Daily Madden: Does A Head Coach Need Coaching Experience?

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – The Golden State Warriors new head coach is Mark Jackson, a former player and TV analyst who has no coaching experience. John Madden told the KCBS morning crew he wishes the best for Jackson, but questioned whether experience as a player and TV analyst is enough.

“When I did television, I worked hard,” Madden said. “But I didn’t work 10 percent as hard as I did as a coach… It’s not close, and I don’t think there’s much carryover.”

Madden said coaching is more than knowing the game and working with players. “You have to have a program, you have to have a system, you have to present it, you have to teach it. And it’s totally, totally different than playing and doing television. I wish him well… but because you’ve done one doesn’t mean you can do the other, believe me… It’s a wide, wide, wide gap.”

Meanwhile, the NFL has reportedly drawn up an eight-game season as a contingency plan in the event the labor dispute with players isn’t over by August or September. “That probably had to be ‘okay, what’s our drop dead, drop dead, drop dead date,'” Madden said. “The bad news is it wouldn’t be much of a season. The good news is at least they’d have an agreement and then could hit the road running for the next year.” (7:50)

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  • Nightfaucon

    Heck, no, Jackson didn’t need experience to further justify this perpetual trainwreck of a NBA franchise, just like a certain Commander-in-Chief didn’t need any prior executive experience to run our country (into the ground, might I add).

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