SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – The iconic rainbow flag that flies over the Castro in San Francisco was the topic of Thursday’s Castro/Upper Market Community Benefit District meeting as the board decides whether to ask the Department of Public Works to convene a meeting on the flag.

Concern over who controls the flag came to a head in March when community members requested that the flag operators, the Merchants of Upper Market and Castro, lower the flag to mark the death of gay icon and actress Elizabeth Taylor, Castro Benefit District executive director Andrea Aiello said.

MUMC denied the request, the group’s president Steve Adams said. The group receives up to 10 requests each month to lower the flag for various reasons, and the board has to limit the number of lowerings.

“For us, the flag is a source of pride. People want it up as much as possible,” Adams said.

For the past 12 years, the Merchants of Upper Market and Castro have had control of the flag, located at the corner of Market and Castro streets, Adams said.

The flagpole is on city land, but the merchants’ association funds the insurance and upkeep of the rainbow flag in a “public-private partnership,” which Adams considers of benefit to the city’s Department of Public Works.

A DPW spokeswoman said the city maintains the area and landscaping around the flag, but has an agreement with MUMC that it is responsible for the flag and pole.

Adams said the city decided in the late 1990s to give control of the flag to the merchants’ association.

“The city didn’t want to deal with the liabilities of the flag,” he said.

According to Adams, MUMC spends $5,000 annually for insurance related to the flag, along with $4,000 per year to maintain the flag, which is replaced every three months.

“As simple it may seem to have a gigantic flag there, it’s not cheap,” Supervisor Scott Weiner said, whose district includes the Castro. “It requires effort. The city does not have resources to do this.”

Gay blogger and activist Michael Petrelis questions MUMC’s authority over the flag.

“There’s been no public discussion about how MUMC managed to get control of city property that is important to the gay community around the world,” Petrelis said.

He became concerned with the flag’s management earlier this year when MUMC denied requests to lower the flag when actress Taylor died.

“I don’t think it would be such a burden to have the flag lowered,” he said.

Petrelis said control of the flag goes beyond lowering the rainbow colors when a gay icon dies. He said the flag and space around it should be used creatively, such as hoisting an American flag next to the rainbow flag on Harvey Milk Day in May.

“Everyone is fine with the current setup,” Adams said, adding that Weiner knows about the agreement between MUMC and DPW and that there has been no controversy until earlier this year.

“When you have an organization like MUMC that has shown a willingness to pay for and manage the flag that’s a good thing,” Weiner said.

Aiello with the CBD says tonight’s 6 p.m. meeting would include discussion on establishing a protocol for community input on all things flag-related.

“We understand MUMC owns it, but we want to have more community input,” Aiello said.

The benefit district board is not proposing that the city or any other entity take over funding or maintenance of the flag, but is asking if the community wants more insight into MUMC’s decision-making processes for the flag, she said.

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  1. reggie says:

    to me the flag stands for a bunch of outsiders taking over a neighborhood in my hometown.

    1. Youdi oddo says:

      that town is lost forever. This country is in a death spiral. The libs are cancer. distroying this country with their multicultrial groups and marrxist agend. accepting everyone/ everything except a conservative thought

      1. Corey says:

        Oh yeah, the liberals and gays are destroying the world, lol. Thanks for the laugh. Conservatives and liberals are equally responsible for this mess we are in. Thank you for George W. That really helped, lol.

      2. beedogs says:

        yeah, because a group of people demanding equal rights is the thing that’s “distroying” America.

        You’re an imbecile.

      3. TS_Jones says:

        @beedogs, Uh, the OP was talking about Liberals in general, not just gays. And the comment was a digression, mostly complaining about how Liberals are many times blind to the realities of economics. You can be generous to everyone and pay for social justice….IF you have the money. The conservatives, for all their faults, are much better on JOBS and TAXES than Liberals. Liberals have too much tunnel vision on causes which are dear to them, and many times cannot make the hard choice of postponing change because of a lack of funds.

      4. Charles says:

        Yes George W was too Liberal for my taste too..

