Family Of Beaten SF Giants Fan Sues LA Dodgers

LOS ANGELES (CBS 5) — The family of beaten San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Tuesday in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming inadequate security was partially to blame for the attack.

>> Download A Copy Of The Stow Lawsuit (.pdf)

Stow, 42, a paramedic from Santa Cruz, was brutally beaten in a parking lot of Dodger Stadium on March 31. He was flown to San Francisco General Hospital last week for additional trauma care after more than a month of treatment at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center for brain damage.

The suit filed on behalf of Stow contends the Dodgers were negligent by not providing more security and not having adequate lighting in the parking lot where the attack occurred on Opening Day.

The suit also claims the stadium has more crime than any other Major League Baseball venue and that the Dodgers organization knew the area was unsafe and a haven for known gang members to “meet, plan and carry out criminal activity.”

Stow remain listed in critical condition Tuesday. His sister said Monday that he had stopped having seizures but had not regained consciousness, even though he was no longer in a coma.

Attorney Thomas V. Girardi, who is representing the Stow family in the suit, stated that it took 15 minutes for stadium personnel to respond when they were notified of the beating.

KCBS’ Chris Filippi Reports:

He said the Dodgers “knew that the decrease in security forces at Dodger Stadium, coupled with the decrease of uniformed officers patrolling the stadium, would lead to increased attacks and criminal activity on their property.”

The attorney said several other measures also could have been taken to prevent the attack, including ejection of disorderly fans, refusal to have known criminals or gang members attend games and the promotion of responsible consumption of alcohol.

Stow, who wore Giants gear to the game, was taunted repeatedly and some Dodgers fans threw peanuts, hot dogs and wrappers at him and his friends, according to the lawsuit. It also points out that a half-off beer promotion was scrapped at Dodger games after the Stow beating.

The Stow family was not suing the Dodgers for a specified amount of money, however, the suit stated that it would take $45 to $50 million in medical benefits to give Stow a good quality of life.

The Los Angeles Police Department, which arrested a man Sunday for the attack on Stow, was not named in the lawsuit.

The LAPD has called Giovanni Ramirez, 31, the main aggressor in Stow’s attack. They are still seeking a second attacker and a woman suspected of driving the pair from the crime scene.

>> Suspect Arrested In Beating Of Giants Fan

>> Family Of Beaten Giants Fan Expresses Gratitude For Arrest

A spokesman for troubled Dodgers owner Frank McCourt did not immediately respond to requests seeking comment about the suit.

The lawsuit is the latest problem for McCourt, who in recent weeks has seen MLB appoint a monitor to oversee the Dodgers and his ex-wife ask a judge presiding over their divorce trial to order the sale of the team.

Baseball officials also have said they don’t believe McCourt has enough money to make payroll at the end of this month.

The attorney for the Stow family claims McCourt has mismanaged one of baseball’s most storied franchises by spending lavishly since buying the team in 2004 and reducing security during games — even though Dodger stadium has been plagued by violence in the past.

A Giants fan was shot and killed in the parking lot in September 2003. Pete Marron was sentenced to 50 years to life in prison for the first-degree murder of Marc Antenorcruz, 25.

In April 2009, a man stabbed his friend in the stadium parking lot after the home opener. Arthur Alvarez was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Alvarez, who contended that he was knocked to the ground and acted in self-defense, was later acquitted by a jury.

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  • Tonya Davis

    I think the family is going a bit overboard with the suing of the Dodgers it is not their fault that Mr. Stow was beat up they need to sue the guy that the police has in custody right now..


      Two words: NATURAL SELECTION

      I lost a ton of respect for the Stow family over this latest move to sue (I am a Giants fan and hate LA). Up until this point, I thought the Stow family had handled themselves with class. The Dodgers went out of their way to host a fundraiser, etc that they didn’t need to do.

      Now let’s have a little reality check here:

      1) It is commonly known that LA has gang violence.

      2) It is commonly known that blue is a typical gang color and the Dodger blue is used by some gangs.

      3) It is commonly known that the Dodger/Giant series has a long, long, long history of ruckus between fans both here in the Bay Area and in Los Angeles.

      4) It is commonly known that fans at baseball games get drunk and belligerent.

      Thus, this is what Bryan decided to do: He’s going to wear his Giants jersey knowing all of this and risk his own safety in the process. Well, not to sound crude, but I wonder if that risk/reward was worth it.

      My girlfriend is a huge Patriots fan. She got Raiders tickets in the BlackHole for the game several years ago. She wanted to wear her Patriot gear there, but I reasoned with her and told her that the risk wasn’t worth the reward. Was acting like a 10 year old and wearing her team colors worth getting injured over? The answer is CLEARLY no. By wearing the jersey, all she was doing was taunting drunk Raider fans to do something stupid.

