tore the sign of Obama with a Hitler moustache does lend itself to the idea that the “attackers” were Liberals or at least not of the extreme right-wing side that might also like seeing a hitler moustache on a picture of Obama.

        None of the reports I have heard, read, etc., so far have been fake either — to say so is really pathetic! I am a Liberal and the person attacked was an extreme Left-winger who OPPOSES Obama and likes to display that opposition in much the same way that we saw a lot of from the Tea Party camp during the last campaign.

      • Hawkeye

        Nice to know the Libs are SO tolerant of others politics

      • tadchem

        Are you trying to justify the criminal assault?

      • Dan

        I see you use the same talking points that Chucky poo Schumer was given. Follow those clowns over the cliff…really sad.

        Soros, mooo. Keep them doggies moving, RAWHIDE.

      • David

        Yes, people like James O’Keefe are too busy making money, raising families, and helping their communities to pull stupid pranks.

      • Adam Whitney

        Nice vague generalization. You must be a scholar. Don’t pretend this is an isolated incedent and only liberals have made these kind of moronic moves. As a matter of fact, the most outlandish attacks in this country have been caused by conservatives against any kind of radical change. Our problem isn’t a conservative vs. liberal one; it is an issue of people like you who lack the knowledge that only research can provide making vague statements about groups of people. Please do your homework and realize that nothing is as black and white as you make it seem. Liberals also raise families, make money, and help the community.

      • Amused

        Really? Helping their community? If by denying anyone any aid whatsoever and wanting to cut what they already get helps them please explain. Oh I get it, it’s about responsibility. Being accountable. No, it’s a just plain selfish. Republicans will be saints when the Devil becomes the new deity in America.

      • george

        The only thing in San Fran is gays dancing on their parade wagons and Nancy Pelosi. San Fran is doomed to fail regardless. I say congrats to this guy who denounced Nobama, he is a discrace to America! I would recommend that this guy get his right to carry permit!

    • Rambo, John J.

      Must be the Code Pink-ers upset over Barry’s Libya War. Cindy Sheehan doesn’t fit the discription, but the story reported the culprits had dogs with them. Just saying……

      • dootise

        cindy sheehan wasn’t originally..but is now a joke…especially in San Francisco..she fell in love with her own media image..pity. her son did not die for a noble she was right about that much.

      • Andrew P.

        @dootsie: Cindy Sheehan’s son DID die for a noble cause. Forget politics. He died in the service of his country. He went where he was ordered to go. And he died doing what he was ordered to do. What the he11 is wrong with you? I hope you’re cremated when you pass; you’re not worth the dirt you’d be buried in.

      • Jon W

        Sheehans son was in the military of his own accord and was apparently doing something he beleived in since it is an all volunteer force. The argument has been made that soldiers don’t have a choice where they serve, and that is true, but all soldiers are told before they sign up, that they may be assigned in accordance with the needs of the service, and he signed up knowing that, yet chose to go anyway.

      • Carol Hicks

        As a Marine mom I must state that each and every one of our sons, and daughters serving our country are volunteers. There is no other nation on this earth that can make that claim. They are brave young warriors who offer their lives so that you may continue to live yours in freedom. Casey was a good Marine, may he rest in peace.
        On the other hand his father divorced his mother Cindy, and he was awarded custody of the children. I think that speaks for itself as to what sort of mother Cindy was.

    • Who cares

      I was thinking the same thing. Were their any witnesses or are we just taking he guys word that it actually happened?

    • Gary

      I think you nailed it.

      • Alvar the fool

        nailed what?

    • asdf

      like the girl who said some black man carved a backwards B on her face with a butterknife, but she really ended up doing it in the mirror, it happens on both sides

    • Political Athiest

      More times than not, its the Dems who stage these types of events. But if its for real (which I have my doubts) its hilarious it happened in SF. That’s when you KNOW Barry’s lost his base.

    • DJP

      You do know how to read, right? The attack was on an ANTI-Obama supporter. Are you saying the Tea Baggers staged the attack on one of their own to malign supporters of Obama. Or are you just illiterate?

      • Kristine

        “Initial police accounts had indicated that the man had a sign supporting Obama” and that’s how the story was first written. It has since been updated.

      • GavInTucson

        Nah, the Tea Baggers stay far away from San Fran. They know the type of militant, intolerant and smug people that live there.

    • Bed

      He wasn’t a Obama supporter. I guess the obama robotic trolls can’t read.

    • Chipmunk

      You are DEAD ON, Doug !!!
      A real conservative would simply snicker or get violently ill and nauseous as they walked by that table of bo literature.
      And conservatives are definitely NOT cheap shot artists, or gutless cowards, throwing things around as their accomplice has 2 dogs to unleash on the poor slob.
      It was truly some LEFT WING CONSPIRACY, colluding with the bo snakeoil salesman !!

