SAN QUENTIN (CBS SF) — Four inmates were hospitalized after a riot at San Quentin State Prison that involved nearly 200 prisoners, according to authorities.

Prison Lt. Samuel Robinson said that the four wounded inmates had stab or slash wounds after the melee broke out among 184 men of various ethnicities in the prison’s dining hall around 6:50 p.m on Sunday.

The four injured were taken to hospitals outside the prison. Three returned to San Quentin on Sunday night and the fourth was held overnight. A number of other
inmates suffered much less serious injuries, he said.

Dozens of correctional officers stopped the brawl using non-lethal bullets and pepper spray, and found at least 10 weapons made by inmates in the aftermath. No correctional officers were hurt.

The cause of the melee, which lasted a few minutes, was unknown, Robinson said.

“We don’t have a handle on it yet,” he said. “We have an idea who started the fight.”

San Quentin is the state’s oldest prison and houses nearly 5,000 men, including those on death row.

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Comments (13)
  1. Randy McClure says:

    And the supreme Court wants prison’s to let prisoners like these back on the streets?

    1. Penn says:

      This is the exact reason why the Court are going to release some of its prisoners. If we could get pass these stupid ass comments like those made here, and start to take a realistic look at this we might end up doing some good and saving not only our communities, but this us against them mentality. Its childish.

  2. Bloodhounds says:

    Too bad Charlie and Scott weren’t in the bunch! Charlie was probably chatting on his cell phone.

    1. Sadie says:

      Charles Manson is not housed in San Quentin instead at Corcoran State Prison CA

  3. Michael Johnson says:

    Get a clue it is life and death everyday on the inside of prison there are people inside that never did anything.Besides being lied about in our corrupt justice system.Only the truth

  4. WASP says:

    32,000 of these tatted-up cons are about to be unleashed upon you weakling urban liberals. I hope they really chew you up.

  5. Rick says:

    To the WASP, you best believe that if they are released they should not be there anyway. California is a prison empire that will not release people easily. Don Mega

  6. rich says:

    Not just so-called “weakling urban liberals,” but all of California may have to deal with the release of those people. However, after reading article state may still have some cushion room on release of inmates. For anyone who has studied sentencing laws, as well as the 8th Amendment, you all should have known this day was coming. So what is the big surprise?

  7. gina says:

    you people have no clue at least half of the prisoners in are systen are drug offenders petty bs crimes ,, california takes a person and sends them to prison for petty bs but you can molest and rape and get less time even kill and you get less time then if you stoles a car 3 stikes were suppose to be for violent criminals will there are plenty of guys getting strikes for non violent but because are system lets the DA,s use it inapproiately we have guys getting strike for nothing violent , and as for this riot you have no clue what happens its your in it or not killed or be killed…. nobody can just walk away in prison….

  8. Kenneth Lau says:

    People don’t realize the harsh reality of prison life and the way the system of housing inmates and making money instead of rehabilitation. Remember if we corner a dog it’s going to bite, so why can’t we find alternatives instead of incarceration which tax payers are paying heavy for and in the long run there will be fewer people going to jail if the people get the real help they need and deserve as human beings. I been to San Quentin and i can tell you all that it is not a place for any human being should be in. Just have more time to think about hate and prison politics. People inside prison need more constructive things to do as well as on the outside to make this world a better place.

  9. Sandy Sullivan says:

    Im a strong believer in questioning authority. Spend some money iinvestigating judges, DAs and attorneys who operate as if they are above the laws common folks are to follow. Tax payers fund corruption and crimes committed by these crimminals.

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