    2. Corey says:

      If you really don’t like gays, don’t live in San Francisco. HELLO! And Castro is almost entirely gay. Don’t go there if you don’t like it.

      1. TexasRick says:

        You’re absolutely right about George W. Corey. I hope we never go back to those horrible days of 5% unemployment.

      2. Voxhalyn Rakkasan says:

        Yeah, those dark days of 5% unemployment, REAL economic growth and wars actually authorized by Congress.

        Thank heavens we have a POTUS that doesn’t engage in illegal conflicts, and did away with all those evil Bush tools like The Patriot Act and Guantanamo..

      3. Thor says:

        Corey, keep your AIDS infested ass in SF and none of us NORMAL people will give a f_ck.

      4. Calyptratus says:

        Fine! Stop trying to change our marrige laws if you don’t like them

      5. beedogs says:

        Calyptratus: are you insane?

        “stop demanding the laws which discriminate against you be changed”?

        Seriously, that’s the best you can come up with?


    3. Bama Fan says:

      Did they lower it when the guy who invented preperation H died?

      1. Prep says:

        Best. Comment. Evar!

      2. JeddMcHead says:

        I believe his name was Ben Dover.

      3. BigBoa says:

        AH HAHAHAHAHA!!!

        Absolutely AWESOME!!!!

        Bama,,,,, the mighty Boa says….. YOU ROCK!

      4. bobo bob says:

        oh myyyyyyy

    4. markus says:

      We cant be in economic straits if people are spending this much to keep special interest flag up on its pole? Seems the people of Castro are all experienced enough to keep a pole up-there would seemingly be enough volunteers to do this. The money not spent could go to those in need.

    5. larry davis says:

      Remove the flag. We need to protect our children from the gay lifestyle.

    6. jColes says:

      …sounds like that ‘community’ is in a bit of a snit, eh?

    7. Kiall Hill says:

      Why not fly the nazi flag? or the commie flag? Its AMERICA not IMAGAY no i do not mean URUGUAY.

    8. Fight says:

      Then take it down.. if it was in my town it would be GONE by now. We are a nation of wimps. Stand up for what you believe in and do not let them take over your neighborhood. Enough already!

  2. johnny says:

    I doubt the good people of SFO would have the same level of passion over Old Glory. Why does the city even pay one cent to maintain the flag of a special interest group, anyway? Oh that’s right, it’s SFO. Why not replace it with a good ole American flag — remember E Pluribus Unum, anybody?

    1. beedogs says:

      Well, if you’d READ THE ARTICLE, rather than just jumping to the comment section to post your idiotic Drudge bigot-rant, maybe you’d know that the city doesn’t pay a cent to maintain the flag.

      But then you’d have to read long words, with more than two or three syllables! OH NO!

      1. johnny says:

        I did read the article and noted that the city spends money to maintain the area around the flag …

        here’s a quote from the article: “A DPW spokeswoman said the city maintains the area and landscaping around the flag, but has an agreement with MUMC that it is responsible for the flag and pole.”

        I doubt if the pole is magically suspended in mid-air, so I would suspect that the city maintained plot of land that supports it is crucial to the structural integrity of the flagpole. Also, the city at one time did maintain the flag and pole before turning it over to the MUMC — I note that they didn’t turn over control because it was a waste of tax dollars but because it was too controversial for them to handle

        And I don’t think the inclusive E Pluribus Unum is “bigot-rant”

      2. batman says:

        From what I read, the people that want the flag lowered don’t pay for it either… guess you skimmed over that part.

  3. majajh says:

    Why hasn’t San Francisco fallen into the ocean yet?

    1. beedogs says:

      maybe you’re not PRAYIN’ TO JAYZUS hard enough. just keep that aimless hate flowing, fools.

    2. Dave Turner says:

      It hasn’t because the environmental impact study on that happening isn’t back yet.

  4. NoMasGaygenda says:

    Just lower the flag…permanently.

  5. Charles Ross says:

    Can I put a cross there?

    I’m sure all of those tolerant, noble, all-inclusive members of the “alternative lifestyle” would understand, right? I mean they expect the same from us, while they try to mainstream their disgusting behavior by ramming it down our throats. right?

