Motorcyclist Killed In Solo San Francisco Crash

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A motorcyclist was killed early Sunday morning in a crash in San Francisco’s Sunset District, police said.

A man in his early 20s was riding a motorcycle east on Judah Street about 1:40 a.m., when he struck a center median at 39th Avenue and flipped over, San Francisco police spokesman Albie Esparza said.

The victim slid under a parked car and was pronounced dead by fire department paramedics who responded to the crash, Esparza said.

It has not been determined if drugs or alcohol were factors in the crash.

The incident remained under investigation.

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  • Donna McKibben

    Probably going too fast. All the motorcyclists do out here in the Sunset. They never get stopped by police, so it just continues. No one should be surprised that this happened. Only surprise is that it doesn’t happen more.

    • alex

      hey. have some respect for ryan sitkos life.

  • frank

    Someone lost their life and you have the audacity to post this? You don’t know what happened to this young man. You’re a judgemental, insensitive jerk.

    • Don

      It seems to me that you are the one who’s being judgemental Frank. You are calling someone you don’t even know a name just because you don’t like her comment. Ms McKibben is merely expressing her honest opinion, nothing judgemental about that at all.

      • alex

        hey honest opinion that would offend ryans family. regardless if my friend was going too fast or not he is still dead and his parents have to live with that.

  • Donish

    “ALL MOTORCYCLIST” get real. You’re both morons.

  • DONest

    I agree with Donish…Donna Don…the duel personality.

  • paul

    it happened right near my place; poor guy;
    drivers in the city should stop enjoying their iphones and new bmw’s and look more around, not only in mirorrs but around , turning their heads when they change lane or even go straight; they have to be aware and participating in road situation; many are still shaving, checking emails, adjusting ipod volumes, anything but concentrating on a road; it has to be stopped; driver found at fault in an accident with motorcyclist should be arrested and taken to jail if a rider is hurt.

    I had accident this sunday on market and the guy who hit me, did not even bother to carry insurance ( out of state car, no home, and so on , very familiar mess);

    i lucky be alive after 50 feet of rolling on asphalt, and looking to few month of recovery time now; and this guy probably drinking beer in another local bar right this second as I am typing it with one hand since the other is busted for few weeks…..

    no excuse for aggressive bikers, but car drivers should be twice as careful and stop using laptops and cells in cars…..

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