SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) – San Francisco’s Public Defender has accused police of yet another case of misconduct, this time involving what Jeff Adachi calls “theft” by a group of officers.

The incident involved an arrest at the Julian Hotel in San Francisco’s Mission District on February 25, 2011.

KCBS’ Doug Sovern Reports:

Adachi played a video during a morning news conference Tuesday, showing what Adachi described as San Francisco Police officers leaving the apartment building with bags under their arms.

Adachi said one of those bags contained a laptop belonging to Jesus “Jessie” Reyes, a resident of the Julian Apartments on Julian Street.

The video shows the officers escorting Reyes from his apartment. It’s not clear whether the other bag belongs to Reyes, but Adachi said it may contain a camera belonging to Reyes.

Adachi said the police department did not return the confiscated items back to Reyes after Reyes was released from jail.

“I was intimidated…I got scared,” said Reyes, who claimed he never gave police consent to search his apartment.

Officers Ricardo Guerrero and Reynaldo Vargas were also involved in the case of another hotel incident which Adachi described last week as the illegal search of a room at the Jefferson hotel.

In a written statement, the San Francisco Police Department said the allegations will be investigated by the Internal Affairs Unit:

“All the officers in this case had been taken out of Plainclothes some have been reassigned to Administrative duties while the investigation is being conducted,” said Greg Suhr, according to the statement.

“If it is determined through the investigation that the officers acted inappropriately they will be discipline. This discipline will be swift and severe up to and including termination depending on the findings,” Suhr stated.

In March, Adachi released other videos that he said showed officer misconduct during drug busts at the Henry Hotel. Those claims are now being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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Comments (36)
  1. Clyde says:

    this is getting old Greg Suhr clean that department up now


  2. OneAdam12 says:

    Is the F.B.I. dragging their feet in the Henry Hotel misconduct case, or what? And yes, Chief Suhr, it’s time to get busy cleaning this up.

  3. Tours Martel says:

    What? Corruption in a Democrat-run city? Absolutely unthinkable, oh wait, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, Kansas City, New Orleans, etc, etc. Mr. President, you have a call from Tammany Hall on line five, and one from the SEIU on line six.

    1. Cal says:

      Corruption in Republican-run cities is so widespread there’s nobody honest to bring it to light. 🙂

      1. Swim says:

        Why take sides? The whole system is corrupt enough on every level and party. Instead of crying over what side is to blame, we need to get to cleaning house and toss the lot out onto the street.

    2. SF RESIDENT says:

      LOL and Republicans are SOOOOOOO Honest. Like ARNOLD and his love child. LOL

    3. Thomas says:

      Martel, why does this always have to boil down to Republican vs. Democrat? Grow up.

  4. Notfooled says:

    Adachi will lie and try to smear the police just to grab headlines! Another low class politician!!! I am not fooled, guess he really wants to be mayor!

    1. Lawandorder says:

      If was just a smear, SFPD IA and FBI wouldn’t bother investigating.

      Notfooled = fool.

      1. SF Resident says:

        He is not even running for Mayor! Must be a police office writing this comment about him.

    2. Stan says:

      Are you trying to say that this never happens because if so, it is you that looks like a fool. He is doing something that needs to be done nationwide but it appears that he’s the only one with enough balls for the job & if it grabs headlines then so be it. I say good job Buddy. The laws are for everyone, cops included

      1. stan says:

        I’m not saying that Adachi is the good guy here. What I am saying is that this happens every day somewhere in America & it is time that somebody brings attention to it. If he is one of the bad guys then you can bet that it will surface before this is over because the cops will be looking for anything to shut him down. The good cops won’t be bothered by what he’s doing but the bad cops had better worry

    3. myknufelteddy says:

      NOTFOOLED, you are the only one speaking the truth here. But, none of these cows want to hear it. They would rather listen to a corrupt carpetbagger like Adachi, than support the officers that protect and serve them. Hey COWS, remember that when you get robbed, beaten and assaulted…Call Adachi.

      1. Candice says:

        i have actually met Adachi personally and he is a great guy, very committed to San Francisco, its funny that he is taking up the stance that the DA needs to, I’m not surprised about the cops, most of them aren’t even from the bay area and don’t care at all about the people who live here. Notfooled, you must be a fool, only someone who has actual evidence in front of them and not see an obvious, ( i mean their is a videotape for goodness sake!) could say something so stupid and unsubstantiated, where is your proof to your allegations?

      2. George Grover says:

        I sure wouldn’t call on any person that is SOCIOPATHIC BY NATURE, meaning the POLICE. And anyone who doesn’t believe there are CRIMINAL ELEMENT infiltrated into all police departments, I have a BRIDGE and THE ON-RAMP to sell you.
        My question is? Why did WE THE PEOPLE stop calling them PEACE-OFFICERS and start calling them POLICE? Study your language. There is NEGATIVE CONUTATIONS with that word, POLICE. And open your eyes. WE THE PEOPLE LIVE IN A POLICE STATE. Also don’t you think the term LEMMINGS would be a better word for those that are led blind in the night, believing and doing whatever is told to them with no questioning of the messenger.
        WAKE UP AMERICA or we soon won’t have one.