    1. Tired says:

      They would love to ram it down your throat…. Freaks

    2. beedogs says:

      what is it with conservatives getting things rammed down their throats? Insecure much?

      1. San Diego Steve says:

        No, not insecure at all. Just tired of gays and affiliated groups trying to force me to accept and approve of their “lifestyle.” I will not do so. My authority for this refusal is the Constitution of the United States. As a free American I will continue to think and believe as I choose, without dictation from a minority “thought police.” Fly your silly flag all you want, but do not try to restrict the freedom of people who refuse to salute it.

      2. not a friend says:

        @ steve You have it right. They demanded and got the right to place a gay flag but would deny others the right to place a cross. The right to disagree is just as improtant to the mainstream as it is to the fringe.

        Now if only they would abide by the standards of our nation and fly their “special” flag under the US National flag as it should be, they might deserve some small respect for at least behaving well.

        I don’t expect that of course why should gay rights be subject to any limitations at all right? I mean the gay soldiers who fought for this nation alongside the rest of the armed forces would never be expected to respect our national flag right? Oh they would? Imagine that!

  6. Ramon says:

    The least that MUMC could have done was to recognize Liz Taylor’s contribution to the fight against AIDS.

    1. Charles Ross says:

      Peter, I have a better idea. Let’s stop paying for it and let them @ss fvck and IV themselves into oblivion.

    2. Jim in Houston says:

      A better way would be not to bang someone in the butt.

      1. beedogs says:

        An EVEN BETTER way would be to not care what other people do with their bodies because it doesn’t MATTER.

        Useless bigot.

    3. I’m confused.
      Is the rainbow flag an AIDs icon or is now billing it as such the best approach to making it “acceptable”?

  7. JohnF says:

    What a bunch of whiney cry babies, Don’t like it, find some space and put up your own flag.

    1. Likell says:

      We don’t need the flag; our symbol is the pole.

  8. Jimmy says:

    Where is the ACLU on this? Why aren’t they defending heterosexual rights here and demanding the flag be flown on private propert instead of government property? Oh wait, it’s CA.

    1. John says:

      The ACLU needs to get A CLUe

  9. citizen says:

    I must have missed the memo. Since when did the gay pride flag become an official banner?

  10. Paul says:

    So, what if I wanted to fly a “Come and Take it” flag at the same location ? would various groups (such as the one flying this flag) object and say a “right wing” group cannot fly their flag on a “Public” flagpole ?

    1. The Truthteller says:

      This whole thing makes me think of that Cross in the Desert that these same lefties have screamed is unconstitutional, cut down, and litigated for removal, but somehow, this flag for a lifestyle of disease, pestilence and much higher rates of mental disorder is somehow a right.

      Liberalism is a Mental Disorder, an angry Mob of Illogic driven by Hate.

  11. johnny says:

    well, the Federal Government must think it’s an official banner, too, because the flag has been flying recently over a federal building in Richmond, VA … once again, whatever happened to E Pluribus Unum?

    1. citizen says:

      Well, this IS the Obama Administration. We’ve witnessed MANY examples of how the Obama folks play fast and loose with the law, decorum, and protocol.

  12. Christine says:

    They didn’t replace the gay flag with the American flag after 9/11 (as in the day of or the day after or ever). I was there. I was appalled. That would have been a stirring, tearful moment if the Castro would have hoisted a giant American flag on that flagpole during those dark days. But no. Gay first, country second (or nowhere).

  13. Hedley Lamar says:

    Sissy fight!

  14. pr says:

    Who owns the rainbow? Christians!

    Genesis 9:12-17

    12 And God said, “This is the sign of the covenant I am making between me and you and every living creature with you, a covenant for all generations to come: 13 I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. 14 Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, 15 I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life. 16 Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.”

    17 So God said to Noah, “This is the sign of the covenant I have established between me and all life on the earth.”

    1. beedogs says:

      PROTIP: The bible isn;’t a history book. Stop using it as one.

      1. RightisRight says:

        Actually, the Holy Bible IS a history book. Saying it’s not doesn’t change the facts.

