LOS ANGELES (CBS) – Lamar Advertising of Los Angeles is unveiling billboards all over Southern California in hopes of helping identify suspects responsible for the brutal beating of a Giants fan outside Dodgers Stadium on opening day.

The company, which is donating the space, planned to roll out 300 signs Thursday featuring police sketches of two suspects who beat Bryan Stow, a 42-year-old paramedic from Northern California ,on March 31.

The company issued a statement explaining why they wanted to help: “We, at Lamar Advertising of Los Angeles, are honored to assist the Stow family and the LAPD, as well as the Dodger and Giant organizations, in the capture and arrest of the suspects in the Attempted Murder of Brian Stow on Opening Day. It is our hope that our contribution will help put an end to this tragedy and start the healing process.”

Lamar’s vice president and general manager, Ray Baker, also vowed to donate a billboard to any city that can provide leads on the attackers.

Stow, a South Bay native and father of two, has been in a medically induced coma since the attack, and had fluid drained from his brain during multiple surgeries.

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Comments (8)
  1. Tami says:

    somebody has to know these two cowards and need to step up!

    1. Brandon says:

      Because it’s cowardice to not want to face a corrupt government, or attempt to murder someone? LOL

  2. cialis en ligne says:

    vous ne vous ГЄtes pas trompГ©s, exactement

  3. RealityCheck says:

    They’re already back in Mexico drinking cervezas.

    1. Roberta says:

      Unfortunately, I think you’re right.

  4. Hypocrisy says:

    After seeing the sketches and knowing they’re Dodgers fans. I hate to say this but if it was a white guy that did the beating this would be all over the news, ACLU would be going nuts, and people would say its a hate crime. But since they’re of latin decent they wont get involeved. Racism knows no color.

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