    • ked

      Guess you’ve never seen any Lyndon Larouch supporters with Impeach Obama tables (which was identified here) – I started seeing them LAST SUMMER in SEATTLE..

    • Josh

      wait— how would we know if it is a real attack?

    • Josh

      Uhhh- they kicked him in the hand and ran away you d****ss, atleast give obama enough cred to plan something more effective.

      Please read the article and take atleast 4 breaths before commenting next time.

    • gerrad

      Wow. What a bunch of tools. Now what do you have to say after the new report has come out? Nothing. Of course.

    • Fanny Forbes Franklen

      All government is degenerate. Obama is just one flavor of many ethically decrepit mental deficients that pose as your leaders. Reject all of these clowns.


    • Reading is FUNdamental!

      Reading. Try it. The victim was anti-Obama.

    • Randy Fleming

      LaRouche people are not , by definition , Obama supporters but rather are advocating another direction , entirely. Their vision is more towards a new/old Democrat Party idea of FDR’s WPA , New Deal approach.. LaRouchites don’t support Pres Obama or his policies and see him as a betrayal of the ‘perceived’ mandate for ‘change.

    • Smashicus

      Amused thinks that people who have anything are greedy unless they give more and more to people like him. You frikkin bolshevik!

  • dwwrobertson

    Sounds like a fraud. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    • JaneQPublic

      The only fraud here is an illegal alien mooslum in the white house.
      People are sick of the fleecing of Americans. If I’d been there, I’d have done the same to the traitor holding the obama sign. Those two people are heros.

      • n1kko

        you have got to be kidding, Youre going to resort to name calling and violence?

        jesus christ grow up please!!!!

      • InTheBubble

        Buddha! You grow up, you pu ssy!

      • Leroy

        “You” ???

        It could have easily been somebody upset about Obama turning on progressives…

      • T. Partying

        Hey moonbat, it could have been disgruntled Union thugs out of a job. I sure am glad we let you loons have the whole shebang for 2 years, you couldn’t have done any worse than if you turned it over to a bus load of circus pinheads.

      • NW Fox

        it was good enough for George Bush.

    • Alvar the Fool

      Mom says get off the computer!

      • rich

        Well then maybe you better do it or no bedtime story for you.
        Rich in New Mexico

    • Mike S

      I don’t think it’s a fraud, I live in Santa Cruz and there was a table in front of the post office here a few days ago with a poster of Obama with a Hitler mustache, with a young man and woman sitting at the table, they were around 23-25 yrs old. I stopped and talked with them and another guy who stopped by who was offended by the poster of Obama. It would have been funny if it wasn’t so pathetic, the guy took issue with the poster but didn’t know the first thing about whether Obama kept any campaign promises, what his policies were regarding war, whistleblowers, transparency, torture, closing detention facilities, illegal spying on US citizens, starting wars without consulting Congress, etc. etc. I supported the poster wholeheartedly.

      • RufusVonDufus

        98% of the blacks who voted for Obama fall into the same category you have described here, Mike! That’s what is so sad about this fools presidency. He knows nothing, same as his supporters.

      • donfitness

        I’m offended by ANY picture of Obama. With or without a mustache. He’s a disgrace.

    • A. Levy

      Ahh, another example of the “tolerant” left.

  • BitterEXdemocrackkk

    Not surprising…we will see more of this as the manchild presidunce fumbles more day after day…he is INCOMPETENT. Totally. Absolutely. And, ‘he’s
    hiding information from the public. Does he REALLY think we will take him for 4 more years? No.

    • dootise

      wanna bet?

      • Andrew P.

        yeah Dootsie; I’ll take that bet. How much?

      • Political Athiest

        I agree w/dootise. Why? because other than Ron Paul, the repugnants don’t have a decent candidate to challenge him. And Ron will never get the blessings of the repugnants because he’s rattling the status quo and its freaking the establishment out. Don’t think for a second that the republicans are going to “fix” anything. The false left / right paradigm is like pro wrestling. And it just keeps us divided and conquered.

    • lee

      The thought of 4 more years of Obama mjakes me want to move to Canada{ I guess that makes me a Obama dodger}

      • Alvar the Fool

        Nah just dork…

  • JaneQPublic

    hahaha I love it! Obama’s so bad even San Franciscans are wising up. Hooray!

    • Name


    • Alvar the Fool

      Jane your Public Hair is showing

    • EvoDiva

      Yeah, because everyone in a certain geographic region is obligated to hold the dominant views of that region. You really nailed it.

      • samson

        Yes guilt by association sterio types are rooted in fact even if you dont like them they are true and real.

