Neighbors Balk At Proposed Walnut Creek Cell Tower

WALNUT CREEK (KCBS) – Some Walnut Creek residents continue to fight a proposed cell tower in their neighborhood, more than a year after the idea was first introduced, and ahead of a City Council vote on the controversial issue Tuesday night.

The 17 ft. AT&T cell tower would be fashioned to look like a tree and installed on church property in the Buena Vista neighborhood of Walnut Creek – if approved by councilmembers.

A consultant concluded the St. Stephen’s Catholic Church site was the least intrusive spot in the area, which is described as having “spotty” cell coverage.

KCBS’ Dave Padilla Reports:

Some residents have conceded that the tower needs to be erected, pointing out that it’s “common sense.” In other words, if you want to use a cell phone, you need reception towers nearby.

Still, some residents with “no cell tower in our neighborhood” signs in their yards maintain there are other, better locations for reception towers – pointing out that the proposed site is roughly 100 ft. from a private residence.

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  • donna

    Walnut Creek residents are so damn entitled – I say we take down all their towers and they can do without!

    • Curtis

      Thank you for your ignorant comment Donna. I grew up in that area of WC and I can assure you that there is very little sense of entitlement in our hard working middle class neighborhood. Just ask my father who has lived there for 40 years. BTW- the cell service at his house is horrible.

      • Gary Steele

        And if the tower is approved, I hope it gets better.

  • donna

    Hit a nerve huh?

  • Gary Steele

    I used to live in Walnut Creek. These very same NIMBYs trying to keep the cell tower out are the ones who call their phone company and abuse the service operators because they have lousy cell service. I guarantee it. Curtis’ neighborhood might once have been working class, but if you didn’t interit your property there, you didn’t buy your home with a janitor’s pay, or even a teacher’s.

    • S

      You are probably right about the abuse. They complain about the problem constantly, but use the “not in my backyard” when it comes to accepting a solution.

  • S

    Those people have no right to complain about bad cell signal, since they dont want a new cell tower in a location that was probably strategically chosen by the company. This is probably one of the spots the company thought would provide good+ signal to a wider area. But, since they dont want it, then they should just shut up and live with it. Can’t have it both ways.

  • donna

    How many times have you seen a company go to the lengths of actually disguising a tower as a tree? C’mon now – this would never be done in a lot of other neighborhoods, and by the way, just think of the possibilities – ity a cell tower is in a church parking lot well maybe you have a better connection to GOD!

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