SANTA CRUZ (CBS / AP) — A 22-year-old man is dead after falling 30-to-40-feet from an oceanside cliff in Santa Cruz, and police have still not determined if the fall was an accident or intentional.

Santa Cruz police say Nick Syed Husain of Fremont was found dead on Monday, his body lying face down on the rocks below a ledge along West Cliff Drive.

Police say two of Husain’s friends were also at the scene, and have been questioned about the fatal fall.

Husain’s body was removed from the rocks by a rescue crew, who rappelled down the cliff to assist him only to find he had been killed by the fall.

Neighbors told the Santa Cruz Sentinel that accidental falls on the slippery rocks in the area are fairly common with tourists.

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Comments (3)
  1. with friends like that? says:

    anybody buying this? not to be an insensitive jerk but I don’t! god rest his soul! (ps) question this friends closely.

  2. Kevin Mcconnell says:

    this guy i knew died nourth of santa cruz back in 70’s they say he tryed pee off cliff it seemed kinda weird but this kinda thing been going on for along time
    sounds dumb but be really careful around cliff loose rocks and sand can kill most of all do the drinking and whatever at home or in safe place and not on cliffs

    1. Diane says:

      Good advice. Drinking makes people uncoordinated AND stupid, so anyone drinking should definitely stay away from cliffs.

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