16-Year-Old Girl Survives Golden Gate Bridge Plunge

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/AP) — A 16-year-old girl survived a fall from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge Sunday, according to authorities.

The Fire Department and the U.S. Coast Guard said the girl was in the water for 20 minutes Sunday before being pulled to safety conscious and responsive.

She was transported to Marin General Hospital. Her condition wasn’t immediately available.

Golden Gate Bridge District Spokeswoman Mary Currie told CBS 5 the girl was attempting suicide.

About 25 people per year die in jumps from the bridge, roughly 200 feet above the water.

In March, a 17-year-old boy survived after leaping from the bridge. Officials don’t believe it was a suicide attempt.

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  • qtpatoot

    Of course, it’s all about money, isn’t it?
    Get your head out of your wallet!

  • tasha

    shame on you for saying that, were talking about a very sad sixteen year old girl your tax money should go into giving her and others outreach programs in and out of school and the community she can utilize and not feel like throwing herself off a bridge. Good lord! i hope you dont ever have someone you love leap from that bridge,I have, only I wasn’t lucky enough to ever see him again.Think befor you type and dont forget to be a human.

    • Sue


      I think you’re asking too much. People like that aren’t human to begin with.

    • Philip

      Aren’t human??!! Girl, you don’t understand human beings, in particular adolescents.

    • ron

      No, YOUR TAX MONEY, NOT OURS. Get a second job have her move IN WITH YOU!

    • Philip

      It’s interesting how the don’t-tax-me-for-other-people’s-problems crowd, the same crowd that believes that this care should come from charity or private enterprise, shows no charitable feelings. “It’s not my problem” = no empathy = sociopath.

      I am my brother’s keeper.

      • TroyG

        I agree with the people who say don’t use my tax dollars on programs for crazies.
        I am my brothers keeper, but that saying had nothing to do with distribution of tax dollars. You and those who believe that we need another social program that doesn’t work are what is wrong with liberalism and California in particular.

        Some people are broke, they kill themselves, get over it and just be thankful it isn’t you.

      • Philip

        I lost a parent to suicide, so I’m not new to the subject. I don’t think that additional tax dollars or social programs would have prevented it. I DO see a lack of empathy from those who claim to be religious.

        One argument for trying to prevent suicides is that they have an impact on society that goes beyond loss of an individual’s life. At the same time, if the person committing suicide is in a lot of pain that doesn’t change (due to mental illness, for example), then prevention in any form is hard.

        Again, I was referring to an attitude and not to social programs and taxes per se. Someone says we need to “do” something for these people, and ten others say “not with my tax dollars.” Then with what?

  • Hal

    I think people like you that can say such a cruel thing aren’t human to begin with!

  • ron

    I hope that poor girl gets the counseling she obviously needs.

  • Have Heart

    Wow, some heartless people here.

  • John

    you’re too young girl and the fact that you lived shows that somebody wants you to live

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