      Should she have been able to wear her Patriot gear there? Absolutely yes. Should Bryan have been able to safely wear his Giants gear in Chavez Ravine? Absolutely yes. However, we don’t live in a utopian society and practical sense needs to come into play.

      So in this dichotomy, my girlfriend diffused a potentially harmful and dangerous situation before it took place while Bryan chose to play Russian Roulette. So in the end, it comes down to natural selection.

      Bryan could have called security and asked them to escort him to the car before leaving the safety of the physical stadium. Bryan could have been legally carrying pepper spray knowing that he was going to a game that involved some risk and the spray could have fended off the attackers. Bryan could have walked out with a large group of other people for safety reasons and stayed within the pack. Bryan could have checked his hubris aside and screamed out for help after confronting the thugs instead of deciding simply to walk away and not seek further help. Bryan could have been carrying a whistle to draw attention to himself once he felt threatened. Etc, etc, etc.

      While I don’t envy Bryan’s current state of affairs, I never would have placed myself in that precarious situation to begin with. Especially not over a childish thing like wearing “your” team’s jersey. That’s the difference.

      So to his family: Stop your greed and don’t blame another franchise for Bryan’s incompetence and poor decision making.

    • eddie

      probably would be cheaper if Mr. stow is dead..
      sorry but true

    • Lil confused in Northern Cali

      I’m sorry you feel that way but i’m sure that you might have a different opinion if it was someone close to you.Not the Dogers fault? Failing to provide adequate lighting and security for all those in attendance is lacking resonsibility. As an FYI gang members in Southern Cali do not like people from Northern Cali in “their territory” those that beat up Bryan did it because he was wearing a jersey that represented a team from Northern Ca and they probably did it to make some Stupid A** name for themself… I really feel bad for the Stow family, My prayers go out to you and the children.

    • Daniel Burns

      He was beaten on dodgers stadium property and they have insurance. The guy who beat him probably is a felon with no income.
      There should have been security around to watch the lots.
      This guy is most likely going to die for what? A friggen baseball game. It is a sick world.

    • jeff

      what is the point of sueing that guy? do you really think that he has ANY money to pay for anything related to the medical costs for Stow?!?!? seriously….

    • Amy

      The guy is the perpetrator but the crime happened on Dodgers property and with inadequate security because the Dodgers were trying to cut spending. This created the dangerous situation and the slow response to first reports of the incident. The Dodgers franchise is certainly partly at fault and should contribute to Stow’s needs for the rest of his handicapped life.

      • sonny

        Amy is right! If the Dodgers are hosting a game in their stadium they must provide proper security for the fans that go there. If the Dodgers worry bout their money and provide security in which it took them 15mins. to respond to a fight, then what’s then obviously there weren’t enough security. Imagine if it had happen to you or your loved ones being beaten and not get help until 15mins. later…would you sue the Dodgers for not providing the right amount of security?

      • Lee

        Dodgers are at fault also, and if it is true that security had been cut to save a “dime”, then even more so the Dodgers are responsible. At Giant games, there are police everywhere, not cheap hired security, SFPD on patrol!

      • Don

        What a sue-happy country. This is what is wrong with America. Everyone wants to cash in on a tragedy. The only people who are responsible are the thugs themselves.

      • jeff

        Thank you Amy!!! Well said…

      • yobama

        Amy, you are wrong

  • Bodine

    Umm, that thug doesn’t have any money. The family needs $$$ to keep Bryan healthy and – hopefully – happy, and as this attack took place on Dodgers’ property, they Dodgers are certainly partially liable.

  • Dennis

    People need to realize it is the lawyers that look for and find reason’s to file a lawsuit. That is their job. That is how they earn their living. The family only has to agree that the lawsuit be filed under their name.

    • jeff

      If your son was beaten into a coma, and it costs $100k to keep him alive and pay for his rehab, wouldn’t you sue? or would you let him die because you were financially unable to pay his medical bills?? YOU need to realize that sometimes, there are legitimate reasons to file a lawsuit..

      • Bill

        that is why we have obamacare to cover these things. Why not sue the city of Los Angeles. they probably actually own the property and why not the police for taking so long to respond. While you are at it, sue MLB for allowing the Dodgers to exist to begin with

  • cindy

    I agree tha the family should sue the dogers, after all we should be able to go
    to a game and not have to worry for our safety. My kids go to games and i would be very upset if somthing like this happened to them,

  • Julia

    Another despicable ambulane chasing lawyer to prey upon those in misery, and talk them into something which is really unethical. The Dodgers, or their owners, had nothing to do with this random act by low life gang types!