    2. chobers says:

      You are quoting from Judaism, not Chrisitanity.

  15. klike says:

    Obviously these people do not have enough to do. Really? Whole meetings over whether or not to lower a flag?

    1. BigBoa says:

      What?? You expect them to WORK or something???

      AH HAHAHAHA!!!!

  16. willard phillips says:

    ‘Gay pride’ and Gay rights’; both lies. They have neither.

  17. johnny says:

    and to the nitwit in the article who suggests hoisting an American flag “next to” the rainbow flag on milk day …. get a clue, man, by federal code the American flag should never fly “next to” any flag — it should always be flown higher than any other flag it is flown with

    1. Jeri Tonti says:

      not in Texas…they fly the US flag and the Texas State flag side by side and at the same height

      1. johnny says:

        I’ll bet if you look closer you’ll see that the Texas flag is on a slightly shorter mast

  18. rab3 says:

    A story involving Gay’s and a pole. Who da thunk it.

    1. Charles Finley says:

      Now if Weiner would just move there and be their congressman. Then the headline could be “Weiner takes the pole for gay pride”

    2. beedogs says:

      wow. what are you, twelve years old?

      1. Binky says:

        Why, is that your target age group?

      2. beedogs says:

        nah, that just seems like the average Drudge reader’s intelligence level.

    3. BigBoa says:

      And the words raise and lower,,,,,,,

      AH HAHAHAHA!!!!

      How sick……….

  19. corsair214 says:

    The Federal Reserve (in Richmond Va. and everywhere else) is NOT part of the Federal Govt. They are a private bank.

    1. johnny says:

      According to the Board of Governors, the Federal Reserve is independent within government in that “its decisions do not have to be ratified by the President or anyone else in the executive or legislative branch of government.” However, its authority is derived from the U.S. Congress and is subject to congressional oversight. Additionally, the members of the Board of Governors, including its chairman and vice-chairman, are chosen by the President and confirmed by Congress. The government also exercises some control over the Federal Reserve by appointing and setting the salaries of the system’s highest-level employees. Thus the Federal Reserve has both private and public aspects.[12][13][14][15] The U.S. Government receives all of the system’s annual profits, after a statutory dividend of 6% on member banks’ capital investment is paid, and an account surplus is maintained. In 2010, the Federal Reserve made a profit of $82 billion and transferred $79 billion to the U.S. Treasury.[16]

      1. johnny says:

        by the way, that info is cut and pasted from Wikipedia … sorry the footnotes are left in

      2. BOB USMC says:

        Are you for real? Take your head out of your backside and think / research for yourself. Pathetic liberal sheep. I suppose you think the IRS is part of our government too. It is also a private corporation and fools like you will guarantee the USA will remain an insolvent one.

      3. John Norcross says:

        Sounds like General Motors and Chrysler. Are the government entities?

        Just asking

  20. sugar says:

    The queens are fighting again! Not a good sign!

  21. Taxpayer says:

    As a vegetarian and there are more of us than gays, I think we need to fly a vegetarian flag!

    Long live vegetarians.

    1. BOB USMC says:

      “They” like to be called VAgetarians.

  22. Corey says:

    Yeah, and there aren’t any people in Texas that are crazy. Do you REALLY want me to dig up some stories? These people arguing over the flag are ridiculous, but San Francisco is an amazing city. Texas on the other hand, meh.

    1. TexasRick says:

      Better not mess with Texas, Corey or we might just stop making payments to bail out California.

      1. beedogs says:

        Texas takes in more federal dollars than it pays out. So, in addition to being a bigot, you’re also WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Idiot.

      2. citizen says:

        @beedogs, dude, I’ve heard that liberal attack over and over. Liberals just switch up the target red state, but the attack remains the same.

      3. beedogs says:

        what “attack”? It’s a fact, you imbecile. Texas takes in more federal dollars than it contributes. How does it feel living in a welfare state?

