SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) — Days before a San Francisco man was arrested on a US Airways flight over his saggy pants, the same airline allowed a man showing much more skin to fly.

Jill Tarlow, who was on the June 9th flight from Fort Lauderdale to Phoenix, told CBS 5 the man wore a woman’s bathing suit, thigh high stockings and high heels.

“I just kept thinking to myself. What if I was wearing that outfit?” Tarlow said. “Would US Airways not ask me to cover up? If a woman was in a stripper outfit they’d allow her to just board?”

According to Tarlow, many passengers complained about the man’s attire to the gate staff. She telephoned US Airways after the plane landed in Phoenix.

Tarlow said an airline spokesperson told her “…As long as he’s not harassing anyone or exposing himself, then we’re fine with it.”

Six days later, Deshon Marman of San Francisco was removed from another US Airways flight after he allegedly refused to pull up his sagging pants.

Upon hearing the news of Marman’s arrest, Tarlow then turned over the photos of the scantily clad man to Marman’s attorney Joe O’Sullivan.

“I think the airline maybe has a market strategy toward drag queens and against young African Americans,” O’Sullivan told CBS 5.

O’Sullivan is adamant that since the airline has no explicit dress code and allowed the scantily clad passenger to board suggest it’s not about clothing, but race.

“It was racial because he is black. And he had dreadlocks and they jammed him,” O’Sullivan said. “Why would they have stopped him? No passenger complained about him. No police report says he showed he showed any flesh. YouTube and everything else is demonstrable. He was reverent, respectful. I almost felt it was obnoxious he said ‘Sir’ so many times.”

A US Airways spokesperson told CBS 5 by phone Tuesday, as long as someone is not showing parts of their anatomy, they are permitted to fly.

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Comments (94)
  1. JQP says:

    Atrocious garb! The guy should have been removed from the plane and charged with a Crime of Fashion.

    1. RealityCheck says:

      My first thought when I saw this guy was, “Which Congressman is that?”

  2. Rodrick Perkins says:

    Something tell me that if he were wearing a tuxedo, you’d still identify it as “gang clothing” all because he’s black.

    1. You are the racist my friend says:

      I’m suprised there are any race cards left in any deck in America as often as liberals throw them out there. Amazing Obama was elected with 9 out 10 whites being racist these days. Totally amazing!

    2. gullyjuiceradio says:

      If he was dressed in a Tuxedo, they would treated him like royalty. But I would also kick that cross-dresser off the plan for being a complete fool. Personally I would not let a saggy pants baggy clothes person in my house. The root of saggy clothes is to hide WEAPONS. A former gang-leader of GD’s told me that.

  3. LG davis says:

    Cross us air off your kist of airlines. What is wrong with these people..????Laur

    1. B Donovan says:

      As Southwest always says “We know you have choices”…..USAir would be wise to remeber that as well……

  4. Justin says:

    Welcome to the new normal.

  5. Mother One says:

    It wasn’t about the guy’s skin color the week prior it was that he refused to cooperate and comply with the requests of the crew and the pilot. Ultimately the pilot can eject anyone he or she is uncomfortable flying with.

    As for this crossdresser (or statement maker), he was not causing a disturbance (beyond perhaps some gawking from other passengers), and did not refuse to cooperate with airline employees or the flight crew as the guy last week did with the pants. We’ll never know for sure by my hunch is if asked politely to cover up a bit more by the flight crew he would have made an effort to comply.

  6. Bob says:

    This guy flies all over the country like this…all you have to do is Google “TheDirty Terminal” or go to and you’ll see what I’m taking about.

    1. lukuj says:

      I would hate to be a parent with a young child when this man was on the same flight. This would probably be very confusing to children, and I know I would be embarrassed to see some one looking like this in the flesh. I can’t understand what this man gets out of doing this unless he is an attention hound. How sick and sad!

      1. Moe Sizslack says:

        Oh My God.. Think of the Children…

      2. proud_bay_man says:

        Oh, the poor feral children running up and down the aisles.

