SACRAMENTO (CBS SF) – State Sen. Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, received a racist and threatening fax at his Sacramento office Friday morning, the latest in a string of hate-filled messages sent to him since last year.

The anonymous fax sent just before 10 a.m. included the same language and font seen in previous hate letters and faxes sent to Yee in January and April 2010.

“We are not sure what’s prompting this one,” Yee’s chief of staff Adam Keigwin said. “This one is not as threatening as previous ones – there’s no noose or calling for an individual’s death.”

The fax includes the phrase “Achtung!” which is German for “Warning!” and was used by the Nazis. The text calls Yee a “fish head” and portrays President Obama as a monkey.

The threatening fax was turned over to theCalifornia HighwayPatrol and California State Assembly Sergeant-at-Arms, Keigwin said.

“It’s pretty racist towards the president and senator and uses derogatory terms. It’s obviously pretty offensive,” Keigwin said. “The senator doesn’t believe these type of things should go unchallenged. We definitely need to combat this.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I got a message to everybody who want to comment on articles of Please put in positive comments after reading this article (that includes no racial slurs and profanities). Since most of us Americans could become potential targets of anonymous hate groups or individuals (such as the unknown guy who kept mailing racist letters to State Senator Leeland Yee in the post-Arizona massacre), can we all show civility here, please?

    1. Victor says:

      I will try my best to behave.

      1. Victor says:

        And Anonymous, I think you should calm down after posting a heated comment on another article about Leland Yee becoming a threat of hate groups. And since former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin fired back on her critics for criticizing her cross heir map, I think you should just keep quiet about that controversial presidential hopeful’s future controversial actions and leave her alone from now on. But first, apologize to Sarah Palin.

      2. Anonymous says:

        Sarah Palin, if you are reading this, I am sorry for harshly criticizing you over your map. I though your map is a really a hit list for Jared Lee Loughner. I admit that I am being too liberal to you and I admit that I kept blaming you for being a jerk so I can make myself feel popular. I hope you accept my apology.

  2. David says:

    I fail to see how this is racist. No where does it mention anyone’s race. True, it is mildly insulting but writing the name of the president on head of a chimp is not an insult based on the president’s race. Seems to me that folks might be drawing inferences that are not warranted by the facts.

  3. Big G says:

    Was it a slow news week for Leeland. Kind of tiring when people try to moderate free speech anonymous!! There are already terms & conditionsset in place.

  4. Lee Spikes says:

    If I recall correctly, George W. Bush was routinely derided or characterized as a “chimp”. I don’t think this is necessarily racist and not too sure about the fish head comment either. Could have been related to Yee’s stand on hunting sharks for their fins to use as soup. No overtly racist comments in this FAX IMHOP.

  5. HooDatIS? says:


  6. Sundance says:

    Achtung does not mean warning in German, it means attention.

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