    • Liz Ernst

      Seriously? This is a terribly written and reported story – since when was Lyndon LaRouche, a left-wing political activist? This story is absolute nonsense – a slow news day and a lazy (or stupid) reporter. Maybe lazy and stupid – does this newspaper have no editor on staff? The headline and the photo negate each other. Dear god, no wonder JaneQPublic and her right wing ilk love this article – it’s stupid – their favorite flavor.

      • JR Munt

        thanks for sharing that Liz, that was very special and edifying

      • steve

        Yea, but what do you think about the attack?

  • Honeytreeevileye

    No worries.
    OBAMACARE will take care of any injuries you may have sustained.
    Good luck comrade.



    • Fred

      “comrade”? And what part of “Obamacare” is socialized? As far as I know, it’s still private insurance, which – with the mandate- is basically free guaranteed business for the health insurance companies. It’s all a racket to steal your money and give it to CEO’s and stock holders. It’s the complete opposite from communism, it’s more like a corporatocracy. And you yokels gobble it up!

      • george

        Yea and slowly but surly it is being torn apart and de-funded. This community organizer is absolutely incompetent and cannot function without his teleprompters. He is historically the WORST so called president in US history. Even now surpassing Carter.

  • Richard Halavais

    San Francisco? There’s hope yet/ After akk, people do hrow up.

    • Le Schpountz

      “After akk, people do hrow up.”

      Yep, that’s the old saying in Garblevania.

      • Alvar the Fool


  • Sam

    It was George Bushes fault!

    • PT

      The suspects have now been named in the caper – Laura & George…and yes, we do miss him!

    • Alvar the Fool

      Who is George Bushes? Do you mean Bush’s or Bushes’…..Go back to school Sam…

      • Homer

        awesome, the posting police are here. You must have been really popular in high school

  • Granite Sentry

    In San Francisco, it has to have been people mad because Obama is so far to the Right.

    • Don

      Exactly what I was thinking.

  • Barry Soetoro Is A Liar

    Too funny!

  • lamont

    Obviously the woman was a racist.

    • Alvar the fool

      No this is a case of Bullying…get it right or I’m going to kick your…….

    • Rich

      And the dogs also!!!
      Rich in New Mexico

  • Ron

    Hope and change? How is that hope and change working out for you?

    • Honeytreeevileye

      I hope you can still change your underwear once Barry is done with the economy.

      • Old Marine 81

        Hope you still HAVE underwear to change when he’s done.

      • JBC

        When 0bama is done with the economy you can change underwear every day. With your neighbors.

      • Amphereal

        It’s like the old joke: You’re getting a change of underwear. Bad news is that you have to change with him, he has to change with that other guy, etc.

      • Mike S

        You’ll have to buy government approved underwear with regular monthly payments, or pay a much higher annual fee if you don’t wear any, and only government approved specialists will be able to launder it.

      • J

        Yeah you will still be able to change it. However, it will just be government issue. Which by the way you will pay to create and be taxed to use. And if you choose to not use their underwear and buy underwear on your own or decide to go commando, you will be fined 5-10 times the cost of making your underwear. But hey, you still have a choice of which underwear you would like to wear.

    • New York NIck

      All you can HOPE for is some CHANGE leftover at the end of week when the paycheck comes. (when the welfare check comes for the Obama supporters of course ;)

      • Stevebobbev

        New York Nick for President!! I love you with much non-gay love

    • Andrew P.

      Like the bumper sticker:

      • rebelred

        I totally agree, Andrew P. I still have all 3 presently as well as my salvation. I will gladly let those who like being lead around by their noses keep all the change.

  • sandy

    I thought Barry was going to stop all sorts of fighting and division in this country.

    • n1kko

      who is barry? I dont get it

      • DemNoMore

        Barry is his birth name. Soetoro is the sur name of his legal father who adopted him and made him a legal citizen of Indonesia. I’m sorry that you are so ill informed. Perhaps you should do some reading and learning before you vote again.

      • Corrie Seames Caldwell

        Barry Soetoro — Barak Obama’s other name.

      • donttreadonme

        Can’t believe you are asking who Barry is after the last two years….you need to stop tuning in to the lame-stream media news and look elsewhere for the latest. And do stay away from the voting booth until you are better informed. Please vote responsibly.

      • New York NIck

        Actually, it’s officially Barry Barack Hussein Obama Soetero Junior on his Connecticut Social Security card and missing Birth certificate, the long form that’s harder to find than an Asian tea party supporter with long hair and a white girlfriend in San Fran Freakshow……

      • nobama12

        Well said New York Nick. That was funny.

  • jjj

    typical right-wing nut jobs.

    • Pete Buckman

      jjj must be a member of the anti-Colonial left-wing socialist party of America, formerly known as the Democrats. Come on now, even San Fransicko can wake up, smell the coffee, and admit its liberal problem. It’ll be OK, I promise, it really will. The cultural carnage stops in 2012….read it, accept it, love it, bathe in it. For you too will be cleansed and redeemed…that or you’ll realize you don’t belong in OUR America and gladly move to another country. Give me a jingle and I’ll even help buy your plane ticket if you’re still that much in denial and in possession of your backwards liberal ideology.