    2. Pants on the ground says:

      He is hoping to denied service so he can sue – EXACTLY what pants on the ground man last week is now doing – suing.

      1. Pull em up says:

        The lawsuit settlement to pants on the ground man should be to give him a belt.

    3. Bob says:

      The guy’s name is Howard Nutt and he lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He goes everywhere dressed like this…the store, the bank, restaurants, and of course airports. Apparently he travels quite a bit for business and must be making OK money since he’s flying all the time. He often poses for people to take pictures. I’d certainly be upset if I had to sit next to this weirdo.

  7. Mike Alright says:

    We are such an advanced feminized society aren’t we? Considering how dumb the average American is I guarantee that you ain’t seen nothing yet, you morons…..

  8. Obama says:

    Looks like I will have to stop wearing jeans, now that you consider them gang clothes. What a Moron…

    1. Barry says:

      It’s ok Obama, we just laugh at men who wear mom jeans. We know mom jeans wearing men are nerds, not gang bangers. You’re safe Barry.

      I hope your “typical white woman” grandmother is resting in peace.

  9. Mikey says:

    If people think men traveling in drag is okay, then this nation has lost all sense of right and wrong. Moral anarchy is here.

  10. Rod Anders says:

    This is news? Why is this even a story?

    1. dead_than_red says:

      ever hear of the 1st amendment to the constitution? Or, is the only one worth a darn the 2nd?

      BTW: that pesky ol’ 1st amendment also covers freedom of religion – so you guns and bibles crowd should take care to remember that.

      1. ChiGuy says:

        If you are going to cite the first amendment, please READ IT FIRST. The first amendment starts, “Congress shall make no law …”. There is nothing to prohibit a private business from declining business from a customer who dresses in an offensive, inappropriate and obscene manner.

      2. He is a commie says:

        Yes you would be better off dead – red or not commie.

  11. Richard says:

    What’s a “sagging flight?”

  12. Andrew Randall says:

    Gary, you are saying that because a person’s pants are baggy they should be (and in many cases are) considered to be in a street gang? I live on a military base, many of the Marines I serve with wear baggy pants when they aren’t in uniform. Does this mean that they should be arrested? Or, by your own statement, taken to Guantanamo Bay?

    The question that looms here is why was a young black man removed from a plane due to baggy pants (that fully covered his skin), but the equally offensive lingerie wearing white man was not. I personally do not think the airline is racist, but the pilot may hold his own prejudices and it should be looked in to. Also, the fact that people complained about this incident, and nobody did anything, but the pilot felt “unsafe” about flying with a man wearing baggy pajama pants and Mr Marman was subsequently arrested makes no sense to me.

    We live in a country where you have the freedom to wear what you please, but if you do not comply with the dress code of a business you will be refused service. If your genitalia is covered up, in both cases it was, then please explain to me why you should be refused to board and travel in peace?

    Personally, I find it more offensive for a man or woman (depending on how good she looks.. haha) to be on a plane in lingerie, and I can guarantee the majority of America feels the same way. That being said, a person should not be arrested because they do not conform to what is “normal dress.” Read 1984 by George Orwell or Brave New World by Aldous Huxley if you want everybody to conform to a nation wide, nay, party wide, nay, class wide dress code.

    1. Black Panther says:

      Yeah, it cause whitey racist! Pilot be KKK!!!! Fire dat racist bigot KKK pilot – he be a honkey! White bread bigot mo fo! I pop a round in his azzz!

    2. DJR says:

      Go back and read the original story…Mr Marmon REFUSED to honor the request of the pilot..he was belligerent and threatening and attempted to intimidate the pilot with threats of violence…this seems to now be forgotten…it wasn’t due to his butt crack showing, it was due to his ignorance of and lack of restraint. Isn’t that what defines thug behavior more so than dress code>

  13. HoseA says:

    I would expect this in san fran sicko

  14. Clinter says:

    Kick both their despotic buts off the flight, the bus, or the train or any public transportation or anywhere out side a locker room or changing room area. And I cleaned that up.

