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Groundbreaking At The Metreon For San Francisco’s First Target Store

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – The mostly vacant Metreon complex at 4th and Mission Streets in San Francisco is about to get a dramatic new makeover which will include 20 new retailers and restaurants, and the city’s first ever Target store.

KCBS’ Anna Duckworth Reports:

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee slammed a sledgehammer into one of the columns inside the Metreon Thursday to officially announce the revitalization project. He said that having Target as the anchor store will be great for San Franciscans.

“We’re spending millions of consumer dollars in Colma,” said Lee. “Why do we have to contribute to the traffic issues down there when we can have this unique store up here?”

The project will involve a revamp of the Metreon’s entire inside and outside which will bring some 600 construction jobs over the next year and a half. Target and other new businesses like Chipotle and Brandy Ho’s will bring 700 permanent jobs.

“We’re expecting $4.4 million annually in additional revenue for San Francisco,” said Lee. “There’s about $15 million in additional revenue we have to share with the state, but $4.4 million, once all these stores open, will be a beautiful addition to the economy.”

As for the Target, it will be one of the retailer’s first urban stores. Spokesperson Donna Egan said they’re about half the average size, and won’t have the usual patio furniture, or other large items.

“Even for items such as diapers, we might be offering smaller quantity items knowing that a lot of people will be walking, or taking public transportation home,” said Egan.

The Westfield Group, which runs the shopping center a block away is investing $30 million in the Metreon project. The stores will open in phases over the next year and a half.

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  • Patty Cakes

    it’s just going to cause more ghetto violence

    • Ed

      What a stupid comment

  • Ron Chong

    Won’t this Target bring other businesses like Best Buy and Office Depot out of businnes in SF?

    • Bob

      I hope so; those two business suck compared to target.

    • Richard

      Doubt it. Different quality of products. Also this is not a big box target. They had to compromise on size in order to get in.

  • Laurence O

    target is an excellent merchant…the grocery section will serve the needs of soma. i

  • Laurence O

    Target is an Excellent Merchant. It will serve the needs of the SOMA resident.

  • Joe

    Great, more congestion down there!!

  • A Local SFer

    We probably wouldn’t buy food there, but being able to get cheap houseware and things would be great. Since Woolworths and Mervyns went away, we haven’t had any cheap places to shop.


    LOL! How does a big chain supermarket store bring ghetto violence? How are those two correlate? This isn’t going to be the typical Target with a big parking lot like the others. Best Buy has a huge parking lot, so parking can factor into the decision where consumers want to shop.

    Either way, having a Target right in the heart of the City is great cause I live in Russian Hill. Great walking distance.

    • Daniel

      The biggest parking lot in the City is right across the street. The Ghetto element is one reason the Metreon withered up in the first place. Several shootings, etc. over it’s relatively short life.

  • Bloodhounds

    There’s shootings in every neighborhood in SF. It doesn’t matter where you are any more! Are they still planning a Target at the old Mervyns location at Masonic and Geary?

  • TargetSucks

    Target supports anti-gay rights candidates like Michelle Bachman! It is a travesty that San Francisco is allowing them to set up in downtown. Anything for a buck! :(

  • 110


  • James

    Over 20 restaurants, including La Boulange, Mixt Greens, San Francisco Soup Co. and Best of Burger have already signed leases to open in Metreon, which is almost completely leased

    Read more: Westfield, Target unveil Metreon plans | San Francisco Business Times

  • Casey

    This will be a nice store once it is opened. Give it a year, it’ll be all run down by them ghetto folks. The the ghetto folks that ruined the place will turn around and complain.

  • gman

    The beginning of the end next they’ll approve a Vega style casino there when Target fails. Thanks for nothing again.

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