      • New York NIck

        “Come on now, even San Fransicko can wake up, smell the coffee, and admit its liberal problem.”

        In all fairness, In that city I hear it’s hard to ‘wake up and smell the coffee’, especially over the pungent buttcrack and nutsack odor most are used to in bed there ;) ….

    • Honeytreeevileye

      IN FRISCO?????
      GET REAL.
      The last ones left a week ago with their 2 children.

    • whitenebula

      Commenting on this article? For sure.

  • n1kko

    Bunch of down right hate being posted today.

    Its a sad day.

    • Pete Buckman

      Um, like it’s not done one hundred fold more by liberals when there is a conservative at the center of it…get a life and wake up to what they call reality!

      • n1kko

        Pete youre a smart guy, i can tell. You can log onto a computer and follow twitter, add your mother in law on facebook, and a big fan of fundamentalists.

        So please, excuse my attitude sir when i say you are a misinformed child. Its highly probably you receive federal handouts in the form of medicare or the likes. Its highly probable you live at the poverty line, and its even more probable that the agenda of your so called ‘party’ advocates is ironically counterintuitive to your lifestyle.

        I would like to finish this post but my communistic cousin is calling me from russia

      • donfitness

        Pete, this n!kko is an ass who doesn’t even have the balls to put his name on a post while attacking you. Don’t even waste your time with him. Obama was supposed to be the death of conservatives in this country, and to the horror of the liberals he has caused the largest and strongest conservative movement in decades.

    • donttreadonme

      Hate??? You haven’t seen hate until you face down a Wisconsin union member who has just been informed they may lose some bargaining power, and you have told them you fully support the decision.

      • New York NIck

        You got that right tread! After that statehouse Freak Parade Leftist Jamboree I wouldn’t support any union for anything, especially indoctrinating teachers who drag their students to do their wetwork in between molestations in their hotel rooms.

        They lost everyone with that display of Islamic Muslim – like intimidation and outright offensive obnoxiousness.

        Not to mention the dangerous and dirty Gay Gestapo intimidation tactics, especially for Mormons after donating money to the ‘Vote no to Gay Marriage bill’ movement, after it’s been defeated time and time again but overturned time and time again by the 9th circuit Nazis again and again over the will of the people as leftists so commonly do with activist judges put in place By Slick Inc….

  • Bruce

    They should be awarded a medal.

    • JeddMcHead

      Yeah, reacting to a peaceful protest with violence deserves a medal. Typical liberal attitude — nice.

  • bubble boy

    4 more years

    2500 rounds of golf

    18,753 divots

    • New York NIck

      Also a quarter pound of weed smoked, a truckload of Marlboro’s and 20 kegger’s worth of Colt 45 downed in between shanks and slices in the woods killing all the wildlife.

      That’s REALLY why he hides there on the weekends, as he’s never picked up a golf club in his life before being elected, that is unless he and his buddies was stealing them as a kids to support their habits he’s admitted to…

      • John Romano

        Oh I get it, Colt 45 because he is black. Give me a break.

  • Omaha


    • n1kko


  • Van

    Why would anyone display a sign favoring our clueless President. Don’t hurt the poor guy as he knows not what he does…..

  • sambo

    I can’t believe they kicked the man in the hand!

  • monsire

    Glad we got a perfect description of the perps, now if you could do that when a black person commits a crime instead of acting like scared little girls.

    • New York NIck

      Hard to do when they all look the same, around 6 foot 200 lbs, short hair, couple gold TEEF, carrying a chrome rim under one arm, a still boxed IPOD under the other, black white and red Air Jordans,…jeans with torn knees hanging below the waist with white boxers showing in the back ….Half of Harlem right there ; |

  • Mat

    false flag attempt

    albeit hilariously pathetic

  • MIke F

    Isn’t that what San Francisco is about, that’s the home of violent protest. It was born there. Violet protests were cool when it was against anything that Bush stood for.

    • MIke F

      And of course by violet, I meant violent. :D Or did I mean pink, I can’t remember.

  • Corrie Seames Caldwell

    What the heck is wrong with those people? I disagree with Obama on just about everything, yet violence against an Obama supporter is unacceptable. However, San Francisco? Really? I’m sure we’ll get some talk about being civil soon.

    • Roger Craig

      never gonna happen lol…

    • 3stixsays

      Did you read the story? The man had a sign that said impeach Obama and a picture depicting him with a Hitler mustache! Pretty sure that puts him in the anti-Obama camp and therefore fair game for liberal violence!!

  • ace tomato

    ah, the mystery attack. Kicked his hand? Kicked. His hand???

    What, with a bag of oranges?

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