    • Carl

      Margie said:


      I suggest you watch your big mouth ma’am. Just because someone disagrees with you you don’t have to tell them to shut up. In fact, why don’t you follow your own advice and shut it.

      The fact is the Dodgers gave $100,000 leading to the arrest of this guy and he got arrest. And you know the reward played a role. Dare I say the family is ‘sue happy’ or Margie might tell me to shut up.

    • Lil' Confused in Northern Cali

      @ Julia… What the hell are you failing to understand?

    • jeff

      LET ME REPEAT THIS.. If your son was beaten into a coma, and it costs $100k to keep him alive and pay for his rehab, wouldn’t you sue? or would you let him die because you were financially unable to pay his medical bills?? YOU need to realize that sometimes, there are legitimate reasons to file a lawsuit..

      • MARGIE

        I agree with Jeff. How many out there who have kids think they should not sue?
        If your child (no matter the age) was in the same situation as Brian Stowe, you would sue. You would have to sue. Otherwise, he would die because you would not be able to afford the health insurance. What is really sad is this is a man who had a job trying to take care of others.

      • Don

        The reason that you gave isn’t necessarily grounds for a lawsuit. The family not having money to care for the patient isn’t relevant. What is relevant is safety. You should have gone with that argument.

      • jeff

        and is it really “unethical” to say that the Dodger’s stadium SHOULD have the proper security measures to prevent this kind of situation from happening?? Maybe when you are faced with a similar situation where you, a friend, or a family member is getting assaulted somewhere (let’s say a sporting event) by some drunk, irrational, overly-excited sports fan and no security has come to your/their aide, then MAYBE you’ll understand why there is a need to bring this option in..

  • bob

    I would love to hears the whole story. We only have one side of it and have already crucified the accused.

  • Jenn

    Ummm…isn’t it the City of Los Angeles’ fault that there was not enough security at the game? Typically, the teams rent the stadiums, they do not own them. Usually the CIty of the stadium does the hiring, not the team. However, get the money where you can get it so you can give Bryan the best treatment. I wish them well.

  • Angela

    The Stow family say that they’re only concerned with the recovery of Bryan Stow but it only looks like they are just being greedy for money. This family has not only received support from people all over the world, but has been given money for donations from those that have a heart and soul and may not have that much money to give in the first place. I am a Giants fan, yes, but that does not mean that I beleive that the Dodgers are responsible for what has happened to Bryan Stow and if the Stow family could look pass the dollar signs for a moment then maybe the family could see the truth for what it is.

    • Candi

      Yes, people have come to their aid. But people forget and move on to the next story. The Stowe family will never get to move on, they will have to live with this and the medical costs the rest of Brian’s life. The costs are staggering, more than the average person could ever pay for. Trust me, The Dodgers have liability insurance, just as I do with homeowners insurance. If someone gets hurt on my property, I can be held responsible.

    • Cindy Garcia

      very true.

    • jeff

      Have you EVER had to pay for medical costs for someone who’s been in a coma for over a month?!?!?! Do you THINK it is free to keep someone in a hospital for that long?!?! Do you REALLY think that once he wakes up, that he’s going back to work the next day?!?! How the hell is he supposed to maintain his wife, kids, and his own life while he’s comatose?!?! Do you REALLY think that they are just being greedy now?!?! Think about it!!!!

      • Wanky

        Jeff, you seem to be a retar%$. Please get back on your meds and get back to the looney bin

    • Tyron Biggins

      Well said Angela

  • Keith

    they have to. the loser that beat him up probably has no money. The dodgers who have millions and insurance should have had better security in their parking lot. that’s the way it works. I would do the same thing. He life is worth a having some quality healthcare since he no longer can share his life with his family.

    • Tony Ciccolella

      The dodgers can’t even make payroll so how do they “have millions?” Sure, they’re insurance would cover it but they are flat broke, that’s the reason MLB is taking over all the operations of the organization.

  • Tam

    the Dodgers have known about security issues in their parking lots and did little to nothing to ensure all of their patrons more safety at their games. bryan and his family deserves the peace of mind that money will bring to their financial burdens as it relates to his health care.

  • anji

    I completely agree with everything Angela says!

  • D

    45-50 million is a bit excessive. Keep in mind the average person with a college degree makes $2~4 million in their lifetime. Makes me question the family’s true intentions.

  • Robert

    I can’t believe that after all the Dodgers have done to help the family that they are now going to sue the Dodgers! I’m afraid that this will hurt the support everyone has given Brian at this difficult time. No wonder the family wasn’t available for comment today. His Mom sure has been sucking up the limelight till today. You can’t protect everyone from random acts of violence by some stupid gang-banger. If California had a more reasonable right to carry law there would be a lot less of these things happening. They would never know who was carrying and going to stop them.

