VALLEJO (KCBS) – Dozens of American Indian activists set up camp Friday in Glen Cove Waterfront Park to stop construction at an ancient burial ground.

“The goal here is to not have bathrooms put on top of a cemetery, to not have a parking lot here,” said Corrina Gould, an Ohlone whose Chochenyo ancestors are buried at the site.

KCBS’ Anna Duckworth Reports:

Gould and nearly 150 others took part in a 3-hour ceremony Friday to kick off the occupation near Whitesides Drive.

Gould said the protected shoreline and eucalyptus groves at Glen Cove should remain park land, so long as plans to enhance the trails and add picnic tables take account of the site’s history.

“We’d like to keep this place as open to everyone, but to remember that it’s a cemetery,” she said.

Mark Ancuoe with the International Indian Treaty Council said human remains have been unearthed on the site on several occasions over the past 150 years.

“So we know that it has been a burial site at various times and it has been used as a ceremonial site as long as anyone can remember,” Ancuoe said.

Vallejo city officials have said they would try to protect culturally sensitive areas of the 15-acre park along the Carquinez Strait. Activists feared the initial bulldozing work would begin before the master plan for the site could be changed.

A civil suit filed Wednesday to stop the construction named the Greater Vallejo Recreation District and the City of Vallejo as defendants.

A mediator from the Department of Justice will sit down with both sides at a meeting Monday, officials said.

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Comments (23)
  1. payback says:

    not to be the Devils Advocate but a Casino It’s alot more agreeable I .I.T.C then a park or a rest stop with bathrooms;” gambling is like fire water for you white man!”

  2. devil's advocate says:

    how about a casino?

  3. HooDatIS? says:


  4. Enough says:

    First, this group fought against the demolition of an old mansion which is ready to fall down and is boarded up because they did not want the bulldozer to be driven down a designated path to raze the buiding. So this group graffittied the building, the succulants, the trees and plants. Yes, now there is permanent black markeer writings on branches, leaves and trunks, in addition to the house, and anywhere there is concrete – including steps going to down to the beach and logs that have been placed over the years at the high tide mark for sitting. This mansion now has swastikas, and the like added to this “colorful” pallette. Now this group will not let anyone walk by them to get on the trails or down to the beach while they want to camp on this open land. GVRD worked diligently with native americans regarding the plan to remove non native plants and tear down the old structures. This plan began in 2003, approved in 2007, and finalized in 2008. (There was a mansion, caretakers house, there use to be stables, a pier, roads used by horse and carriages, and the like. This land was developed at the turn of the 20th century, used extensively for decades and when abandoned, taken over by the city and then GVRD to maintain.) The fight seems to be narrowed now to the building of a small parking lot and bathrooms since it is (not will be, but IS) a public park. It has been a part of the public park system since the early 1980s. The location of these structures are adjacent to a development of townhomes built in the early 2000s (on the same land, without objection). I have been accosted by many supporters of this group camping out in this open land since last Fall, trying to force me to listen by not allowing me and my dog to walk the trail or always talking, talking, talking while I’m at the beach with my dog seeking quiet. They don’t want anyone to use the land. If they believe because they are of native american descent and the land is theirs only, they should have done something in the 1980’s before the land was transferred to GVRD, and blocked the descedents from the tribe which resided at the waterfront approval of the plan in some way. Now, this group is just blocking the public from using a public park. GO HOME

    1. chilito says:

      Lets dig up your Grandparents and put a Porta Potty there,then you go home,and take your mutt with you.

    2. Clydene says:

      You are dead wrong. Where’s your grandmother buried. Tell me and let me go to her grave; spray ddt on it and dig over the top of it and pave it or put a toilet on it so that no one can recognize her burial site. In that case in years to come someone might give that property away or sell it and build a shopping center there. What the heck – she is just an old dead woman, right.

      This is already public access land to everyone who wishes to walk their dog or visit it and many fishermen go there every day with some spending the night.

      The protestors can go home but their ancestors are in their final home and resting place there already.

  5. tria robinson says:

    chilito i dont understand how you can be so grossly disrespectful, that was a stupid and discusting comment

    1. tria redbird robinson says:

      i am of comanche desent and comments like that really make me sick to my stomach. in this day and age such rasist remarks are inappropriate and stupid. you are a coward hiding behind a computer screen,.

      1. Lying A$$ says:

        Says the woman who can’t keep her story straight online, posting that she’s of one tribe on one site, then posting that she’s of another tribe, and on and on. Sit your ass down somewhere and stop trying to call people out when you’re too dumb to keep your stories straight.

  6. tria red bird says:

    lets dig up your grandparents you dirty washicu lover!!!

  7. Nahui Quetzalcoatl says:

    No way, this is enough. The invasions and the displacement of Nican Tlaca, original inhabitants of this land has been enough. My fellow, Nican Tlaca keep the resistance and do not give up the land. You are all true warriors of this continent between the waters. Lets get them labels of ‘Indians and Native Americas’ off of our vocabulary, they are both degrading and Euro centric. We are the original inhabitants of this land!

  8. Logic says:

    you inhabited the land 200,000 years ago when modern humans first existed? you inhabited this land about 4.57 million years ago when the earth was formed? i’m sorry but regardless of what you and you’re ancestors believe, no one around today is the original inhabitants of any land. nor their ancestors, nor theirs, nor theirs, nor theirs……oh ya, and you already gave up the land, that’s why you don’t own it. remember when this continent was attached to all the other continents? where you the original inhabitants of the land then? isn’t it a sacred dinosaur burial ground?

    1. Clydene says:

      Please contact me at I’d like to enlighten you a bit.

  9. Judith says:

    The City of Vallejo’s mission statement reads: “The City of Vallejo celebrates its cultural and ethnic diversity, preserves its history and maritime heritage, cares for its children and their future, and provides cost effective quality services second to none.”

    I am dumbfounded that in this day and age officials who are elected by the citizenry can so brashly fly in the face of their City’s mission. Are we the only country in the world that does not protect our ancient sites? The one at Glen Cove should be protected as the community and world treasure that it is.

  10. judith says:

    Are we the only country in the world that does not protect our ancient sites? The one at Glen Cove should be protected as the community and world treasure that it is.

    And Vallejo’s mission statement explicitly calls for such action.

  11. Mike says:

    Quick question: re we talking about the Dillon Point area, or somewhere closer to the marina?

  12. Clydene says:

    For all you golfers! The Crow Canyon Golf Course near Pinole is not just a golf course. But, of course, you wouldn’t know anything about it but Golf, right.

    Actually, the utility shed used on that golf course sits right on top of a Native burial ground. Years ago when they built the golf course, they discovered it was a burial ground. They bulldozed it and sold it for fill. Then they built the utility building on top of what was left.

    Those ancestors are gone forever with never a mention of them being buried there. There’s not even a plaque noting there was ever a burial ground there.

  13. Randomness says:

    I believe you are right completely!!!

  14. هاست ویندوز says:

    What educational writing!!!

  15. weight, healthy weight loss says:

    Thank goodness some bloggers can write. Thanks for this blog post!!!

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