Playing on a sprained ankle, Kobe Bryant thrilled fans with two spectacular dunks while leading the Lakers to a 3-2 playoff series lead against the New Orleans Hornets.

John Madden told the KCBS morning crew Bryant’s effort showed what an exceptional athlete he is.

“I don’t think (the injury) was a smokescreen. I think there are just some guys who can do that,” said Madden. “They have so much confidence and so much arrogance and they put themselves out there, I think they have to play like that…. Extraordinary athletes can do extraordinary things.”

Meanwhile, Darren Ford’s amazing speed was the difference in the Giants 3-2 win over the Pirates in Pittsburgh Tuesday.

“A lot of times in baseball, they say a guy has speed and you don’t see it,” Madden said. “In Ford’s case, you saw it.”

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