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Oakland Chinatown Merchants Hope Security Cameras Will Cut Crime

OAKLAND (KCBS) — Two thousand people use Oakland’s popular Lincoln Square Recreation Center each day with the expectation that it’s safe. Now with the addition of 16 privately-funded security cameras, members of the Asian community who gathered to discuss ways to cut down on crime Saturday are hopeful that property crime and vandalism will go down as a result.

Oakland City Councilwoman Pat Kernighan said a decrease in graffiti is almost a sure thing.

KCBS’ Tim Ryan Reports:

“It happens at three and four in the morning when nobody’s around and because you can’t have a cop on every corner 24/7, that’s when a camera comes in handy,” said Kernighan.

Oakland Chinatown community leader Carl Chan said the community now has dozens of privately-funded surveillance cameras to deter crime.

“Most of the businesses are putting in the cameras not only on the inside, but also one or two pointing on the street side,” said Chan.

One of those very cameras is credited to supplying evidence that would solve a homicide last year.

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  • NRA Life Member

    Cameras are not going to reduce crime. All they do is record a crime when it happens. The crime still occurs. The street ver min that commit these crimes all seem to wear bla ck h00dies and baggy pants. You’ll never recognize them in a video.

    If you want to have an impact on crime, allow law abiding citizens the ability to protect themselves. That is a deterrence.

    • I hate guns and knives

      The cameras’s are for the Chinese community to decide. NRA member need to keep your idiotic comment on your side of the fence.

      • NRA Life Member

        Hey, I don’t care what you do in Oakland. I don’t go there. I am happy to stay outside of your fence. I simply pointed out that cameras do not reduce or prevent crime. They only record. I guess logic is wasted on you. You can do whatever you want to with your cameras. I have a suggestion on where you can put them.

      • davey

        Please do not use knives ever again.

    • ruminate

      How is gun suppose to stop vandalism?

      • davey

        Shot them?

  • Kevin Price

    I wonder what race the people that commit the crimes are

    • Hello Kevin

      Midgets from wizard of oz.

  • xyzzy

    Hey NRA Life Member: street vermin? black hoodies and baggy pants? never go to oakland, don’t care what happens there? Do I detect a little racism out there in the sticks or wherever you’re holed up with your guns?

  • Jerome O'neal

    What does black hoodies and baggy pants got to do with racism? Last time I checked they are just clothing.

    • A Friend of Jerome

      Mr. O’neal. I think they ought to at least wear the pants that stay at their waist and not too baggy were it might guide like a kite.

  • Kevin Price

    We all know the sub race that only wears hoodies and baggy pants

  • Ken Pawlawski

    Black hoodies, khaki extra baggie pants ?
    That could be that sub race known as the Aryan Nation.

  • ?

    What’s wrong with racism?

  • Ted Fred

    Dear California Morons,

    How does every subject discussed turn to race? Aren’t you tired of pulling these cards every time the conversation turns to matters that require intelligence. Message to you dillusioned folks….Californians are not smarter than the rest of the world and yes the rest of us still refer to your state as the land of fruits and nuts. One day you will realize that your liberal elitism was the ultimate form of conformity.


    Someone with a Brain

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