San Jose Cinco De Mayo Celebrations Turn Violent

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) — Rowdy Cinco de Mayo celebrations in San Jose Thursday night and early this morning led to a couple of violent incidents, several arrests, and damage to a building in the city, a police spokesman said today.

San Jose annually hosts what is believed to be the largest Cinco de Mayo celebration in Northern California, an event whose large crowds often are accompanied by violence and other crimes, police Sgt. Jason Dwyer said.

At about 9 p.m., someone walked into Regional Medical Center of San Jose with multiple stab wounds, Dwyer said.

KCBS’ Matt Bigler Reports:

The victim, whose injuries are not considered life-threatening, was stabbed near the intersection of Story and King roads, according to Dwyer.

Shortly after 10 p.m., a carjacking was also reported at the intersection of Story and King roads. Several suspects confronted a victim and took his car, Dwyer said.

The suspects drove the car a short distance away and parked it, where officers were able to find it and return it to its owner, he said.

No arrests or suspect information were immediately available in connection with either case, Dwyer said.

Around midnight, many officers responded again to King and Story roads for crowd control after about 300 people gathered near the intersection.

The crowd “basically rushed the officers,” who had to use pepper spray to fend them off, Dwyer said.

One officer was treated for a complaint of pain to his chest after his motorcycle was knocked over, according to Dwyer.

The crowd dispersed quickly before the officers were able to apprehend anyone, he said.

Damage was also reported in the form of broken windows at a businesses in the 1000 block of East Santa Clara Street, Dwyer said. No one was arrested for the vandalism, he said.

Donald Weaver watched Friday morning as workers fixed broken windows and boarded up the storefront of his tax service business this morning to prevent it from being vandalized again this weekend by rowdy Cinco de Mayo crowds.

His business, Weaver Tax Service, at1530 Alum Rock Ave., was one of many that were vandalized Thursday night and early Friday morning.

“They busted out all my front windows,” the 82-year-old Weaver said. “I wish it hadn’t happened, but they didn’t single me out, I’m sure of that. I think it was a convenient target. They were probably drunk.”

Weaver, who has run the business for more than 50 years, said several other stores nearby were damaged also, including Drako Boutique and El Gallo Junior Restaurant.

Glenda Stewart, an officer manager at the tax business, said she was shocked by the vandalism when she came to work Friday morning.

“I saw the windows were all boarded up,” Stewart said. “I drove up and parked on the street because there was too much glass everywhere.”

Seven people in all were arrested for various offenses during the celebrations.

Five people were arrested for misdemeanor offenses such as disturbing the peace, resisting arrest, possession of a switchblade, and having an outstanding warrant. Two were arrested for felony offenses, one for possession of narcotics for sale and the other for possession of an illegal weapon, he said.

Four of the people arrested were from San Jose, while the other three were from out of town, Dwyer said.

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  • Hapa_Man

    So, what else is new? Yawn….

  • rs


  • Donna Gasilan

    Of course this would happen bunch of low life punks

  • Yep

    Same riots that occur during St. Patrick’s Day and Columbus Day parades. Oh wait. Waving Mexican flags by vandalizing punks who have no interest in living in Mexico, while also having no interest in fellow U.S. citizens. Good times.

    • Lowlife

      Those names are probably Garcia, or Martinez

      • coach

        Sure are a lot of racists commenting!

    • jen

      coach- So you think Mexican is a race? What race exactly do you think they are? Is American a race? How about German? Or maybe you think that Hispanic is a race and the special gene they have is a spanish speaking gene, a gene caucasian, asian, and blacks don’t have. I don’t want to call you stupid, so I’ll just say you are uneducated when you call people racists.

      • denalus

        So why are the Mexican “take back California for Mexico” groups called “La Raza”? and raza in spanish means , what, o RACE

      • sj

        i think you attempted to sound intelligent but failed. i understand there is only one race and that is the human race, but the reality is… is that people feel more comfortable categorizing people by culture and/or skin color. therefore, people create races such as hispanic/latino, asian, african american, and caucasian to help differentiate people. hatred exists… and one form of it is racism.

    • tonyj

      Waving the Irish flag on St. Patrick’s Day dumb ass.

  • JMc

    so this happens on cinco de mayo, but not the 4th of july…what does this say about the low-life assailants???

    • tonyj

      Arsonist setting schools on fire is common on 4th of July or there abouts, but you don’t consider arsonist low-lifes?

  • David

    The National Holiday’s invented by the Beer Companies gone wrong. St. Patty’s Day and Cinco De Mayo. Funny but Mexico and Ireland don’t celebrate these days it’s a US thing.

    • Sundance

      Sorry David, but St patty’s day is celebrated in Ireland. It’s to celebrate the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland.

      • JoMama

        Sundance is correct, the Irish have been celebrating St. Patrick’s day for 400 years.

      • David

        I stand corrected. And I can live with it.

  • haha

    Wow i’m impressed how ignorant some of the people posting are. This happens in almost any type of celebration not just Cinco De Mayo. In any celebration you get crowds of drunk people it doesn’t matter what holiday it is. Celebration = Alcohol = Drunk People = Stupid Crimes. Be a little smarter before you post ad make yourself look ill-informed it’s common sense that crimes happen in any holiday with large amounts of crowds.

