2 Mountain Lion Sightings Within 12 Hours Near Woodside

WOODSIDE (CBS SF) — Two mountain lion sightings were reported near Woodside within 12 hours of each other on Friday night and Saturday morning, San Mateo County officials said.

The sightings were reported at 9 p.m. Friday on Skyline Drive and at 7 a.m. Saturday near Cedar Lane and Mountain Home Road, officials said.

Sheriff’s deputies responded to Saturday’s sighting, but the mountain lion was gone by the time they arrived.

The state Department of Fish and Game was also notified of the sighting.

Anyone who sees a mountain lion is advised not to approach it and to pick up small children.

If confronted by the lion, it’s best to face the animal, make noise, try to look bigger, and throw rocks or other objects to scare it off, officials said.

The county also recommends preventing encounters by keeping a close watch on small children and avoiding hiking or jogging at dawn, dusk and night.

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  • Kitty

    Be careful cat, if they catch you they will kill you.

  • Brad Pipal

    Back in the in mid nineteen-fifties I can remember a bounty around one-hundred dollars per cat…Let’s do it again….This is the way one loses “Kitty,” and your favorite pets. Right now. by cat or a coyote with a den…..

  • AJ Buttacavoli

    Here, kitty, kitty.

  • ImRich

    Big deal, I’d be more worried if there were two sightings of homeless people in Woodside.

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