    1. ione says:

      Absolutely!!!! Both off the plane is the solution.

    2. Andrew Randall says:

      despotic – belonging to or having characteristics of a despot
      despot – a ruler with absolute power

      buts – plural – used to indicate an exception/on the contrary

      translation: “Kick bother their absolutely powerful ruling exceptions off the flight, the bus…. etc etc”

      butts – plural – a slang term for buttocks/a person’s behind

      Please, if you want to use a word like despotic, use it correctly. Also, improper use of the English language is equally offensive to me as a person wearing baggy pants.

  15. Miss Dee says:

    Glad someone stepped up to point out that this “rule” is not equally enforced amongst all passengers. Mr. Marman’s charges should be dropped immediately.

  16. Palo Alto says:

    oh gimme a break. he’s joining into a lawsuit with the saggy fool.

  17. Angel says:

    I don’t want to see either! Sagging pants are justs foolish and that drag outfit should be warn at home or a club! Never understood why you want to walk around holding up your pants with your underwear hanging out! Both need to get respect for the public.. Oh and I am of mixed race so no prejudice here:)

  18. helen says:

    I think this is SICK!!! You cannot tell me this was not Racial…and i dont use the race cards. But, this is Black and white right here. US airways should be shame of themself.

    1. ChiGuy says:

      No need to haul out the racism card. We can simply note that the gate attendents in the droopy pants case had common sense, decency, and a concern for the other passengers, while the gate attendents who welcomed the goofball in lingerie were morons.

  19. What if the ‘black…with dreadlocks’ had tried the tranny approach?

    News day that slow, guys? Literally NOTHING important happening in the world?

  20. Andy Chan says:

    So showing his entire torso is considered NOT showing anatomy? Yet with the football player, showing his covered ass is? What is the law at this point???

  21. J. Alejandro says:

    And people wonder why airline service has gone down hill?

  22. ted says:


  23. Thomas Houck says:

    This is visually insulting!

  24. strollermeat says:

    it’s not racist, they’re both equally guilty. i’d call it it pro-gay discrimination, but that’s sf for you. what a toilet

  25. Dred Lock says:

    First thought… he must be a congressman.

  26. J. Alejandro says:

    He bought the outfit from the “Janet Napolitano Homeland Defense Summer Catalog.”

  27. Jonas Kniger says:

    This a-hole was obviously one of the butt brothers – The airline would not stop the gay paree form flying high on their yellow submarine! He was giving head in the john to the pilot and was his little love bucket!

  28. US Rear Airways says:

    Same Pilot….

    Guess America knows what the US Airways prefer.

    Nuff said.

    US AIRWAYS…. Raise your Tickets approx $5 each to pay off upcoming discrimination Lawsuits

  29. Jim Dunham says:

    Male, female, gay, straight —- the guy’s clothing was completely inappropriate and he was too scantily clad. The fact that his bleep wasn’t exposed is the argument? Really? Have we lost all common sense and sense of decency?

    1. Irish67 says:

      Yes. Yes, we have.

  30. Ravin' Madd says:

    I am white – but I’d much rather see baggy pants than the white freak in panties.

    One is following current trends, and the other is making some kind of sick statement. The world is upside-down…there is more control over what we eat, drink, smoke, or think…but running around half naked is okay???

    What ever happened to common decency, and common sense?

  31. TimM says:

    Does the word appropriate ring a bell with anyone anymore? I don’t care what color, sex, religion or any other thing, this was disgusting and we have lost all sense of shame and behavior. Just disgusting. The airline should be boycotted.

  32. Dan_o says:

    He’s assaulting my eyes!!!

    Good thing he wasn’t wearing a shirt that mentions Jesus Christ or God. That would have been a problem!

  33. Robert says:

    They should have booted him off without question. That is ridiculous.

  34. Darrel says:

    Is that Anthony Weiners father? Daddy Weiner? You can bet that guy voted for Obama.

