BART Passenger Robbed, Shot Outside Hayward Station

HAYWARD (CBS SF) – A man was shot during a robbery while walking home from the South Hayward BART station late Tuesday night, police said.

The victim and his wife exited the BART station shortly after 11 p.m. and were walking westbound on Tennyson Road when two male suspects approached them.

One of the suspects had a gun and they demanded that the victims hand over their wallet and purse, police said.

Police said that the victims did not resist and gave the suspects their possessions.

The armed suspects fired several shots, hitting the man three times, before running away.

The victim was taken to a hospital and is expected to survive. The woman was not injured during the robbery, police said.

The suspects were described as being in their late teens or early 20s, between 5 feet 7 inches and 5 feet 9 inches tall. They were both wearing white t-shirts and dark pants. Both suspects’ faces were covered with a shirt or piece of cloth.

Earlier that evening, a pair of teen girls reported being confronted and robbed just a short distance away on Tennyson.

Anyone with information is urged to call police at (510) 293-7272 or (510) 293-7000.

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  • Citizen39

    Unarmed citizens make perfect victims.

    If criminals had to wonder about their victim possessing a CCW and carrying a legally owned firearm, they might think twice about their actions beforehand. We all know criminals don’t hesitate to carry illegally, why give them the advantage?


    I’m so tired of this political correctness! $hit! KCBS stop it if know more? like “where they ? Hispanics! blacks, Asians ! whites( ha) spit it out. who knows? some could have seen them! and help with the Local Police department.

    • Minstrel

      It’s possible they withhold the info to keep from influencing potential jurors, assuming they catch the perps.

    • Dude

      What is black? Hispanic? Is a dark person from Cuba black or hispanic? Is an Indian asian or black? I’ve seen the whitest people called black in America. Obama is called “white” in Kenya, for instance.

      It’s not political correctness, it’s moving away from these bogus definitions of race that we have in America because it’s impossible to be accurate. It’s 2011. Welcome.

    • sfdiva

      excuse me, but didn’t it say that the culprits’ faces were COVERED?! You might need to worry a bit more about your literacy v. political correctness!

  • ciaobello

    My windshield was smashed and the hood concave at Concord BART a week ago. The next morning I found broken jewelry strewn about.

  • cnutz

    yeah right, whats were they? Black, White , Hispanics?

  • Zack Debarco

    In listening to the police radio traffic I have noticed that whenever there is a witness to a crime, the race, gender and age etc. are broadcast. You can’t tell me that KCBS and the other media don’t have all of that info too. They all have scanners and even if there was no press release they could do specify that the info came from police radio traffic. Unfortunately the media censors the news, something they always complain about when it involves governmental agencies or even entities. Start publishing the race, gender and age so that we can make a determination who we should look out for.

  • UpperNoeBoy

    All decent law-abiiding citizens should buy a gun to protect themselves and their families from the evil predators who roam the East Bay.

  • SmoothCriminal

    I prefer unarmed victims.

  • Anonymous

    Hayward is ghetto!

  • AZ Chung

    Hayward has the potential to be a great city, it’s sad to see something like this and crime overall happen so often.

  • BART Passenger Robbed, Shot Outside Hayward Station

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