SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Is the sales tax headed higher in San Francisco? Perhaps. Mayor Ed Lee has begun considering a local sales tax measure for the November ballot.

The tax, however, would only be collected if the state sales tax is rolled back on July 1. In other words, the revenue would be used to ‘backfill” state funding cuts.

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports:

The way things stand now, a 1% state sales tax surcharge enacted in 2009 is in fact set to expire this summer. Californians would enjoy a tax break but cities – like San Francisco – would lose revenue.

The local sales tax Lee is contemplating would replace that lost funding.

“So what the mayor is doing here in San Francisco is taking preventative measures, providing the city a safety valve,” explained the mayor’s press secretary, Christine Falvey. “Two-thirds of the voters would have to agree and if the state does extend the sales tax, this measure would be pulled back and that would be written into the ballot language if this goes forward.”

It was unclear how much a proposed local sales tax increase would be, though it was considered highly likely that it would correlate to the amount San Francisco stood to lose in state funding.

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Comments (2)
  1. EnoughIsEnough says:

    This is ABSOLUTELY absurd !!! I hope everyone vote AGAINST this. They are bleeding US dry just cause they can’t run a city, county (or country) right. I did the calculations, and if I was to just get 3-5% sales tax, with all the other taxes and tolls in this city I could EASILY have everything done right, everyone and everything paid, easy.. BUT that would be if I didn’t take any money off the top for myself and other stupid things…

    So that lets you KNOW what they have been doing with our tax dollars all this time for DECADES !!!! STOP THIS NOW !!! Vote again any higher taxes. Usually if someone can’t do the job right they get FIRED right ? You don’t give them more money ? No ! Thats stupid. FIRE all the governments and lets get this done right and honestly…

    The moment they all (government top officials and politicians) are living in a homes equivalent to mine and driving cars equivalent to mine and have a annual income equivalent to mine, THEN oddly enough, I bet there would be no more deficit ! Go figure.

    Politics should be about running the place RIGHT, not getting paid more than anyone else. Period — NO MORE TAXES !!! NO MORE GOVERNMENTS !!!


  2. genomega1 says:

    Just what the people need, another regressive tax.

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