      4. Mike says:

        I’m very interested in how you created that statistic. Texas in fact does not take more tax dollars than it contributes. Data from as far back as 1981 shows that they have never been a “welfare state”. I’ve actually checked several sites and they all come up with the same answer that you’re incorrect with your statement. A simple google search will prove that.

        I could care less about your political view, but I don’t like when people toss out statistics that are completely fabricated.

        As for the flag issue. If the city takes care of the land around the flagpole and the local organization is only responsible for the flagpole and associated flag, how do they spend almost $10,000 a year managing that? From the story, it’s a local business association. If hope they run their business better than they manage that flag.

      5. citizen says:

        @beedogs, don’t think too hard, you might hurt yourself. In fact, I’ve read other liberals on the Internet use that same attack on other red states. I’ve even seen a liberals get into an argument on TV by using that exact same attack, on yet ANOTHER red state!

        …and besides, you are posting that I live in Texas, a welfare state. I NEVER said I live in Texas. In fact, I don’t live in Texas….and NEVER had!

      6. Armed Texan says:

        The statistic you state is misleading. The fact is that MOST states are getting more back than they put in because of the enormous deficit spending being done by the Obama regime. The Fed just prints the difference. As a percentage of the deficit, Texas is getting les than most states.

      7. TexasRick says:

        Build a wall….yeah right. Since when would Ohbummer lift a finger to protect our borders. Why not save a step and just build a wall around CA since you guys appear to be the only people in the country who get it and the rest of us are just out of step. I guess CA DOES have it all……except money to govern itself. I’m already pi$$ed off enough about all the Californians moving to Texas (you know, the state with the jobs) in huge numbers, so don’t get me riled.

    2. gayequalsfreak says:

      we should give the whole shi**hole state back to Mexico and build a wall.

      1. citizen says:

        Not necessary. Californians are allowing Mexico to take it back, one illegal immigrant at a time.

        ¡Viva La Rasa!


  23. Blake S. Davis says:


    This is how Democrats act, as if they own the world and the world owes them a living. The flag is a symbol of one small group – shouldn’t other groups get to have their flag up there as well – the endless groups? Where is the Mexican flag, the Chinese flag, the African American flag etc, naturally, no American flag!

    That being said, people make a fundamental mistake about California – the way in which the Democrats have acted – – the Democrats want to make the economy as bad as possible, to subsidize the poor and government workers, to import voters by the millions from Mexico – all of this is done purposely, in an effort to drive business and Republicans out of the state. Democrats WANT a bad economy, with only a few rich and lots of poor – they WANT Republicans leaving, they believe, rightly, that the poorer conditions become the more powerful they become. This is the perfect Democrat state – and coincidentally a third world state as well.

    In short, Democrats are the party of misery, poverty, crime and everything bad about our country. And as long as they have a lock on the media, and control the agenda, they will never be called on it. Look how long they have been in control of the inner cities, and conditions just get worse. But, does the media ever take them to task for this? No – the media likes things bad as well, since that’s more news to write about.

    You show me a Democrat success story – there aren’t any. It’s all bad, broken families, violence, sordid living conditions, and on and on, perfect place for Democrats to thrive – like the vermin they are. The fact that nothing gets better doesn’t seem to matter since as a result of political correctness (a doctrine done to make sure the status quo doesn’t change) nothing gets reported.

    Democrats are truly miserable liars, arrogant, power hungry, cynical awful human beings. Those in power are lily white and mostly male but that never seems to be reported either.

    So you Democrats – either wake up to the fact that you have been systematically used, abused, manipulated and spat upon, or stay in misery for another 50 years.

  24. nvslurker says:

    These “girls” should go to an IHOP, with a video camera,dressed to the nines of course, and fight it out.
    Then post the video on youtube.

    1. beedogs says:

      mmm, more generic Drudge-bot bigotry. Keep ’em coming, fellas! All of you together in this little confined comment box space is kinda turning me on.

    2. BigBoa says:


      Mighty even sell on pay per view!!

  25. WilliamPenn says:

    In San Francisco, even thinking about the American flag is probably a felony.

