SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — UCSF researchers are trying to find the effects of extreme dieting in humans. Animals who consume fewer calories in some cases are living longer and healthier lives according to the study, but can the same be said for humans?

Eating less than 1,600 calories or less a day is considered a qualified extreme diet and people have been doing it for years. UCSF researcher Dr. Janet Tomyana said taking part in such a practice may actually help prolong your life.

“What makes the study so unique is that for the first time we are really looking at this question whether consistent calorie restriction in humans prolongs a healthy life,” said Tomyana.

KCBS’ Jeffrey Schaub Reports:

Apparently it’s worked with non-humans. Tomyana said some worms that would normally live up to 14 days, would live up to 40 if you restrict the number of calories that worm eats.

Research shows people who do extreme dieting often are sharper, have greater impulse control and less stress. But UCSF is still searching for the fountain of youth and to find out if they live longer?

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Comments (6)
  1. Susancamille says:

    My husband is 67 and has the energy and strength of a 30 year old. He is incredibly healthy and rarely gets sick — barely uses our medical insurance. He is on no meds and doesn’t eat much and doesn’t feel hungry so he is not thinking about food all the time as I do. He does believe that reduced calorie intake will prolong his life and I am sure it will. When he gets a cold he beats it in a few days and the cold is always mild. He also gets 8 hours of deep sleep each night.

  2. annechome says:

    “UCSF researchers are trying to find the affects of extreme dieting in humans.”
    One would think they’d be interested in the effects? (not the affects)

  3. takinu says:

    My dad lived to be 92 and it was only in the last 6 months of his life that he slowed down or showed “his age.” He had been taking various meds for hypertension, blood thinners, other things for years (he was always a big advocate for “give me a pill to fix it” all his life). He was always active. Ate like a piggie too. But never smoked or did any recreational drugs, only had one coffee in the morning, preferred non-processesd foods but did eat fried foods occasionally. Had a glass of wine with supper. I wonder how long her may have lived if he’d underachieved.

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