      3. Lawandorder says:


        I’d rather have Adachi in the fox hole with me any day compared to these cops who only seem to burglarize the sad sacks who can’t defend themselves. Lol!

      4. Lawandorder says:


        Cows? You mean like folks to burglarize? No, I don’t feel protected by these cowardly cops who are more interested in stealing people’s property than “protecting and serving”. Lol! Sorry, buddy, nobody buys what you’re selling anymore. Your gravy train is over!

  5. raven says:

    somebody need to fire his ass this cheef is F88king stupid this been going on for 15years in SFPD by these corpt cop’s this nothing new this just a part of scams going on in SFPD dirty cop chief is just a corpt as his dirty cops mayor need to open his mouth start pink sliping these dirty cop’s

    they don’t paid vaction leave they need to be fired period

  6. EN says:

    how much more of this misconduct before you ( the public) accept the fact that many officers are abusing their authority

  7. MR says:

    “If it is determined through the investigation that the officers acted inappropriately they will be discipline”, …..Hmm, perhaps “disciplined”? Not that I’m perfect, but we have here a so-called professional writing the story? Really starting to think my Grandfather was right when he spoke about the younger generations. This is a prime example of mental laziness on many levels. Nobody caught this while proof reading it? Just a reflection of Americans on the “not caring” downward spiral. That or some guy with a thick accent hired to diversify the office setting for the purposes of “looking PC” , but at the expense of good story telling and correct spelling. But hey, that’s just the way it goes these day’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if soon there’s going to be a fee for quality when it comes to basic simplicity.

    1. POGI says:

      TO MR: “If it is determined through the investigation that the officers acted inappropriately they will be discipline”, …..Hmm, perhaps “disciplined”?

      GOOD CATCH!!!

  8. David Nguyen says:

    No wonder they(police) never pay for the coffe and donut

  9. Mark says:

    Adachi is grand standing. He’s written propositions in the name of Pension Reform and Health Care Reform, which failed. He’s going to put more pension reform and health care reform initiatives on this November’s ballot, which will all fail again! He’s accused the SFPD of wrong doing before, and nothing was found. Now he’s bad-mouthing the undercover cops and making unfounded statements about the City’s PD again. When will this guy go away?!?! I guess he’s trying to make a name for himself, but it’s getting old! GO AWAY ADACHI!!!

    1. SF Resident says:

      Mark – Please show us some proof of these so called unfounded allegations. Last I heard the FBI was investigating. Put your money where you mouth is! I know Adachi is at least doing that with video proof. We are just suppose to believe what YOU SAY with no proof!

      1. Joseph A. says:

        An FBI agent was just arrested in today’s news for lies in his official reports.

        LIES by the FBI. Yep.

  10. JokerVan says:

    This is just a drop in a bucket. The SFPD has a whole stolen property re-sale ring going on! ANd that’s just for straters.

  11. Michael Barrett says:

    Speaking of un-returned property. After the San Francisco Police Department returned whatever money was recovered after I was robbed, they gave it to the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office. And yep, believe it not, I could not get that money out of their hands. The DA’s office would make an interesting investigation as well.

  12. Lee A. says:

    Criminal behavior by police is a daily event now as seen in the news. And not just mere theft but felony crimes like rape and murder.

    In California, a veteran Los Angeles police woman was recently arrested for the murder of her female competitor in a love triangle.

    In Sacramento, a CHP officer was arrested just days ago for thousands of dollars of electronic theft from a Target Store. Another CHP officer was arrested recently in Sacramento for conspiracy to commit murder.

    In San Diego, a cop was just arrested for raping a female while on the job and in uniform.

    Its bad enough that the cops are now dirty but imagine being hauled into court and having those dirty cops lie about you. Imagine going to jail or prison based upon the lies of a dirty cop.

    Now, the US Supreme Court has ruled that police DON’T NEED A SEARCH WARRANT to enter your home if those police officers CLAIM that they heard noise inside the home which merely sounded like destruction of evidence. So, if you merely flush a toilet after urinating, the cops can now break into your home without a warrant and claim they “heard” you flushing drugs or whatever.

  13. J .Young says:

    The SFPD dept need clean this mess up asap. You are so distrusted…

  14. sam says:

    Just as every cop is a criminal and all the sinners are saints…..sympathy for the devil.
    There are bad apples in all law enforcement but that is a minority,the majority of the S.F.P.D. are good cops and decent people.Remember everyone hates the cops until they need them!
    I hope the I.A. unit and the FBI weed out the bad apples and the News covers the Good Cops from the SFPD that are heros and help the community!

    1. Lawandorder says:


      Exactly. It’s time for the good cops to stop having to hold the bag for the bad cops. Think how much better the good cops can do their jobs without being distracted by having to maintain the “blue wall of silence” to keep their jobs.

      With Adachi’s help, that may just be possible.

  15. dripable says:

    That was a really joy of a blog…

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