SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) —  America’s Cup is sailing towards San Francisco Bay in a hurry. Although it’s two years away, that’s not a lot of time when it comes to urban planning, and San Francisco transportation officials are wondering how they can accommodate all those people coming to the city.

One idea being floated seems to be stuck treading water.

KCBS’ Mike Sugerman Reports from his travels About the Bay:

Upwards of half a million people are predicted to be out on the San Francisco waterfront in a couple of years to watch the yacht races in America’s Cup.

To move all those people, the National Park Service is hoping to expand the historic F line trolleys in San Francisco. There is an old railway tunnel under Fort Mason and the trains could possibly go all the way to the Great Meadow.

The F is a favorite line for tourists with about 40,000 people a day riding the trolleys.

Paul Rose, a spokesman for the Municipal Railway (Muni), said he would love to see the tracks extended, but there are two things that would need to happen.

“We have to identify funding and we have to make sure the environmental process goes through,” Rose said.

With a $29 million price tag, some sort of private partnership would have to be struck, but no one has come forward yet, and getting an Environmental Impact Report in time for the trains to run in two years could be tricky.

Backers are still pushing the idea.

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Comments (5)
  1. Reality says:

    The Bay Area’s public transportation system is JOKE. Go to Europe and you can get almost anywhere in major cities WAY faster with well thought out transportation that is ON TIME.

    The mere fact that BART closes down at 12:30am when the bars close at 2am illustrates how absolutely moronic these planners are. Yeah, put these drunks behind the wheel instead of on BART. Brilliant!

    The America’s Cup is awesome and will be great for SF… but our public transportation will still be a laughing stock regardless.

  2. jgirl says:

    The amounts of people flooding the waterfront will be a nightmare for local commuters and just us plain neighborhood dwellers trying to park and go about our everyday living. All so that Larry dude can show off his toys. Blech.

  3. Bob says:

    The attendance projections – a gazillion people showing up to watch the employees of billionaires drive boats around in circles – are phony, just part of the campaign to get the city to give valuable real estate to those same billionaires.

    Once people figure out how colossally boring it is to watch other people sail a boat, they’ll move onto other things, and there won’t be any transportation problems.

    1. Audrey says:

      Bob, you are a tool. The last boat to win cost $400M and was a marvel of technology. The America’s Cup will be racing in high tech catamarans and because of the unique landscape of the Bay Area, there will be a ton of spectators.

      Just because a dolt like you can’t appreciate all that is involved with winning besides money (strategy, crew, skipper, tactician, engineers, data analysis, etc, etc, etc) doesn’t mean others can’t. Formula One racing is a rich sport filled with billionaires as is the NFL… yet amazingly people watch those.

      Maybe instead of knocking something, you should try and understand it first… but I know that is a lot to ask from you.

    2. Brad Sperry says:

      Finally someone has the balls to speak like they should – good job Bob!

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