PALO ALTO (CBS SF) — East Palo Alto police released sketches of the men suspected of killing a 3-month-old boy in a triple shooting early Sunday morning.

Two men wearing dark hooded sweatshirts fired multiple shots into the car of a Redwood City family leaving a baby shower in the 400 block of Wisteria Drive just before 1 a.m., Acting police Capt. Jeff Liu said. The parents, their 3-year-old child and 3-month-old son were in the car.

The 3-month-old suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the head. The mother and father, both 22 years old, suffered serious, but not life-threatening gunshot wounds, police said.

KCBS’ Chris Filippi Reports:

The family was taken to Stanford Hospital, where the infant was pronounced dead at about 2:15 a.m., Liu said.

Witnesses said they saw two men, who were specifically firing at the victims’ car, running away from the scene, he said.

The sketches were rendered after a police artist met with witnesses who described the suspects as Hispanic men in their early 20s between 5 feet 9 inches and 5 feet 10 inches tall, police said.

A $25,000 reward was issued for information that leads to the arrest of the suspects.

East Palo Alto has long suffered from a reputation as a violent community, though that appeared to have changed in recent years. Statistics suggested that shootings, murders, and crime in general, was decreasing – perhaps in part because of special enforcement operations made possible because of a recent partnership between the East Palo Alto police department and federal authorities.

The weekend violence that claimed the life of the infant, however, has put East Palo Alto back in the spotlight.

KCBS’ Bob Melrose Reports:

Neighbors were stunned by the news of the shooting, with one woman saying she was “mad about everything” that happened. Another resident in the area acknowledged that violence does still happen, though he was surprised by the extent and particularly tragic nature of this weekend’s incident.

Anyone with details about the triple shooting is asked to call or send a text message to East Palo Alto police at (650) 409-6792. Those who wish to remain anonymous can do so by calling that number. Tips can also be sent by email to

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Comments (41)
  1. anibethc says:

    I am extremely angry at that idiotic shooting which claimed one innocent life and almost claimed two. I really don’t understand what motivated that man to shoot and kill the baby, though I think it was greed and showing pure disrespect for other people. I want that killers caught and sentenced to death for this tragic killing. I want to offer my condolences to the parents for their tragic loss and hope that the killers will be captured and justice will be served.

  2. George Lopez says:

    A crime like this deserves quick justice, an eye for an eye!

  3. An eye 4 an eye says:

    Even in a 3rd world country, they have better society than this so-called Superpower America. This superpwer my ass is nothng than a killilng field. No one is scare of this stupid law.

    1. chilcoot says:

      way toooo true. welcome to the third world country of Mexifornia

  4. Alan says:

    Were the gunmen illegal aliens?

    1. Richard says:

      Ah yes Alan take a tragedy and reduce it your lowest common denominator

      1. Mike Ice says:

        They are low! That’s what makes them illegal. Alan’s just askin’. I guess we’ll find out if they are illegal non-Americans.

    2. "Duh Al! says:

      No, they are Leprechaun’s.

  5. Nonni says:

    Feel so sorry for the death of the baby, and the parents wounds, but, really, I would never have my infant child and 3 year old out til 1:00 a.m., and especially in East Palo Alto which is a bit notorious for random shootings, gangs, and crime. Not a very smart thing to do.

    1. bawa says:

      oh please! They were at a BABY shower. Probably a family get together. My family brings all their children often to family gatherings. If it gets late we put the little ones to sleep in a crib on in beds. They aren’t up with the adults. So give these poor people a break in this terrible tragedy and stop putting stupid blame on them for being out late. Plus it’s not like they were out playing on the front lawn or in the streets. They were getting in the car to go home to. Geesh.

      1. nonni says:

        You must have never lived in East Pally…wasnt a safe place to be night or day in the 1960’s…just sayin’……

      2. Captain Quirk says:

        I’m with bawa on this.

      3. Maria says:

        Im agreeing with Nonni, thiscould have been avoided. One, the area is not the best area to be at that time of night. Second, no party is that important that you have to be out all night with small children. Parents have to think of the childrens best intrests and not their own.Those parents now are going to live with regrets and a life time of “What If”.

    2. Diane Matcheck says:

      I have to agree, what kind of baby shower ends at 1am and why would anyone in their right mind drive anywhere in East Palo Alto at that time? Not blaming the parents–the crime is squarely the fault of the gunmen–but why put yourself and your family at risk like that?

      1. Choice says:

        I would like to add to that…… What were the young killers doing up at that hour?
        Their parents weren’t keeping an eye on them other wise they would have been at home asleep at that hour.

  6. Bill says:

    California has a serious gang problem and this kind of vermin is going to continue run the streets. California is not a safe place to live because they coddle the criminals.

  7. It figures says:

    “Two men wearing dark hooded sweatshirts fired multiple shots” I will not stereotype. But the odds that they weren’t priests in dark hoodies or good neighbors from “Welcome Wagon” is very slim, though.

