SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Perplexed Muni riders on a train with a sick passenger Thursday found themselves on a fast, non-stop ride beneath the streets of San Francisco.

The operator of an outbound K-T train was ordered to empty out at Montgomery Station so the 2-car train could be taken, without stopping, to West Portal Station for a good cleaning after one of the passengers became ill.

“For whatever reason, the operator did not off load the passengers,” said Muni spokesman Paul Rose.

KCBS’ Holly Quan Reports:

The train barreled through the tunnel at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour, the doors not opening until Van Ness Station when central control finally noticed there were still commuters on board.

The riders inside wondered if there had been some kind of mechanical problem as their inadvertent express train shuttled through Powell Street and Civic Center stations. Aside from some inconvenience, nobody was hurt by the unusual ride that started at 8:09 a.m.

Rose said the operator was being questioned about why passengers were not instructed to get off the train.

Earlier this year, Muni found itself fighting off scandal after passengers videotaped a couple of incidents where trains sped along with the doors open.

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Comments (12)
  1. Dawg says:

    Another inept Muni driver.

  2. guest says:

    What is the deal with MUNI?? I hope transit systems in other major cities aren’t as inept as San Francisco’s!

  3. Randy Fleming says:

    This system is nepotistic and inbred in it’s hiring practices ; obviously!. The ‘only’ qualification is that you be preferably African/American and not a convicted felon. That’s it!

    1. greg says:

      k, MUNI sucks but no need to be racist.

    2. Hardy says:

      “African/American” = African or American. Why are they calling you racist again?

  4. Betsey Low says:

    Because your driver was none too bright!!!! Classic!

  5. G says:


  6. Ryan says:

    “Speeds of up to 35 mph” isn’t exactly barreling through the tunnel. Although flying past a couple stations without stopping can be frightening if you don’t know what’s going on.

  7. Christian says:

    What the hell is going on with Muni and also some weird passengers that are crazy?

  8. Primetime Editorials says:

    drugs drugs drugs drugs
    i dont ride trains i walk or jog to where i need to go

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