Antioch Drowning Victim Insisted God Was Across Reservoir

ANTIOCH (CBS/AP) – Investigators have said a Florida man who drowned in a Antioch reservoir insisted that God was on the other side and tried twice to get across even though he could not swim.

The body of 25-year-old Victor Frasno was pulled from the 80-acre reservoir in Contra Loma Regional Park on Friday night.

According to park police, Frasno jumped in the water twice after returning to the park with his brother and sister-in-law.

He apparently insisted that he and his brother were chosen to speak to God and pulled his brother into the water the second time.

Detective Holly Sontag said Frasno was last seen quoting the Bible and flailing in the water.

She said his behavior may be connected to a California preacher’s prediction that the world would end on Saturday.

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  • Gary Steele

    Another great effect of religion!

    • Stupid is, as stupid does.

      Another great effect of stupidity!

    • The Cold Hard Truth

      And he was right. He didn’t make it across and got to meet God.

  • athenia

    apparently Camping has claimed another victum! Hearing voices is also a sign of mental illness! Whats wrong with his familly?use common sense people!

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    […] biggest thing I do not see is repentance toward the dead man’s family, the attempted murders/suicide victims or the thousands of scared people who bought this […]

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