WOODSIDE (CBS SF) – A mountain lion was seen roaming near state Highway 84 in Woodside this morning, San Mateo County emergency officials said.

The cat was spotted in the vicinity of Whiskey Hill Road at 2:45 a.m.

The county office of emergency services recommends that residents keep a close watch on small children and avoid hiking or jogging at dawn, dusk or night, when mountain lions are most active.

For more information about mountain lions, visit

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Comments (4)
  1. Bloodhounds says:

    Hope they don’t kill it!

  2. I Ain't Lion! says:

    I used to live near there, and for years hoped I would see a cougar while hiking or horseback riding in the hills above Woodside. If I ever am lucky enough to see one, even if it’s sitting on my front porch, I plan to tell NO ONE I saw it. There are just too many trigger-happy police running around, just itching for something to shoot at.

    1. DaPoPoMan says:

      Only Fish and Game can kill a mountain lion, unless it is an immediate threat to a person. Kind of like South Park, you have to yell, “He’s coming right for us!”

  3. RealityCheck says:

    Who cares it is only a mountain lion. Now if they had spotted a homeless person in Woodside, THAT would be news.

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