    • Yep

      Really? Stabbings, mobs attacking police officers, and broken windows happen at every celebration? Let us know when a St. Patrick’s Day or Columbus Day riot occurs? We’re the ignorant ones? Wake up. It’s reality.

    • Dork Dork

      Stupid! Every celebration? City should just ban the cinco de mayo celebration. Ppl like them don’t deserve to celebrate on the stree. Stay at home and celebrate your cinco de mayo at home with friends and family. Stay away from the street and away from public if the’yre being stupid and drunk. Celebrate safe and peacefully.

  • jon

    But the comments are completely 100% right, there are never any violent incidents during July 4th or St. Patrick Day, but May 5 ALWAYS ends like this in San Jose

    • Yep

      Yep, I always see mobs of Irishmen waving Ireland flags and stabbing people and breaking windows on St. Patricks Day. And on Columbus Day 300 Italians always riot and attack the police. (sarcasm). Keep making excuses for 3rd world behavior so just be prepared to live amongst violence at “every celebration”.

      • yepp

        well said!

  • Maxi M

    Why do they bother having a lame festival for a holiday that is not even about AMERICA!! These people just can’t have a celebration without violance.

  • Chelez

    Perhaps it’s a recreation as to what happend on the 5th of May in Mexico….?
    That had a purpose…or did it??!!

  • Brad

    LOL the typical let me waive my beloved Mexican flag because I am MEXICAN…but i dont want to live there. Loser of a ethnicity these flag waivers.

  • TiredOfThis

    Would someone please remove 5th of May as a holiday off the calender, i am tired of this mess every year that these low life people make of it.

  • Roy West

    Yes, the Irish do have celebrations that get out of hand however the car jacking is not their fortay

  • Roy West

    It is always sad to hear when one of the readers suggest that other people do it so it is ok if everyone else acts like animals. Basic Math: Two wrongs never make a right-moron.

  • Rose

    IT MAKES GOOD NEWS! What happens is this: The news hypes up the coverage of all events that are out there be it Fourth of July, St.Patrick’s Day ,Cinco de Mayo or a major disaster. I agree with the formula for trouble as described earlier. It seems the news people focus on people of color… if this had been an incident that involved a majorly caucasian dispute .. it would have been picked up delivered in a different light with the news focus on how well the incident was handled considering all the people who attended or how relatively small amount of people were arrested or injured. Instead news hypes the stereotypes and gives the public what they EXPECT to hear . The news strengthens the stereotypes and sends a message that Mexican Americans,Latinos,Chicanos get drunk ,fight and commit violent crimes .Mexicans should be feared in numbers because they Steal you blind and stab
    you… right. This is much better news than saying it was a quiet night with relatively few problems to celebrate a culture that is San Jose.

    • al

      I dont know. Its the same type of people and behavior that shows up to downtown SJ for Mardi Gras.

      • Gomez

        They should all just stay home, get sloppy drunk, & play with their guns! Darwinism.

      • sj

        @sam i think caucasian people are the craziest people in the world. mass murderers, racists… the only thing is that they are good at persuading people that what they do is for the good of mankind.

      • Sam Mallory

        “It seems the news people focus on people of color” or possibly it is mostly colored people causing the problems….you are aive and clearly blind because the video shows its hispanic punks 20-30 years old. Been going to

  • al

    SJ PD should barricade the streets that flow into downtown and turn away anyone trying to come in. Or arrest the trash that probably already have records. Cinco de Mayo is not a holiday celebrated in Mexico nor is it an American holiday.

    • willowglengal

      This did not occur in downtown San Jose, as anyone who knows the town would be aware from the address. It happened on the East Side in a relatively low income area that has a predominantly Mexican American population. You might even call it a barrio, but coming from you, Al, that would probably sound racist.

  • al

    the new name for it is Cinco de Trash

  • Yep

    What would happen in Mexico if mobs of Americans waved U.S. flags in the streets, vandalized businesses, stabbed people, and attacked the police. Would Mexico’s government and citizens just accept it?

    • Go figure...

      “…vandalized businesses, stabbed people, and attacked the police…” MS-13 and others already do that in Mexico and the majority already accept it or die.

  • DUTR

    Mexican or Messycan ?

  • Ruehls

    Well would anyone in the media do anything to clear up that Cinco de Mayo is nothing worthy of this wild celebration. Mexico won a battle agains the French but months later lost the war. IT IS NOT Mexican independence day! I believe its more of an american phenomenon since no such riots happen in any national holidays in Mexico. I guess the only upside to Cinco de Mayo in American is the beer specials.

  • Ken

    For those who were on the streets, vandalizing stores, etc… Cinco de Mayo is once -a-year opportunity to prove to the world how uncivilized they are.

  • Daniel Burns

    What is Cincio de mayo? It is a holiday for drinking only. There is no connection to that holiday and our country. Do you see folks getting out of hand at Octoberfest?

  • john smith

    When ain’t it violent with mexicans. You can get ran over for eating a sandwich.

  • kb

    That’s why I don’t go out on those kind of nights. Dudes fighting over a pool game, Chicks fighting over guys, stupid.

  • SAM


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