ATHERTON (CBS/AP) — An Atherton school teacher whose profanity-laced tirade and rattling of a table frightened an eighth-grader into calling police will return to class after completing anger management counseling.

The Redwood City School District announced Wednesday that John Haynes, a math teacher at Atherton’s Selby Lane School, will spend the remainder of the academic year on medical leave and participate in anger management counseling. But he will not return to the Atherton campus.

Haynes sent a letter of apology to parents of students in his class as part of an agreement he reached with the district to keep his job.

Haynes became agitated on March 1 and used profanity and rattled a desk, frightening a 13-year-old girl who used her cell phone to call 911.

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Comments (7)
  1. Kodiax says:

    must be embarassing having such a whiney little coward of a daughter too stupid to understand the difference between a teacher being frustrated with kids not paying attention and a LIFE THREATENING SITUATION

    1. Angela says:

      Totally agree!

    2. Ms. B says:

      Agree….I wonder how the little “A” student is doing now. Nothing gained but everything lost from such a great teacher.

  2. chris says:

    is this your old friend john haynes? Heidi

  3. RealityCheck says:

    Have you ever spoken with a 13 year old? He was communicating with them using terms they could actually understand. When will parents realize it is not the job of teachers to raise their children. If that had been my daughter, she would have had some discipline coming her way, but then I seriously doubt my child would be that stupid. I am sure I am much scarier when I raise my voice than that math teacher ever could be. We really, really need to stop being so warm and fuzzy. Coupled with the idiotic ‘zero tolerance’ policies at schools and students being suspended and expelled for giving someone an aspirin, we are creating entire generations of snivelers who feel a sense of entitlement to pretty much everything. Guess what folks, you have a right to almost nothing! You do not have a right to a job, a college education, a good life. You have to work hard and struggle to achieve those things. So, you can sit on your butt playing video games all day or you can go out and make something of yourself. It is up to you, no one can do it for you.

  4. Ms. B says:

    Every time it is the teacher who pays the consequences for children and their cell phones. Really, Mr. Haynes would not hurt a fly, but frustration over parents not participating in their children’s education until a teacher gets frustrated is beyond my understanding. Mr. Haynes is an excellent teacher and also human. Mistakes are made. Teachers are not perfect beings without fault. When will students lose their right to an education for their behaviors and “profanity-laced tirade”? Education is losing the game with the policies of the districts and children who are not disciplined at home to work in school. You can’t tell me the student was scared. I know these kids will do anything when they are in trouble to get the attention away from them. Serve up a teacher and let them lose their position. Well if I were Mr. Haynes I would go into the public sector and not teach anymore. For all the good he has done for education this is how he is repaid. I’m done.

  5. Ms. B says:

    The district is at fault for reassigning Mr. Haynes. What does this tell you about teacher support? The district is always afraid of being sued by the public. They will save their face and put out a teacher for this mistake. I say this because the public has no idea what kids are like today. They will attack a teacher physically, verbally, and mentally. We do all we can to survive in this unappreciative environment. Selby Lane parents need to do something about this decision. How many good teachers are you willing to lose before you open your eyes to the truth?

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