  8. Paul Farley says:

    At a time like this my heart goes out to the parents and the baby. God be with all three and its time law abiding citizens help to protect themselves. This kind of violent action just can not be tolerated.

  9. T L says:

    I live in san francisco and to answer your dumb remark nonni. Times have change since the 60’s, and east palo alto is alot different now. But ignorant people like you wouldn’t know. You just go by what you hear and if you have nothing good to say keep your two cents to yourself. Im sure no one will miss it. My prayer and condolences to the family.

    1. Maria says:

      I must disagree with you TI, East Palo Alto is just as bad as Oakland, Richmond, and also San Francisco. The stories are just different. Everyday there are people dieing from violence..This story is more tragic because it involves an infant. Most people do not take small children out at that time of night. Parents do have some responceabites reguarding the safety of their children. One is, you dont take them out into high crime areas where there is high gang violence..

      1. JM says:

        RESPONCEABITES? REGUARDING? DIEING? hay Maria Que Punteria

  10. nonni says:

    Just to clear things up,I WORK in East Palo Alto, and my son lives there,so I DO KNOW what its like, better than most…when homes need extra security on windows and doors, there is a reason for that.

  11. nonni says:

    Now you are someone who KNOWS what I am saying…. it’s a S**T hole in EPA, crime ridden, and will continue to be that way…I don’t like driving there in broad daylight, LET ALONE 1:00 a.m. in the morn….

  12. Dan Wisholek says:

    Regardless of race, country of origin or any other factor or motivation, this is despicable. There is no justification, no reason to shoot an infant.

  13. taxpayer says:

    the worst is yet to come. when apprehended, they’ll get a free lawyer, free medical and dental and 3 meals a day w/room and board at taxpayer’s expense. You wouldn’t print what I think should be done to these two thugs. and i t wouldn’t cost us taxpayers a cent.

    1. tn says:

      and you forgot to include free cable.

  14. MAC says:


  15. SV says:

    how can u even say too many vatos and jigaboos, sound like a racist to me! a life was taken no matter where they are from or where it happened its wrong! and to sit there saying more will come like its a curse! shame on you and there is nothing wrong with multicultures there something wrong with you!

    1. mechanic says:

      I’m sorry about the racist-sounding remarks in a previous post. But I still think that area is a scary place to be; especially after dark.

  16. mechanic says:

    I’m sorry for the racist-sounding remarks I made in a previous point. Bbut I still think that EPA is a scary place to be; especially after dark.

    1. Resident says:

      We have many different cultures mixed in this city and yes it is scary at times.
      But it is only a few bad ones that make life miserable. Most are nice quiet people who live normal lives.
      Only a few are the trouble makers and some them are the ones who bring trouble with them from other cities.

  17. Ms.larsen says:

    For the record u guys is missing whats important, a baby was killed for no reason but we know God is the only one that take lives. Now the gun man deserve death penalty… But for u low lifed racist… It aint where u live its how u live. Im from east palo alto and yea its a dangerous place but its also a great place if u lived there. Now what place in the bay area not dangerous. Its people rapeing elders and husbands killing they familys cuz they cant support them in the areas u thnk is nice jus by how they look… Now if u read correctly the family was from redwood city and the gunman fired at jus that car not the house…. Duh its obvious that one of the parents was involved in sumthing to make them ppl come after them… So they brought they issues to east palo alto…for the record the world is crazy not jus epa..fear God not no one else becuz for the people that say they wudnt ride thru there. If its ur time to go God will touch u anywhere……God bless get ur mind right and focus on logics….

  18. Ms.larsen says:

    At the end of the day no one deserves to be killed. I cant imagin how the parents feel… May the Most High be with them…..but yea EPA is rough but i still ride at nite when i come down becuz after 25 years i moved, but i still visit and wen i lived there i didnt have no extra security on my windows and doors and for sumone to say that, that is funny cuz my house was never broken into….and the person had the nerves to say they work there and they son lives there… If u know EPA so much u wud know that everyone no everyone its so small out there and it dnt be no burglaries hahhaha funny…….but anywho God bless u all and take care… Focus on whats right not what dont matter …much love

    1. Nonni says:

      HELLO! There are numerous burglaries in EPA, OAKLAND, AND AFFLUENT PART OF PALO ALTO AS WELL! Its just not in lower income cities, but it is very much on the rise w/ unemployment….my aging Grandma was knocked down and robbed in EPA, hence I can speak out on how disgusting the thugs are who have moved there.And please when writing a comment, refrain from ghetto slang, and incorrect ‘spelling’..use Spell check if need be.

  19. Christian F Gutierrez says:

    That is just horrific of what happened. Heartless killers!

  20. BrainDeadLiberal says:

    excellent proof on how californias liberal gun control policies are working!! because all those guns are OFF the streets right?? and theres no more shootings!

    oh wait a minute…the bay area has an extremely high rate of gun violence…but..but…i thought gun control was supposed to work! when will the government save us!

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