    1. Eliza Nishida says:

      and you have proof of this

  35. marylou says:

    There is nothing with this man’s dress –security is a breeze – even better than flying the NAKED AIRLINE. All you complaining – just leave for a deserted island and stay

    1. proud_bay_man says:

      Thanks marylou. You made my day. 🙂

  36. Irish67 says:

    He was hoping for a body cavity search.

  37. Todd says:

    Hopefully, somebody told their children on the plane, out loud, that this man “is just mentally ill, honey, we should feel SORRY for him”!! The truth hurts, but this guy is soft as a grape. Just goes to prove, like queened-up gay men, that they’re OBVIOUSLY looking for a bizarre fashion of attention. A sure sign of moderate-to-severe mental illness……

    1. proud_bay_man says:

      Oh Todd. Grow up. At least the children won’t grow up and be a bigot such as yourself.

  38. end of America says:

    God this country is beyond hope . So sad. The rest of the passengers should of refused to fly with this pervert. Simply wrong and US Airways is too stupid and politically correct to throw the sex offender off the plane. The passengers should of did it themselves.

  39. John Bowers says:

    Very Vile. Sorry for anyone who had to observe that creature. Sorry for the Nation as a whole. Sorry that we have turned into Sodom/Gomorrah.

    1. proud_bay_man says:

      Sorry for your clothes minded comment. By the way, Sodom & Gomorrah, just another fake bejesus story that never happened.

  40. robert says:

    This guy is a regular flyer on US Airways. Everybody including the corporate offices know about this guy and his traveling attire. He’s always wearing stuff like this when he flies. They always turn a blind eye to the guy. talk about gross!

  41. Casey Vitoria says:

    The arrest of Marman was straight racism. Not that it is really anything new, though.

  42. CC says:

    I have totally lost all interest in flying.
    It is expensive, so many rules and just to much trouble.

  43. Renee D says:

    Get your facts straight before you comment. The young man said “sir” many times. It’s pure racism. Gay and white trumps Black. Comments show how racist gay SanFran really is. Sick, perverted weirdo.

  44. Obviously not racial -- this time says:

    Has nothing to do with race. You can hide weapons in baggy clothing. This fellow in the bathing suit isn’t hiding a thing! I wound ask him to sit on a blanket, however.

    1. Obviously not racial -- this time says:

      would ask him…

  45. Gummy the Vampire says:

    Disgusting. He has every right to dress that way as much as the football player with the saggy pants.

    What sickens me is how we cater to one lifestyle, and not another.

    Yes that is prejudice.

    I hope to high hell that the football player sues the airlines and his coach for putting him on the skyline.

    Freedom is just that. Expression. Freedom for all or freedom for none. And f*ck none.

  46. Steve says:

    Damm, playing the race card again for the saggy pants guy. THAT CARD IS ALREADY OLD. Was it really that hard to just simply show some cooperation and just pull up his pants? I mean, who the heck wants to see your boxers. His incident could have been AVOIDED if he just pulled up his pants instead of trying to “stroke his freedom ego” Now, this man isn’t dressed appropriately for flying either, since women dont even wear this to go on the plane. Also, this incident is independed of saggy pants and I believe it only came out because of saggy pant’s story. Either way, he should at least put some swim shorts on because nobody really wants to see his bottom either.

  47. Ron says:

    Not a problem…. I won’t be booking my family vacations in the future on this airline. At least from I can tell, they didn’t need to charge him for extra baggage.

  48. Steve says:

    ALL YOU PEOPLE SAW NOTHING, SINCE YOU PROBABLY WERENT AT THE SITE OF THE INCIDENT WHEN IT HAPPENED, SO YOU DONT HAVE ANY CREDIBILITY TO SAY WHO IS BEING FAVORED HERE. For all we know, the old man had to wear a blanket over him during the duration of the flight. Hey, that could have happened.

