Vallejo Man Suspected Of Abusing Infant Arrested In Minnesota

VALLEJO (CBS SF) — A Vallejo man suspected of physically abusing a 1-month-old boy has been arrested in Minnesota, Vallejo police Detective Cpl. John Garcia said.

The baby suffered brain trauma and bleeding and broken ribs and, as of Wednesday, was in critical condition at Children’s Hospital and Research Center in Oakland, Garcia said.

The unresponsive infant was brought to Kaiser Permanente Vallejo Medical Center on May 20, Garcia said. Police determined the baby’s mother’s boyfriend, 21-year-old Joseph Allen Wilson, caused trauma to the baby, Garcia said.

Police obtained a $1.5 million warrant for felony child abuse causing great bodily injury and tracked Wilson to Shakopee, Minn., Garcia said.

Shakopee police arrested Wilson on May 25, and he will be extradited to Solano County in the upcoming days, Garcia said.

Vallejo and Shakopee police, Children’s Hospital and Research Center, the Solano County District Attorney’s Office, and Solano County Children Protective Services investigated the incident, Garcia said.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the Vallejo Police Department tip line at (800) 488-9383.

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  • johnny bird

    this guy deserves to rot in jail that is so messed up i cant even think of wat i would do if that was my kid and someone did that to him ill will pray for the baby boy and hope he pulls threw

    • Chelsea Dennis

      thank youu johnny (:

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    […] Vallejo Man Suspected Of Abusing Infant Arrested In Minnesota A Vallejo man suspected of physically abusing a 1-month-old boy has been arrested in Minnesota, Vallejo police Detective Cpl. John Garcia said. Read more on CBS San Francisco […]

  • Grumpy old lady

    Thank goodness he has been caught. Put him in prison and let the other convicts know what he did. Problem solved. They don’t particularly like those who, in any way, harm or abuse children. I pray that this baby suffers no permanent brain damage. Poor little guy. .

    • Chelsea Dennis

      My nephew is doing better now . he’s breathing on his own and he has had a few surgeries and now in good condition .
      im so glad my little nephew is going to be okay.

      • hates drama

        You lie chelsea- he has not had a single surgery stop getting attention off of negative media.

  • adam

    Fresh meat in Jail!

  • Chelsea Dennis

    he deserves alot of time for putting my nephew in the hospital . he really hurt the family doing this . im glad they caught him . now all we gotta do is pray for my baby nephew , hoping he will get through all his hard times in the hospital.
    he put my sister , the mother of the baby in sooo much pain , he put me in tears when he told me he did what he did . im just glad he caught !!

    • hates drama

      Then why does your sister still want him in his her life?

      • chelsea dennis

        You dnt know my sister ? Do you ? Who the hell are you to tell me what my nephew is going through ? Keep your stupid ass comments to yourself .

  • Concerned in Solano County

    The mother of this infant deserves to be in jail, her 3 year old daughter is mute and has siesures and nobody knows why. Now she waits 10 days to take a baby to the hospital after you her someone shake your baby. Her story is unbelievable and if it is true she is still guilty of child neglect at the very least. She is a mentally unstable individual and is just as much responsible for this babies injuries as this guy is. Ironically cps is allowing her to see her kids and the VPD and the District attorney office decided not to is not pressing charge on her at this time but they will if I have anything to say about this.

  • Kevin Rizzi

    I am this guy’s brother in law, who is divorcing Joseph’s step sister. They all had a pretty rough childhood, really sad. Joseph’s sister, my soon to be ex wife, also attempted to quiet a one year old once, with in humane tactics: this one year old that I speak of is our son, who was given a Heroin pill by my soon to be ex wife, in attempt to get him to stop crying. Insane. She was living in a sober living home at the time. My son almost died, and lay in near coma for 2 days. I hope this family can heal it’s wounds and find peace through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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