SAN JOSE (KCBS) – Students at San Jose’s Branham High School were sent home early on Wednesday after the second threat to the campus in as many days.

San Jose police spokesman Jose Garcia said officers were first called to the school on Meridian at Branham on Tuesday afternoon to investigate graffiti that referenced a bomb threat or the like. He said there was another threat on Wednesday.

“When the first administrators arrived, they learned that there had been a second threat to the school,” Garcia said. “I’m not sure exactly how they received that threat, whether it was by telephone or mail.”

Garcia said school administrators decided to evacuate the campus and send students home around 10:45 Wednesday morning.

“Once the students were evacuated, we had our officers from the bomb squad perform a search of the campus and all the buildings,” he said. “That included two police K-9’s that are trained to detect explosives.”

School officials have canceled all afternoon sports that were scheduled for Wednesday, but said school will be in regular session on Thursday.

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Comments (5)
  1. JCA says:

    That is the troubled Student School….Probably has to do with 420.

    1. R.Johnson says:

      It is NOT a troubled student school. This is a great school and great district. We purposely moved from Sunnyvale to have my child attend Branham. I applaud the school, the district and the San Jose Police Dept on their excellent job in handling the situation. I not only received a call right away, I also received an email They really go out of their way to keep their parents and student informed whether good or bad news.

    2. Sugarbear says:

      JCA,you wrote a check (troubled student school) that i want to cash,your ASSumption is based on what facts? And yet you GUESS it has something to do with 420,stamp this baby ” INSUFFICIENT FUNDS”

  2. BRANHAM says:

    Branham Is a Wonderful School! It is better than half of the private schools in the area. If you have not attended branham please do not disrespect the campus and school as a whole.

  3. DKF says:

    A school that was opened for years, then purchased and opened by a private christian organization, then that closed and it reopened once again as Branham…says a lot. I went to Branham and it was and still is a great school!. Have friends who have children that go there and they rave about iit. so JCA… Perception based on your statement is you have issues with all schools since you probably did not attend regularly as you were probably celebrating 420 every day.

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