Police Arrest San Francisco Woman At Smart Meter Protest

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A San Francisco resident attempting to prevent the installation of PG&E smart meters said was arrested Saturday morning during a protest, according to the group Stop Smart Meters.

Amy O’Hair, a Glen Park resident, was sitting on the hood of a Wellington Energy truck and had refused to move when she was arrested, group director Joshua Hart said.

O’Hair is thought to be the first such arrest in San Francisco, Hart said.

San Francisco police did not return a call seeking information on the arrest.

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  • genomega

    Welcome to the new USSA.


    California is truely the land of “NUTS AND FRUITS>”

  • lrf

    Was she arrested trying to stop having something put on her own house? On her own property?

  • Dave

    Was she wearing a tin-foil hat?

  • Dig it

    Amy O’Hair is a hair brain.

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  • joe blow

    the cops kicked in my grandma’s door and shot her dog because the smart meters “implied” that she was using too much energy, and therefore she was “suspeced” of growing dope.

    Wrong! There are legitimate reasons people use energy.

    Smartmeters are the stupidest Idea I have ever heard of.

  • jackalope

    Wow, I thought PGE was supposed to give us an option to opt-out of the SMART meter. PGE said they would just charge us alot of money to opt-out. Personally, I don’t want any more electromagnetic radiation exposure, so I don’t want the SMART meter.

  • RobertWilliams


    1. The utility information generated by Wireless smart meters is NOT real-time and it is NOT formatted for customer use so it does NOT assist customers to use less energy or lower their utility bills. The information only assists the Utility Company to bill customers and shut off customer power remotely.

    2. In countries where Wireless smart meters are being installed, energy use is NOT decreasing, customer UTILITY BILLS ARE INCREASING, there are problems with SECURITY, HACKING, ELECTRICAL FIRES & ELECTRICAL INTERFERENCE.

    3. The Utility companies are salivating over eliminating the jobs of the full-time-with-benefit meter reader employees and replacing them with phone operators in India and the Philippines who read scripts to customers over the phone for $4 per day with NO Benefits.

    4. Wireless smart meters are NOT mandated by the US Federal Energy Program, as California’s PG$E pretends.

    5. 42 Cities & Counties in California have taken positions AGAINST Wireless smart meters and 13 have passed Ordinances prohibiting the Wireless meters.

    ALSO: every appliance has or will have its own electronic signature, so yes, Wireless smart meters will give the exact information to the utility company and the government every move you make in your home. Existing analog meters only provide total usage and therefore protect your privacy.

    High-tech home robbers (and high-tech child molesters) will also hack this information and know exactly your habits and when you are not home (and when your children are home).

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