  26. Tim Browne says:

    It’s encouraging to know that the only thing we have to concern ourselves about is some random flag in one neighborhood of San Francisco. AIDS is cured, our warriors (even the gay ones!!!!) are coming home from war, America is flush with work, poverty is cured, the schools are turning out motivated and enthusiastic kids who will pay for my retirement… all is good in the world.


    1. John Norcross says:

      Amen brother

  27. Smokey says:

    So some folks bluster about “community input”. But they never paid a dime toward maintenance or insurance. IMHO they should only have a say if they pony up half the cash that has been spent on the flag over the years, and commit to paying their share from now on.

    Otherwise, STFU, you have no skin in the game.

  28. Tkay says:

    Noooooo! No eat da poo poo!!!

  29. Hank Warren says:

    This is all about limiting Free Speech. After all, censorship is everywhere. The gov’t (and their big business cronies) censor free speech, shut down dissent and ban the book “America Deceived II”. Free speech for all.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

  30. alanwillingham says:

    If this is allowed to continue, the next thing that will happen will be someone flying the American flag or a flag with a cross or a Star of David on it… and then, there goes the neighborhood ; )

  31. Steven Maywood says:

    Is this a squabble over who will hold the pole…? Lol

  32. Skulduggery says:

    That flag needs to be taken down, monkey stomped, then burned. Then flush the ashes down the toilet.

    1. beedogs says:

      You seem like a real great person. What other groups of people do you randomly hate for no reason at all?

      1. I see your point bee. But when forced to chose between to groups of haters it might be advisable to be part of the bigger group of haters.

  33. John Norcross says:

    “The city didn’t want to deal with the liabilities of the flag,” he said.

    “According to Adams, MUMC spends $5,000 annually for insurance related to the flag, along with $4,000 per year to maintain the flag, which is replaced every three months.”

    1. What are the liabilities for flying a flag?
    2. Who is the grifter that is charging them $9000.00 a year to fly a flag?
    3. How do I get a chance to take that contract?

    This is the silliest controversy that I have ever hear.

    Wow, SF must be in pretty good shape if this is all they are worried about.

  34. Centcom says:

    Welcome to the Peoples Republic of San Francisco. What a bunch of girly perverts.

    1. beedogs says:

      Oh, hi, Drudge readers! (You can tell they’re from Drudge because they’re semi-literate and hate everyone who isn’t white, straight, and male.)

      1. Jim in Houston says:

        Care to compare degrees moron.

      2. beedogs says:

        The only college you ever went to was Burger King University, Jim.

      3. BigBoa says:

        The mighty Boa bets you’re not only beedogs,,,,, you HAVE to be QUEEN BEEdogs,,,,,,,,,,

        No doubt about it…… in the closet or out,,,,,, you are….

      4. John Norcross says:

        Where do you fall in those categories so that I can determine if I hate you, or not.

  35. HoseA says:

    if you lower it too much, you better watch yer cornhole.

  36. Tim Crowley says:

    We can sure tell this was linked from Druge – the right wing k000ks are oooozing with hate.

    1. Calyptratus says:

      Better than the misplaced fluids you are oozing with

      1. beedogs says:

        Wow, you seem a bit insecure, Caly.

  37. John Norcross says:

    It was later revealed that Tony the Tweet Wiener was behind, pardon the expression, the legislation to pay the national institute of health to study poo poo eating in African males between the age of 16 and 35.

    The study only cost $4,598,127.64 and concluded that it was gross.

  38. MitchS says:

    Burn it… problem solved.

  39. Fred Law says:

    Who cares? It doesn’t really matter anyway…the flag is meaningless. If you put a sailboat or a bird on it then it would be identical to the decorative flags sold at walmart. Fly it at full-mast, half-mast or just hang it from your porch for a little bit of color if you like. It really doesn’t matter…

  40. Steve says:

    That is actually the flag of the Incas. They had it first. It should be returned to them.

  41. dunnyveg says:

    I recall reading about mass insanity in a psychology course in college. At the time I didn’t take it seriously. I do now.

    I hope they pass a law forbidding these people from EVER moving to another part of our beautiful country. It should be harder for a Californian to go to another state than it is for them to visit North Korea, (which would probably be preferable to most of them anyway). Whatever mental disease these people suffer from might be contagious. California is no longer simply dysfunctional, it is pathetic.

