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About The Bay: Decade-Long War Of Words Over Military In Sebastopol

SEBASTOPOL (KCBS) – The typically quiet Sonoma County town of Sebastopol has been heating up once a week, with a long-running standoff between two sides who don’t see eye to eye on America’s military affairs.

KCBS’ Mike Sugerman Reports About the Bay:

Incredibly, for nearly ten years, a Vietnam vet – who identified himself only as John – has been making a weekly trek to the intersection of Highways 116 and 12, where he waves an American flag at high noon. He encourages passing drivers to honk if they support the troops.

“Thank you, thank you!” he enthuses in response to the blaring beeps of car horns.

“It’s my way of, you know, just saying thank you to them and also letting them know how much the troops appreciate their support, too,” he reasoned.

“I love him,” responded Edith Briggs, 86, who makes a point of standing across the street from John – waving peace signs. “I admire and love him. But I think he’s misguided.”

She is a part of a small contingency that turns out to counter John’s demonstration – she identifies herself with the International Women in Black organization.

“Our message is we abhor violence in any form, the death penalty, violence against women,” she explained.

John and Edith have been showing up – and facing off – since soon after the September 11 terror attacks.

Eventually, a third contingency joined the fray – Nan Waters, who waves an American flag and a peace sign. She said she was previously with Women in Black but has since branched out on her own.

If there’s one thing they all agree on, it’s that they support the men and women who serve – it’s the actual issue of going to war that they are battling over.

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  • Anna

    It’s spelled “Sebastopol,” not “Sebastapol.” :)

  • mechanic

    Sebastofools are always way out there in their wacked-out interpretation of reality!
    Mostly adle-brained potheads with no jobs and no sense. How’s that for opinionated? Sad, but true.

  • flashman

    For these groups who “oppose violence against women” consider this: in the last days of WW2 the great Democratic president (Harry Truman) held back the evil, vile, mean US generals (particularly Patton) from taking Berlin. This was left, out of political correctness and other considerations, to those beacons of world peace, the Russians.

    In the aftermath, in Berlin, over 2 million women were raped or murdered by the Mongols (oh, I mean the kind hearted, freedom fighting, communist – power to the people – Russians). True.

    There are bullys in the world, madmen, and they don’t respond to talk. They only respond to force. Those who oppose the US military, cry about the poor babies being “tortured” at Gitmo, and otherwise denigrate the US military are either uninformed, enemies, or weaklings (weaklings, who would let a wild, rabid, dog run loose, harming children, because it’s not right to kill dogs).

    So to you who “abhor violence”, what happens when the monsters (like Hitler, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot, et al.) are let loose and start to kill, what would you have us do? Lie down and die? Let our innocent children die?

    By your actions and inactions you would be complicit in their deaths.

    Remember the 2 million women in Berlin, in the fall of 1945. Raped, murdered, destroyed. You would allow this to happen?

  • Speedy

    You forgot to mention the “Greatest” of all madmen….Custer….and his bunch. The only good that became of him was he was well dressed when he bit the dust …..He wore an “Arrow” shirt.

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