UKIAH (CBS/AP) – A 15-year-old is in custody in Mendocino County after allegedly urging his pit bull to attack an animal control officer.

Sheriff’s officials said the teen is being held in juvenile hall on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon after Monday’s incident outside a Ukiah home.

Authorities said the animal control officer went to the residence Monday morning after receiving a report of a dog attacking a cat. They said the teen responsible for the dog refused to cooperate and went inside the home, ignoring the officer’s requests to come out.

Officials said the teen then released the dog and ordered him to “get” the officer, who ran away and was not injured.

The dog was taken to the county animal shelter.

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  1. sr says:

    people like this are the reason why pit bulls have a bad rap. this kid (and others like him) should never be allowed to own any animals. training any animal to fight or attack is so wrong and i feel bad for any animal who has to live in a situation like that.

  2. sss says:

    Idiot writer trying to give pits a Bad rap again. I see nowhere where there was proof of an actual attack

  3. lw says:

    And the parents are????? Obviously not busy being responsible parents and raising a responsible upcoming member of the community!

  4. lethal says:


  5. lyz says:

    If it was a lab or any other breed would it have made the news?

  6. k says:

    What’s up with the big pit bull attack grqphic? The officer avoided attack no one was hurt. The media has it in for pit bulls.

  7. Sigmund says:

    That ‘family’ should not get this dog back. They are OBVIOUSLY not responsible enough to raise a kid properly, nor a dog. There should be a picture of the IDIOT teenager, NOT a dog in the headline, the teenager is the problem, not the dog.

  8. Anthony says:

    It happened in BFE Ukiah… Parents were probably smoking meth

  9. Shan says:

    I own a Pit Bull and she was viciously attacked by a Black lab on Saturday. The owner was not charged or held responsible for her vet bills ( hundreds of dollars worth) my pit never tried to fight back, thankfully there were a dozen witnesses that saw the entire thing. BUT im sure if my dog attacked things would be diffrent, id be charged my dog put down and held responsible for the bills.

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