By Danny Knobler, CBS Sports Baseball Writer

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS Sports) — So after all that time and all that money, and with actual subpoena power and the ability to compel testimony under oath, the government couldn’t even prove that Barry Bonds knew he used steroids.

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Well, good. I don’t feel so bad.

Seriously, if they can’t prove anything about Bonds other than that he somehow obstructed justice, what chance do the rest of us have?

We all know Barry Bonds used steroids, right? And with all that power and all that money (what a waste!), they couldn’t prove it.

And we’re supposed to have known about all those other players? We’re supposed to have told you who used and who didn’t? We’re supposed to know now, and decide who belongs in the Hall of Fame and who cheated and doesn’t belong?

I’d love to tell you. I’d love to know, if only because it would make filling out that Hall of Fame ballot a lot less excruciating every December.

But with the exception of the guys who failed tests — Rafael Palmeiro and Manny Ramirez, that means you — we know a lot less than the government knew about Bonds.

And they still couldn’t convince a jury.

I’m not sure why they couldn’t. I’m not sure I care why.

But I do know this: I don’t feel so bad.

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