SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – City College of San Francisco was among the many campuses to participate in a protest Sunday outside CCSF to show support for higher education. About 50 students, faculty members, and other supporters of community colleges, lined up along Ocean Avenue to participate in the racous demonstration.

53 of the state’s 112 community colleges were involved in a reprisal of the 80s-era Hands Across America, in an event to highlight how fewer students are able to afford an education, even at the state’s community colleges.

KCBS’ Chris Filippi Reports:

CCSF Student Council President Elizabeth Weinberg said community college students are under more pressure than ever before.

“We have students that want to transfer into schools that can’t and students coming back to community college from transfer schools and classes are shrinking,” said Weinberg. About 90 percent of full-time students at the community colleges need some form of financial aide.

Things aren’t much better from the faculty’s perspective, either. Physics professor Diana Markub said staff cuts are having a big impact and that the faculty is the core.

“The payroll department is down from I think three people from 20,” said Diana.

The event’s organizers are also promoting a text to give campaign sponsored by AT&T. If you text the word “hands” to 27722 a $10 donation is made to the California Community College Scholarship Endowment.

Supporters of this plan hoped it would be one of the largest philanthropic events ever for higher education. The original Hands Across America event in 1986 had an estimated 6.5 million people join hands across the country to raise money to combat hunger and homelessness.

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Comments (14)
  1. genomega1 says:

    Yes God forbid that they have to work their way through school like we did… and by the way there are scholarships for students who really work hard and want an education.

    1. HH says:


      You bitter piece of sh!t, just because students depend on financial aid and scholarships doesn’t rule out the fact that they don’t work. I work 30 hours a week and go to school full-time, and I still depend on financial aid, and take out the maximum allowable loan amount every semester just to get by.

      1. Mark says:

        Living in the bay area is expensive. I had to take out loans and work full time just to pay rent, bills, and have food. Cost of living has increased as well has tuition leaving most students struggling to survive.

      2. anonymous says:

        I work full time AND receive financial aid. SF is a very expensive place to live. Most people are just getting buy with full time jobs. If you have to pay for school on top of that you may find yourself in a situation where you have to decide between books or groceries, tuition or electricity, etc.

    2. hohyhoho says:

      You must be a salesman who use people to sell your scholarship loans; one of those who was let fall by those successors who kicked you (let you fall like a piece of domino falling in a chain).
      Now you turn that rage toward others surrounding you; this would only prove that you ever are a real piece of domino, just fall along when there are forces pushing you and do not know how to push back or step aside to skip the cycle.

      What is education?

  2. Rainman says:

    HH – genomega1 is obviously a follower of Ayn Rand therefor is incapable of compassion and understanding so don’t waste your time.

  3. hohyhoho says:

    The consequence of neglecting the children (the so called lower educations) gives rise to the inferno adults (the so called higher educations) protesting and demonstrating their thirst on the quest to be educated!

    While students are struggling in their lives to pay for their school tuition (like me, even my shoes are poked with holes, I have no extra money for new ones). Michele Miller, an Elementary school principal, has furnished in her home with more than 280 pairs of shoes. How sarcastic!

    No wonder this society’s education level is so disappointing: those grew up (perhaps with family support, well educated, and now are school district leaders) take part in using schools as profit making business places, paying themselves with hundred thousands dollars per month, while leaving kids struggle into adulthood.

    It is right though, without left behind kids or adults, where are the foundations of the educational system found on!?

    1. genomega1 says:

      Your post is a perfect example of the wasted dollars that are spent on education in this country.

  4. bigdog says:

    Yeah, I saw these guys on Ocean Ave…at first I thought they were just waiting for Muni…lol

  5. Jose Contraes says:

    Since my family and I have moved her from Jal;isco, Mexico six years ago it has been a struggle. My two sons and daughter had to appy numerous time for school assistance. My wife can only find par time work and me is only working for small wages cause I don;t have the right papers. I justs want to have a better lives for them. I attend night school to learn and use English. The schools here in SanFrancisco needs to have more aid for the kids.

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