OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Oakland police arrested a male with a loaded firearm Saturday afternoon after stopping a group of males smoking marijuana, police said.

Oakland police Officer Malcolm Miller and Officer Valle were patrolling the 2000 block of 38th Avenue around 5 p.m. and broke up a small group of males smoking marijuana in public. When the officers approached the group, one male walked away from the group and hid behind a car and reached toward his waistband, police said.

Officers managed to arrest the suspect and locate the loaded firearm without any incident, according to police.

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  1. Larache P says:

    1 firearm off the street saves lives

  2. Clark Kent says:

    How long does he stay him jail for unlawful possession of firearm? This troublemaker will be back on street soon with another gun. Send him to China labor camp to pay for some of US debt.

  3. Anonymous Legion says:

    There are a lot of them (with weapons unregistered and ready to use) out here. Kids are also in the streets (all around the lake merrit region probably right now, as I write this…harassing people and looking for “Ballers” as they tend to call them (A term used for a person with weapons) waiting to shoot and kill.

    As I write this now, there are police unit sirens being used out in the far distance, and I imagine around 80% of the individuals who roam streets of Oakland are carrying illegal and violent arsenals as well. 1 Firearm off the street saves lives indeed, but when there are around 10,000 known gang members in Oakland alone…One is not enough.
    P.S. Next time, please do us all a favor and block out the plates of units. And most importantly, thank you OPD for doing good work. <333

    1. CAgunlawsRAjoke says:

      The use of handguns as a scapegoat for violent crime continues. England forbids handgun ownership, yet violence still occurs. Individuals are often stabbed in pubs over trivial disagreements. As a former business owner in Oakland I was forbidden from carrying a handgun, despite the fact that I often worked late in questionable areas and often dealt with cash on my premises. A check of concealed to carry permit issues will show that only connected county officials are allowed the privilege to protect themselves with a handgun. We commoners are left to fend for ourselves, and I truely mean that. Despite being within 4 blocks of the OPD, when I needed police help the response time was over 20 minutes.
      So should I allow my personal freedoms to be violated or worse my life threatened, and wait for the police? I think not! I would rather ensure my own safety and rights by being able to carry a firearm.
      One must look for the actual facts, recent studies reveal that the unmitigated issuance of concealed to carry permits to non-felons actually results in an overall decrease in violent crime. A criminal is less likely to perpetrate a violent crime if it is more likely that victim is armed.
      So you applaud the removal of one handgun in the fight against crime.
      I say allow law abiding citizens the right to defend their persons, family and property through the ability to carry a firearm.

      1. PeepsRepublic says:

        Firearm use among criminals is on the rise in Great Britain. I might add, before moving to CA some years ago, I had a concealed carry permit in PA. I was a competitive shooter, well versed in firearm handling and also received training to qualify for the license. My regular job was in outside industrial sales into some of the worst places one can go in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. I carried very valuable samples and occasionally large sums of money. I applied for the permit after a very close call after a trade show in Philly. In the years after I obtained the permit, I stopped three attempts to rob me and Jack my car, and to incidents where local gang members intended to beat me because I was on their turf. I never fired the gun as just the display of it stopped the criminals.

        Upon moving to CA, I went to the sheriff in Santa Clara to apply for the CCW permit. The deputy laughed in my face and said that the only way I’d get a permit is if I were a certified security guard OR had made a $10,000 contribution to the sheriff’s campaign re-election fund. I carried the unexpired PA permit and the certificate of firearms training. I was told that would make no difference. I saw little value in completing the form.

        I have since obtained a permit in another state by submitting to fingerprinting, a through background check and another firearms training course in proficiency and responsibility of concealed carry. That permit is not valid in CA but allows me to carry in 40 other states while I travel for business or pleasure.

        CA is never likely to change. High crime rates are used as a bludgeon to raise taxes. If CA adopted as “shall issue” attitude for law abiding citizens (some counties in CA have and their crime is low), crime rates would drop by half in five years.

    2. rsibley says:

      Not Sure what blocking the plates on an emergency vehicle will do. Any gun gone is a good thing.

    3. Big D says:

      umm buddy ballers is not a term for someone holding a gun.Not sure where you got that from but your way off.

  4. Kevin Price says:

    someone in oakland with a gun? that’s a first

  5. HooDatIS? says:

    bad boy bad boy what u gonna do
    when they come for u
    sounds like a pack of losers

  6. Whitie says:

    A black male with a gun in Oakland is like a mexican with a leaf-blower in my neighborhood of Moraga. I’ll take the mexican with a leaf-blower any day.

  7. Doug says:

    We should be able to carry loaded firearms like many other states. The Second Amendment is being violated in CA. The pot those guys were smoking should also be legal. People are so brainwashed by the government and the bought and paid for media. But the good little sheep applaud the encroaching police state.

  8. PeepsRepublik says:

    Does it do any good to point out that CA and Oakland have the most restrictive gun laws in the US? Has anyone noticed that the only people impacted by the gun laws are the law abiding citizen? Should I point out that crime rates across the US are MUCH lower in every, let me repeat EVERY state where LAW ABIDING citizens can carry concealed firearms? Law abiding citizens are easy prey for gun toting criminals.

    1. Joseph Lee says:

      I’m sorry but your verified facts contradict liberal dogma.

  9. hitman18 says:

    put in jail this punk losser

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