SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – A reservoir basin was reopened in San Francisco’s Portola neighborhood Thursday, after being emptied for two years while it was seismically upgraded.

The University Mound Reservoir North Basin, which supplies about 25 percent of the city’s tap water, is the site of the last major seismic upgrade of the local San Francisco water system, part of the $4.6 billion Hetch Hetchy system improvement program.

KCBS’ Anna Duckworth Reports:

The basin, located near the intersection of University and Bacon streets, will now be a reliable source of water for drinking and emergency firefighting after a major earthquake, according to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

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  1. Word has it that SFWater is planning to permanently close Bacon St btwn University and Bowdoin through the reservoir. Very little outreach seems to be happening, but there’s word of a meeting to discuss it at the Yellow House on the corner of Bacon and University on July 28 at 6pm.

    1. P. Connon says:

      SF Water claims they own Bacon St. and can do as they please.
      I say we have a prescriptive easement right to pass, as we have done so for the last 73 years!
      They say they will do outreach, and they only need to notify people within 100 feet of the reservoir, they say they will expand that to 300 feet, that’s still just a one block radius around reservoir.
      They say security issues; I say neighborhood security is at risk. Areas west of reservoir are served by Bay View Police and from the station a response would take 1/3 more time!
      They say the Bacon barricades are installed to move up and down, and they have yet to formalize a decision to leave them up or down?

      I say let them know we demand they stay down!

  2. Jossy Spiga says:

    Amen to that.
    As we in the neighborhood are aware, the University Mound Ladies Home is just across the street and in addition to all the houses; there is Louis Sutter Playground as well as McLaren Park.
    A major safety issue if they close Bacon Street between University and Bowdoin.
    Keep Bacon Street open.

  3. T. A. Montoya says:

    The neighbors of this reservoir project have endured construction noise, dust, spraying, heavy equipment, parking restrictions, the loss of trees & walkways. The closure of Bacon street served no real project purpose other than accommodating an “office” trailer. The street closure has resulted in human habitation vehicles, dumping & graffiti blights around the reservoir. It has divided this neighborhood. It limits our access to the city park. It restricts emergency access. The project expanded to include a new warehouse which now attracts criminal activity. There has been no impact study, public hearings, or notifications. This is clearly a land grab from the public. The closure of Bacon street does not serve the neighborhood or the public.
    T. A. Montoya, Portola Resident

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