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San Francisco Muni Overtime Costs Soaring

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/AP) –San Francisco’s public transit agency is coming under fire for overtime costs.

The city’s Municipal Transportation Agency is on pace to break its overtime budget by $18 million this year, a 55 percent cost overrun.

Some city supervisors have said the agency’s overtime expenses are out of control. Board of Supervisors President David Chiu said he isn’t convinced Muni officials are taking the issue seriously enough.

Muni officials said they have no choice but to pay overtime given the number of operators the system is down on any given day. The only alternative would be to cut back service.

Although overtime spending is higher than expected, officials said it will not exceed the agency’s overall staffing budget for the year.

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  • Big G

    One of MUNI’s mgmt said overtime is not a 4 letter word here. Basically saying too bad taxpayers!!! I rarely if ever agree with David Chiu & his progressive ways, but for once he hit the nail on the head. MUNI Mgmt is a joke & maybe it’s time we start chopping off the top heads of MUNI! Privatize MUNI & you will see a difference in Mgmt & Employees alike. If it was private lots of unqualified people would be out of high paying jobs.

  • observesf

    Muni management and staff apparently live in their own separate universe and see no reason to take anything from “outsiders” seriously.

    Transit first!

  • Bonnie T

    So, what do you want? Cancelled service? I would say, managemenet culd be lessened, of course. It always can be, everwhere, no matter what the company.

    But, privitazing would just get as many unqualified workers – just at a lower rate of pay.

    Do you rely on transit to get places? If so, just remember, the operaters are doing everyone a favor by working when they don’t have to get people where they want to go, and giving up their free time..

    So, what do you want – service or no service when you need/wan t it?

    • miguel

      you are kidding right. I would take lower paid unqualified drivers over overpaid underqualified drivers anyday. Look at other transit systems and you will see that muni drivers are way overpaid.

  • zagwee

    lol, Its only money. no big deal lol.

  • miguel

    The attitude of some of these muni drivers, they seem to think that there skills are hard to come by. I know that passengers and other drivers on the road can push anyones buttons the wrong way, but that is what they are paid to deal with. Regional aircraft pilots make less than half and sometimes a third of what a muni driver can pull in, so ammend the city constitution and start laying down some serious punishment for the bad apples at muni.

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