  42. jon says:

    LOL says the guy in Texas

    1. BlackAdam says:

      Personally, Texas seems to be a better place to live than SF.

  43. Barney says:

    Why not ask respected members of congress such as Barney Franks and Anthony Weiner what to do?

    1. Machismo says:

      HA HA HA HA HA HA HA….Thats the kind of Leadership we can do without! Having leaders like them is just like flushing this country down the toilet!

  44. Larry says:

    What’s the shortest measurable amount of time? The time between the creation of a similar public / private partnership to display a Christian image and the lodging of a complaint on constitutional grounds by some of these same people.

  45. JeddMcHead says:

    What, you don’t see why they feel such PRIDE? I mean, c’mon, there’s SO much to proud of there.

  46. Mark says:

    Oh Drudge Report linked this article? That explains all the nasty comments from people who hate what America stands for.

    1. Tim says:

      You can’t be right. People who hate America don’t read Drudge.

      1. beedogs says:

        Yeah, they generally have to have one of their smarter friends read it to them.

    2. John Norcross says:

      Hummm?? My friend read me what you said. I think, being as I can’t read, that you are full of $hi+

  47. beedogs says:

    newsflash: “god” doesn’t exist. and neither does your intelligence.

  48. Tim says:

    Why do gays get a special flag. Why do they feel the need to be called out as something special? I find it offensive. If straight people had special flags that they flew, you’d never hear the end of it. Take down the divisive flag and assimilate.

    1. beedogs says:

      Let gay people marry, and maybe we’ll talk.

      Otherwise, stay out of the way, bigot.

      1. John Norcross says:

        Have you ever been married? Maybe these guys don’t want to be married.

  49. Machismo says:

    SO to be equal with others beliefs, are they also going to allow a swastika flag, a KKK flag?, The confederate flag? We need to be equal here. I would never advocate any of the above mentioned, but that is about promoting a lifestyle and beleif system. Like religion?

  50. Real men don’t get in a snit over lowering a flag for some actress. It’s time for you to grow up in many ways.

  51. na says:

    Gay and pride don’t belong in the same sentence no matter how much they say it and think it’s true.

    1. beedogs says:

      Neither do “Drudge Report reader” and “intelligent”.

  52. Tim says:

    I’m a loner. I want to fly a loner flag. Problem is, no one will know what it is, since us loners don’t talk much.

  53. Machismo says:

    Swastika flag, a KKK flag?, The confederate flag? the rainbow flag is just as offensive to me!

    1. beedogs says:

      Because you’re a hateful person.

  54. Woody says:

    Find the “gay gene: in the Genome and then run your flag up the pole. Until then it is deviant and abnormal biological behavior and they should be flying the Red, White, and Blue.

  55. Mallen says:

    “Equal rights” for being gay? Can my dog get equal rights too?

    Pedophile state.

  56. Frenchy says:

    @beedogs… flaming a path all the way to hell… go ahead and fly your flag, whether it be up or down or 6 inches up someone’s rear end, be so proud of taking it up the @$$. then, enjoy your all inclusive stay in hell, because that’s where you are headed, along with all of the other gays.

  57. bwhansen says:

    The flag is on PUBLIC property. Fine, but leave the crosses that are on PUBLIC property alone. You want equality? Granted. Equality means you are treated the same as everyone else. Leave the crosses up, and leave the flag up. Insist that the crosses be removed, and have your flag removed as well. What will it be?

  58. Curmudgeon10 says:

    There’s probably nothing better on a lazy hot afternoon than reading posts debating how or when a “gay flag” (did anyone ask the flag?) should be flown or not flown.

    The mind boggles at the energy and stomach acid being generated over a completely trivial issue.

  59. Keith says:

    QUOTE: “For us, the flag is a source of pride. People want it up as much as possible,” Adams said.

    These people should take as much pride int he AMERICAN flag as they do in the rainbow rag.

