San Jose To Lay Off Officers As Murder Rate Climbs

SAN JOSE (KCBS) — A salary agreement was reached between the city of San Jose and its police officers for the next fiscal year.

San Jose’s city manager announced that the police officers’ union has agreed to a ten percent pay reduction during the next fiscal year, which will save an estimated 156 officer jobs. But despite these concessions, city officials say they need to cut another 122 officers.

KCBS’ Betsy Gebhart Reports:

As the council members talk about cutting officers, San Jose’s murder rate is climbing. It has reached 27 this year, already surpassing the number of murders in all of 2010, which was 20.

Given these numbers, Councilman Pete Constant proposed cutting libraries and arts programs to bring back 25 officer jobs.

The council members are trying to balance a budget that has a $150 million deficit.

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  • WASP


    There are far too many police. They cost taxpayers too much.
    And, they never prevent crime – they only show up after the fact.

    We need to cut police forces by half.

    • Vincent Chew

      Police do not prevent crime. They investigate and bring criminals to justice. If you want the police to prevent crime you higher more, and have a police officer on every block. You have them stop everyone they believe is up to no good. Something similar to a police state. Also, what cost more, taxpayers losing loveones, or paying a police officer?

  • Mike

    WASP, you’re a fool. Nothing more

    First off, San Jose has a population of near 1 million people, and has 1250 officers. The FBI states that there should be an officer / citizen ratio of 2.6 to 1000 … we’re at 1.3 to 1000. The most under staffed large city in the nation.

    With such an under staffing issues, it’s no wonder they can only show up to the crime scene after the fact. Preventing crime requires a larger department, and proactive units. … like VCET which was cut by the mayors office due to budget.

    Know the facts before you post. Either you are misinformed or you are truly ignorant.

    • Margaret

      Right on!!!!!!

  • don

    good .We need to cut police forces by half.wonder they can only show up to the crime scene after the fact.wooooooooooooow good job officers lol

  • bighouse

    Just hire some illegal immigrants for 10 bucks a hour to be the police.

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