SAN JOSE (KCBS) – Gov. Jerry Brown’s veto of the spending bills passed by the Democrats does not go far enough to protect local control of redevelopment money that California cities depend on, San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed said Thursday.

“I do congratulate the governor for figuring this out very quickly and getting the legislature back to work on a real budget bill. This one was flawed from the beginning with gimmicks and borrowing and just creating problems,” said Reed.

KCBS’ Mike Colgan Reports:

Reed said that if they continue to consider eliminating redevelopment agencies, it could kill one of the only job creating programs left.

“The crazy thing about the state’s action is that the state is short on money because we’re short on taxpayers. And the redevelopment agencies have proven time and time again as the one thing that really works to help create jobs,” said Reed. “The way the state gets out of this crisis is by getting more tax revenue in, and redevelopment agencies can do that.”

The mayors of California’s ten largest cities have issued a joint statement condemning the legislature for what they call their shortsighted actions.

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Comments (2)
  1. merlin says:

    when the state was looking for money, they found over $1.5 billion dollars in the san jose redevelopment department. i believe the department’s budget was $195 million dollars. you do the math, what jobs have they created? wasn’t mayor reed and some other officials being paid from this account? we have a development department why do we need a re-development department. with revenues falling why wasn’t some of the money used to help finance new companies in the private sector? non union companies. the government could save millions of dollars of tax payers money if they used more non union contractors, and stopped paying union wages to all the contractor’s employees. their’s alot of things the government could do to cut their spending, if the labor unions would allow them too. just plan bad government and that’s from the top down.

  2. Real Democrat says:

    Sounds like Reed is kissing up in order to get a cushy Gubernatorial appointed position in Sacramento when he’s done destroying San Jose communities as Mayor.

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