DALY CITY (CBS SF) – Several people were injured after a man trying to evade police caused a three-car collision in Daly City on Monday afternoon, police said.

Officers attempted to stop a 21-year-old San Francisco man who was driving a reportedly stolen Acura near 87th Street at around 4:30 p.m.

The man did not yield to the officers and collided with a woman driving a Saturn near Pacific Plaza on Junipero Serra Boulevard, according to police.

The force of impact caused the Saturn to crash into a police car and strike a fire hydrant. All three drivers were taken to a hospital for injuries. The extent of injuries was not immediately known.

The suspect is facing charges of auto theft, evading police, and reckless driving, police said.

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Comments (5)
  1. dm says:

    Was this 21 y/o a Daly City resident??, Probably not.
    These are outsiders who come to our community to commit crimes like this.
    Thank you DCPD for you make my daughters and grandchildren safer and other people in our neighborhoods.

  2. Bloodhounds says:

    Good thing Daly City is in San Mateo Co. They prosecute!

    1. Nomoreorange says:

      This is true. San Mateo County does not play. This, unfortunately I know first hand. And yes, my debt has been paid.

  3. Emily Latilla says:

    If only the S.F. D.A.’s Office would take a page from how San Mateo vigorously prosecutes, the City would be a little safer. Oh, I forgot …S.F. voters elect progressive D.A.’s (Hallinan, Kamala Harris)..never mind!

  4. Just Me! says:

    LOL me and my friends were inside our car at a red light waiting when we heard a car speeding after a turn. the integra sped by right next to us and saw about 6 cop come out of where he came from but all the cops went a different direction. My guess is that the integra was trying to hit the freeway by going through juniperro serra but failed when he was so very close.

    We drove over to the accident spot and saw a giant fountain of water shooting from the floor and car parts everywhere on the floor. A woman injured. A officer injured. Lastly, the criminal injured.

    Really…what was he thinking? Trying to get away with an old Integra will most definitely be a fail..

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