San Carlos To Vote On Outsourcing Fire Department

SAN CARLOS (CBS SF) – The San Carlos City Council is set to decide Monday night how it will provide fire and emergency services to the city once the Belmont-San Carlos Fire Protection District dissolves in October.

The council will consider between two primary proposals; one from Redwood City Fire Department and a second submitted by Wackenhut Services Inc., a Florida-based private provider.

The proposal from Wackenhut is projected to save San Carlos between $1.9 million and $6.6 million annually, according to staff reports.

The proposal from the Redwood City Fire Department is projected to bring a savings of $1.7 million to $3.5 million per year.

“The council has two clear contrasting options; a business model and a municipal model,” consultants from TriData, a firm hired to analyze the fire protection models and proposals, said in a report to the City Council.

“During review, council members should consider service levels, delivery methods and cost as well as their individual philosophy about how an organization delivering service should function,” the report said.

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  • A.M.

    Putting people’s lives in jeopardy should not be a means for saving money! Farming out services such as fire and police to the private sector will lead to unecessary deaths of innocent citizens. Time to get rid of the so-called public servants who’s only interests are in making sure that there will be plenty of monry for big, fat expense accounts and/or pay raises.

  • PM

    How do you know this is putting people’s lives in jeopardy? You have no idea of the effects of outsourcing services do you? You’re just spouting off.

  • GA

    I’d just like to point out that Councilman Klein misrepresented the council’s (or rather council’s interests via the fire board) attempt to negotiate with the firefighter’s union. San Carlos started dissolution of the fire department first, then asked for concessions from the union; this like telling them they’re being laid off, and then asking renegotiate their contract. So, there was never any good faith negotiation with the union as a means to saving the Belmont-San Carlos Fire Department.

    Also, they could have worked it out with Belmont, but both sides were being petty rather than trying to move forward together.

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