  • Laurel

    Hear the other side BOB? There are already eyewitnesses..
    God so typical of a gangsters mother to say, “He was a good boy.”

  • Laurel

    I’ve know people with brain damage..Not only will he be lucky to come back from this but he will NEVER be the same..Anybody have a clue as to the cost of 24 hour care? His insurance won’t last forever. Other venues provide security and someone needs to be held up..Just saying folks..If it were my child there would be hell to pay..

    • Wanky

      What is your point? Sure someone for millions? You have no clue

  • oaktown

    I feel that the city, dodgers are at fault what do it cost for them to have sercurity in the parking lot i know some ballparks have that all the time the oakland A’s do all the time during and after the game heck put MLB in there to they’re one big family this should have never happen good luck to his family and my prayers are with you all…

  • Evi

    I felt sorry for the family. But not anymore. They do not love their son, they just using him to make money. After all the Dodgers did for Bryan. the family must be ashamed.

    • sonny

      wow evi…i hope you or someone you love and care for get beaten somewhere in public and go into a coma. seriously, i wanna see how you’re gonna live a normal life with brain damage. hopefully, your family can come up with the money to keep you alive and after you recover partially. there’s no way to completely recover with brain damage cause you’ll probably be paralyze for the rest of your life. i wanna see how you’ll cry out for help while laying in that hospital bed. HEARTLESS….use your brain while it still partially functioning. Dodgers are responsible to hire the right amount of security to keep their patrons safe and if not…it shouldn’t take more than 15mins. for security to come to someone’s aid.

    • Moosehead Dave LooseMoose

      are you fricking serious?? You are a pathetic moron. I hope you never have to deal what the Stow family is dealing with. How can people sit behind a keyboard and type such things?? Oh yea, simplky because they are sitting behind a keyboard. The internet toughies are out in force.

      Evi, Please pray that nothing like this happens to anyone you know.

      • Lisa

        wow – some of you are heartless…

        Ok, put yourself in that bed with brain damage. Imagine how his life will be? He is going to need constant attention… many doctor appts, nurses, a facility perhaps and who is going to pay for that? I understand he collected donations but not nearly enough to cover all expenses… No amt of money will be enough. The price of good health is priceless.

  • Thomas R

    The Dodger organization is absolutely liable for not having survalence video there is only one way in and out of Chavez canyon they should have been able to stop them from leaving and made an arrest immediately don’t feel safe going there wearing my teams colors. The dodgers should have also done the right thing and stepped up to take care of the Stow family now they will be forced to they failed to have a head of security too keep the fans safe.

    • Peace

      Let me ask you this Thomas…Do you own a home? If so, do you have security camera’s all around? If someone to get beat up on your property then they should sue you for millions, right? Think Moro*& before you type comments like this.

      • Sariah Richardson-Jaljaa


  • David

    I guess they’ll have to sue Budweiser too.

  • Big Mac

    You know, I felt sorry for his family but now I a disgusted by them. If you want to sue someone, sue those punks that did this to Stow. The LA Dodgers are NOT responsible.

    • Moosehead Dave LooseMoose

      Big Mac, please tell me how much combined that the 3 losers who did this have?? They probably could not afford 7 big macs between them.
      Come on folks, pull your head out before you type!!

      Sorry folks, but the helLA Dogturds are responsible for any actions that take place either in the parking lot or in the stadium.


      • Sariah Richardson-Jaljaa

        Just because the guys who attacked him don’t have money doesn’t mean someone else should be held responsible for it. I think it reads somewhere on all event tickets the words “At your own risk”.

  • Omara

    This is a BOGUS lawsuit and I bet some lawyer wispered in this selfish families ear that he can get them big money. I believe this family is now using Stow for their own greed to make money off of this tradegy.

    • Moosehead Dave LooseMoose



      • Jake Mcjug

        Moosehead Dave LooseMoose, Step away from the keyboard and get back to your Mommy. I think she is calling you for dinner.

  • Ice Skater

    NO, THE LA DODGERS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE!! THis family shouid be ashamed of themselves

  • The lawyers win

    The lawyers will get most of the money and the Dodgers will settle out of court because it will be less expensive for them.

  • It is called MORALS

    I am truly shocked right now. The LA Dodgers organization did a lot for Stow and funded the on going search for these thugs. How could his family turn around and now sue them? I have no more empathy for this family. My prayers are with the Mr. Stow but the rest of his leaching family can go to He%&!! This family on now clearly using Mr. Stow for their own personal gain.

  • Moosehead Dave LooseMoose

    Jake, that is not my mommy calling for dinner. That is your mother, and I dont think she is calling me for dinner. Man, that woman simply cannot get enough.
    I will have her home just in time to give you a bath ok!!

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