SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – John Madden weighed in on new findings that many helmets being worn in the National Football League aren’t doing a good job at protecting against concussions.

“Something like 45 percent of the players are wearing substandard helmets,” Madden said.

He said many players choose to keep a helmet because of past success, or the way it looks with their uniform.

“You can’t tell someone what to wear,” said Madden. “I think you can just put out what you want them to choose from…The ones that aren’t good, just don’t put them out there.”

The coach said there is a lot to the liability issue for NFL teams, but it’s important to evaluate the helmets and see which are doing the best job at protecting players.

Madden also said there are some reasons other than shoe deals that explain the variety of footwear players are sporting.

“They’ll wear some stupid shoes,” he said. “The stupid part of it is that there is no support, because they want them light.”

He said players risk injury by not putting safety at the top of their considerations when picking cleats.

“Turf toe was never as big of a thing as it is now,” said Madden, who thinks players are looking for ways to limit the weight they are carrying. “That’s good for ballet, but football is a contact sport.”

Also, Madden’s friend Tony LaRussa’s has come down with a case of shingles, which will keep him out of action as manager of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Madden said that LaRussa probably needs to step back from the game and take care of his health because stress won’t help him heal. That’s bad timing given his team’s upcoming series with the rival Cubs.

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