OAKLAND (KCBS) – Two dozen awards were handed out in Oakland on Tuesday to members of the police department, who were recognized for their excellent service.

The first four officers received medals of merit for responding last August when Fremont police officer Todd Young was shot in the line of duty.

“In this particular case, I felt that they did some of the most courageous and heroic things an officer can do because we really didn’t know where the suspect was at the time,” said Oakland Deputy Police Chief Howard Jordan. “They realized that the officer needed help and they provided immediate first aid and a rapid response to get him out of the area.”

KCBS’ Anna Duckworth Reports:

Jordan credits the officers for saving Young’s life by putting him in the back of a patrol car and administering first aid on the way to the hospital.

Also honored was an officer who spent eight months undercover in a Norteño gang and civilian Jenny Miller, who has volunteered her time everyday for the past 12 years, bringing fresh flowers and maintaining the memorial wall in the police headquarters lobby for fallen officers.

“I’m so attached to them and I’ve been around them for so long,” Miller said. “It’s not just Oakland. All of the officers, wherever they are, I’m always respectful of them. My parents taught me that.”

The award ceremony is held every year at City Hall.

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  1. Dennis Nichols says:

    Yeah right…you can call them a hero when they respond to Joe Citizen getting shot and then taking them in the back of a patrol car while administering first aid…the only reason they did that is because it was another cop. NOT IMPRESSED

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