SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A man accused of killing a pedestrian in a hit-and-run accident in San Francisco’s North of Panhandle neighborhood earlier this month pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges in the case, a district attorney’s office spokesman said.

Jose Jimenez, 23, is accused of hitting James Hudson, 61, at the intersection of Masonic Avenue and Turk Boulevard in the early morning hours of May 6. Hudson died at the scene.

Jimenez, a San Francisco sheriff’s cadet who was off-duty at the time, fled the scene and struck at least four cars parked nearby before crashing into concrete planters in front of St. Mary’s Hospital, police said.

Responding officers found and arrested Jimenez, who has since been charged with vehicular manslaughter, hit-and-run, and driving under the influence.

Jimenez pleaded not guilty to the charges at his arraignment hearing in San Francisco Superior Court Wednesday morning, district attorney’s office spokesman Seth Steward said.

He is being held on $1 million bail and will return to court again on June 3 for a hearing on the bail amount, Steward said.

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Comments (5)
  1. Kodiax says:

    keep your tinfoil hat on tight jimmy.. the black suit paranoids are chasing you.

    1. Peacemaker Demo says:

      i hate cops and our government, but love my country. that being said, i really doubt they would go to that extent on a cadet. Kodiax is right about the hat by the way

  2. tfurey says:

    Not Guilty? Is he still in a blackout? or drunk>

  3. JaneQPublic says:

    A police cadet? Who didn’t even have the common decency to stop and render aid? Or call 911 for an ambulance?

    This guy is TOTALLY UNFIT to be a cop! I sincerely hope he has been permanently expelled from the Police Academy or any further training in public service.

    Of course he has pleaded “Not Guilty” – because that just makes all the bad acts go away, doesn’t it….Now close your eyes and chant “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…” maybe you’ll wake up in Kansas, or Never-neverland.

  4. JPQ says:

    that should have read SHERIFF’s Cadet and SHERIFF DEPARTMENT – instead of police. Anyway – he’s not fit to be a sheriff either.

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