  49. DanaDee says:

    This makes me want to return to the days when people dressed nicely to board a plane. Women wore dress attire and men wore coats and ties. Just glad I didn’t have to sit next to this nut!!

  50. JaneQPublic says:

    Can’t help but wonder: Does TSA do a security pat-down on the drag queen?

    Maybe THAT’s why he just loves to fly all over the country (un)dressed like that!

  51. Ted Marion says:

    I bet SF loves this sort of thing; this guy SHOULD NOT have been allowed in public like this, he should have been shown a ball bat

  52. Jim in Houston says:

    The fairy SOB is harassing my eyeballs!

  53. EHurtado says:

    I have been around long enough to know that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. If ‘saggy pants’ guy responded with aggressive attitude, then the flight crew had every right to challenge him. We have again become complacent, (remember 09-11-2001). Flight Crew are held responsible for everything, including weather. I have personally been assaulted by someone who was allowed to board and fly, after showing aggressive behavior to the gate agent. Trust me, a punch in the face and the ribs at 34k ft is not a fun time. However, COVER is the key word. As a Flight Attendant, I see alot of crazy S###. I would much rather see some plaid boxers, than a aged white man in bikini underwear. From what I hear, this ‘Nutt-case’ is just waiting for the oppourtunity to make a buck. I live in Scottsdale, and frankly, if I were to be face to face with this ‘old crazy f…’, I would have MANY issues. Does he have any self respect? Is the all mighty dollar worth more than your dignity? My experience is that people do not dress up to do anything anymore, especially to travel. Why do we call it ‘Greyhound in the Skies’?
    My God, I brush my dog, brush my teeth and put on lite make up just so my dog can go out to pee. Remember what your mother said about clean underwear and socks?

  54. J. Alejandro says:

    Now, if you see a guy like that near a school yard, wouldn’t you call the police? Or Tony Soprano?

  55. Reagan says:

    Roderick, Thou art an idiot sir.

  56. Joe Suzz says:

    i said “What the heck the let him board the plane!?”
    my cop friend replies, “well, at least you know he ain’t concealing anything.” Hahaha

  57. Mandy Roth says:

    As a former L.A. County Probation Department employee, I can possibly clear up this confusion about the baggy pants issue on the air plane . . . originally, baggy pants were worn by gang members to conceal weapons. It is still done to this day, especially in prison (no belts allowed). That is why the man was asked to pull up his pants — to simply make sure that he was not “carrying.”

    The man with the skin-tight clothes is NOT a safety threat — everyone in the world can see that he is definitely NOT “carrying.”

    That is all there is to this blown-out-of-proportion incident. It has nothing to do with race or sexual orientation. It has everything to do with concealing a weapon. The young man just happened to be Black. If he had been White, Asian, Native American, or Latino, he would have received the same treatment by the airlines because the pilot was concerned for his passengers’ safety. I would have asked the airline personnel to ask the kid to pull up his pants to make sure he was not “carrying.”

    I hope this clears up this misunderstanding of the sagging/baggy pants. No comment on either one of the men’s fashion statements!

  58. John King says:


  59. Feecj LaManna says:

    So. I guess it’s OK now for ANYONE to fly in their underwear (boxers, jockeys, thongs, panties, etc.), irregardless of hygiene considerations or children present.

  60. Walt Sobchak says:

    Can anyone say dry skin, or worse yet – SKIDMARK?

  61. Ghandi says:

    I was planning to take vacation on US airways i canceled now im flying delta

  62. Dre says:

    Either way the cookie crumbles NONE OF THEM should have been allowed to get on the plane dressed the way they were. Clearly this was not appropriate as well as the saggy pants. I DO see race being the primary factor in the comparison. A black man, with dreds and saggy pants will automatically be assumed as a thug. Here a white man is dressed up a bikini and they see it as comical. Its not right and I would file a lawsuit against U.S. Airways. People wonder why a lot of blacks play the race card and its because of things that happen like this. Do I agree with saggy pants?….NO, but if this man was approved to ride the plane, then clearly the brotha should have been allowed.

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