Shoe Camera Under Women’s Skirts Lands San Rafael Man In Jail

FAIRFAX (CBS/AP) — A Marin County man suspected of peeping under women’s skirts with a camera attached to his shoe had video of more than two dozen women, according to police.

Nicholas Charles Springer of San Rafael was arrested Wednesday night. Fairfax police said they found images of about 35 women at three locations in Fairfax on the camera.

Springer’s arrest at the Fairfax Farmers Market came after a witness there reported a man using a shoe camera to take lewd pictures of women.

Cpl. Rhonda Tuscher said that an officer who responded to the report saw Springer hold his foot underneath a woman’s skirt for a few seconds before walking away.

Springer was booked into county jail on suspicion of peeping with a concealed camera and violating probation. He was expected to make his first court appearance on Friday.

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  • Dennis Clay Jr

    People actually do that? I thought it was a desperation joke. geez

  • Original Gangster

    technology these days… back in my days we had a mirror attached to a bottom of a cane…

  • prudence

    don’t you just want to kick his arse?

  • tj

    Let’s see if I remember how we said it in 5th grade . . . Oh Yeah: “Hubba, hubba, ding ding, baby you’ve got everything.”

    Guy needs to redo 5th grade . . .

    • tj

      Make that kindergarten.

  • Tim

    Most likely he was going to sell it to an internet website.

  • doughnuts

    This story is no good without pictures! *J/K*

  • adam

    Show some pictures or it DIDNT happen!

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