    After all, it’s the freedoms that they enjoy as Americans that allows them to engage in their ‘lifestyles’ with relative freedom from fear of prosecution or persecution.

    Can you socialist/communist/marxist systems that didn’t round up these people FIRST and mark them for extermination? Nope, neither can I.

    So get your frikken’ priorities AND loyalties in order.

  60. Daniel says:

    I’m inferring from the article that the one action that would make the most people happiest is to lower it every single day – satisfying all the requesters AND the people who wished they never had to see it at all.

  61. no1ownstherainbow says:

    And who determined that the Gay Agenda had the right to use “my” rainbow to represent them? The rainbow is owned by no one, it is God’s, it is Mother Nature’s, and should not be symbolic of anything other than what it is – a rainbow. Perhaps ALL organizations across the globe should adopt the rainbow as their “symbol” – and lets get the ball rolling on whether or not any one group can claim it as “theirs”. As far as I’m concerned, the Gay Agenda has destroyed the meaning of the world’s rainbow.

  62. Keith says:

    QUOTE: “For us, the flag is a source of pride. People want it up as much as possible,” Adams said.

    These people should take as much pride in the AMERICAN flag as they do in the rainbow rag.

    After all, it’s the freedoms that they enjoy as Americans that allows them to engage in their ‘lifestyles’ with relative freedom from fear of prosecution or persecution.

    Can you think of a SINGLE socialist/communist/marxist systems that didn’t round up these people FIRST and mark them for extermination? Nope, neither can I.

    So get your friggen’ priorities straight AND loyalties in order.

  63. Miguel says:

    If these anti-American San Francisco bums get what they want, the Moslem will kill them all.

  64. cdc says:

    marriage is ordained by god, gays are not. Therefore you cannot have gay marriage. The bible created the concept of marriage.

  65. Commentator says:

    This proves one and for all that gay people are really just like everyone else – they have power-hungry factions and act like a bunch of idiots over tiny disagreements.

  66. Corax says:

    Let me try to summarize the article:
    A private party has graciously volunteered to pay for a public service while asking nothing in return. That private party manages the resource for which it pays in the way it sees fit. That private party receives many requests regarding the resource which dramatically increase the administrative costs involved with the resource.

    In response to the generous gesture, citizens of San Francisco want to force the private entity to continue to pay for the resource while forcing that same private entity to dramatically increase administrative costs because that same public, who is still unwilling to use public funds for the resource, wants to tell the private party how it must manage the resource for which the private party pays.

    Yes. Clearly a liberal/progressive town.

  67. Kevin says:

    Funny Ihave you ever noticed that the “groups” that want control over the flag still want someone else to pay for it?
    I’m sure that if your group comes up with the money to maintain the flagpole and buy new fllags the merchants will gladly give up this headache.
    That’s what I thought

  68. Honey Badger says:

    Honey Badger don’t care nor gives a sh!t

  69. Open Poop Chute says:

    sounds liike a good old fashioned pole sitting is in order…if they can find a pole thick enough for these guys.

  70. ReallyConfused says:

    So the cross in the Desert which was a memorial to the veterns was taken down because of it being on public land and people did not like it, but this is ok to be on city property and everyone is ok with it?

    I find that shocking. I could care less what grown men or women do in their homes. None of my busines, however I am really upset that we can say this flag is ok on city land but the crossess for the veterns is stepping over the line.

    We really need our minds examined.

  71. Open Poop Chute says:

    what a kweer story.

  72. Open Poop Chute says:

    the city, state or taxpayers shouldn’t pay a dime for this. it should be privately funded.

  73. Jd Noland says:

    I guess it would be too much to have Three Crosses Erected along with a new Flag Pole Flying Old Glory 24/7!
    Crosses and Ten Commandant Tablets cannot be displayed!
    But the Blythe of a culture degrading the true Americanna can safely fly
    in a wasteland of filth!
    At least when the Flag and the Cross are burned they are on display!!!!

  74. Jd Noland says:

    And Atheist at death have a Revelation!!!

  75. peterj says:

    Nothing wrong with San Francisco that a rise in the Ocean level can’t cure. Soon I hope.

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